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Just say NO, Mr President

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Folks, we’ve entered the part of the drama where the evil ghouls shave off Aslan’s majestic mane and mock him on the way to his slaughter. Trump is dutifully visiting the stations of the cross he bears. But Trump isn’t Jesus — he’s a lion, not a lamb — and there’s no reason why he should take one more choreographed step in the Left’s disgusting dance. It’s not fair, so let’s stop pretending it is.

What if Trump simply says, “No”?

Remember, we’re cascading down the face of the cliff at this point. Every step of the way will become increasingly debasing and humiliating for the former President of the United States and front-running candidate for office in 2024 (who is, after all, the representative of the political will of half the country — you and me). What if Trump simply refuses to show up for Fani’s hate-indictment arraignment and Labat’s cuffs-and-mugshot routine?

I would pay good money to see the look of frustrated rage on the Leftists’ faces when they realize he’s not coming. Trump should force their hand. Make them send armed forces to arrest him like the thugs they are. Show the captivated world that yes, it’s true — America is gone, replaced by just another failing fascist state.

It’s not like the former president has anything to lose at this point. We all know where this is headed — Trump forcibly imprisoned. He could save himself the years of ratcheting-up humiliations and tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars (donors’ dollars!) and just cut to the chase. Run his campaign from prison if need be against the now fully exposed fascists who put him there. The next president — even if it’s him — can pardon him and save us all the drama of this endless law-war. Shoot the moon, as they say in Crazy Eights.

Please, President Trump, do something. We remain ever grateful to you for what you did to stop the decline when you were in office. In your influence alone, you remain the most powerful leader America has today. Please lead again. Tell them you’re not going to be their gulag-bound victim, their Emmanuel Goldstein. Tell them you ain’t gonna dance no more. If they want to keep abusing their authority to attack you, don’t help them.

Don’t go to Georgia, Mr. President. Just say no.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine why not, but we all know there’s no way he’ll do it. But hoo boy, talk about your consummations devoutly to be wished! The ensuing mass uprising in support for such a move amongst Über Ultra Mega MAGA Americans™ would make the phonus-balonus J6 “riots” look like the busman’s holiday they truly were.

Alas, t’ain’t bloody likely, I’m afraid. Which is a crying shame; a large part of why we are where we now are is the inexplicable failure to serve up platter after steaming, stinking platter of the exact same shite the shitlibs have been giving us, tit for tat and measure for fucking measure.

So go ahead and pull that trigger, Mr President; believe me, there are millions upon millions of Real Americans out here who are waiting with bated breath for you to do precisely that. In fact, I’d bet even plenty of folks who AREN’T necessarily diehard, MAGA-type Trump partisans would flock to your banner. If shitlibs want a showdown, then let them by-God get one—all they think they want of it and then some, until they choke to fucking death on it.

Let’s get this party started update! The more I think about this idea, the more I absolutely love it all to pieces. It does raise a vital question, however: is it even remotely conceivable that nobody in the Trump camp has already thought of it, possibly even floating the possibility with his colleagues, only to see it immediately shot down in flames by those who think of themselves as cooler, wiser, more judicious heads?

From all we know of Trump, such an action would certainly cut against his usual grain. Trump is a law and order guy, one who still deeply, passionately believes in now-moribund America That Was and all the dreams and potentialities resident therein. For him to stop cooperating and start openly resisting would therefore amount to an irrevocable admission that those dreams have died—been murdered, actually—and that all Real Americans must now relinquish them forever. It’s an incredibly harsh reality for any true patriot, such as Trump has over and again shown himself to be, to have to face up to. But reality it is.

No, he isn’t going to do any such thing. The charade will carry on as before; the persecution of Donald J Trump will be neither thwarted, abated, nor even slowed just a little bit. The Enemy will either see him behind bars rockin’ orange, or if they must they’ll have him assassinated. The one sure thing is that they will NOT back off, not one iota. Please refer to Mike’s Iron Law #873 for further explication.

On the upside, I do believe I’ve found the topic of tomorrow’s Eyrie submission. Cold comfort, perhaps, but what the hey.

Bearded Spock update! It’s a way-out, whacked-out, topsy-turvy world.

Trump is being punished for refusing to recant his belief, a reasonable one, that the political process was fatally corrupted in 2020 and that Biden, consequently, is illegitimate. The indictment is a shot across the bow at anyone who shares Trump’s “false” unbelief in “our democracy.” Of course, when “our democracy” was perverted from its natural end, as it was during the Trump interregnum, the rules shifted dramatically. Back then, it was courageous to call the president a traitor and a usurper; it was “resistance” rather than “coup.”

In 2020, Democrats censored a major scandal about Biden and imposed sweeping administrative changes that resulted in an abnormally messy, delayed, and opaque vote count. But it’s Trump who caused “mistrust.”

Now, Democrats say it’s crazy to speculate that there is anything political about the prosecution of a presidential candidate in an upcoming national election. Come on, do you really think Jack Smith would arrest the chief political enemy of his boss if he didn’t have a good reason? Hold on a moment: his boss? Jack Smith is independent! He doesn’t work for Joe Biden. Stop spreading lies. He works for…well, who exactly?

The Trump indictment is politics at its purest. Machiavelli would have no trouble understanding it. But Democrats would have everyone believe the “rule of law” magically enforces itself. In the pollyannaish world of “our democracy,” the corrupt motives that have driven political elites throughout history to faction, intrigue, conspiracy, assassination, slander, bribery, and the like do not exist. There are two kinds of people: the good guys, people like Jack Smith, and the bad guys, like Trump.

Can’t say their black-and-white, bad guy-good guy worldview is incorrect, or not entirely. It’s just that they (mis)perceive themselves as the Good Guys, and Real Americans the Bad ones. Nothing, but nothing, could be further from the truth. Which, having already mentioned them, has inspired the spanking-new Mike’s Iron Law #462.


18 thoughts on “Just say NO, Mr President

  1. Trump has had several “Rubicon” moments and has avoided them all. I expect this to continue. One big question remains: after Trump, who?

    1. It’s a damn good question. Personally I think there are numerous people* that look good to me. The question is, are any of them willing to be put through the ringer that Trump has endured?

      That question may be answered by what happens next. Does Trump get elected and do Americans have a enough backbone left to support him while he destroys the deep state? I don’t know the answer, only that it will not be pretty.

      *For example – Stitt in Oklahoma, McMaster in South Carolina. There are others that would govern as Americans in my estimation.

      1. Stitt is a big NO. His leadership was good during the Covidiocy, but he has cucked big-time on immigration. He even solicited the Mexican government to put a consulate in OKC to take care of the “Mexican Nationals in Oklahoma.” Read – illegal aliens. If we don’t get the immigration problem (legal AND illegal) solved – meaning stop it – nothing else will matter. Third world people build third world hellholes.

        And by the way – let’s assume for the sake of the argument that Trump could somehow beat the margin of fraud.

        How is he going to ‘destroy the deep state,’ and if those means are available to him, why didn’t he do it in his first term like he promised?

        1. Ah yes, the neverTrumper DeSantis man turned to Youngkin now weighs in with his anti-anyone remotely against the china owned GOP establishment choices.

          Your comment about Stitt and Mexico is just pure fucking bullshit, something you’ve tried before. No Sale.

          Remember this whopper Lie you told:
          Trump promised to end birthright citizenship on “day one” of his Presidency. I cheered. This was during the first speech announcing his candidacy in 2015. Didn’t happen.

          You “cheered”, and yet it’s all a lie, one you run and hide from.

          1. So other than ad hominems about things you don’t even know (I’m not a fan of Youngkin at all, nor was I a never Trumper), you’ve got nothing.

            Stitt cucking on the Mexican embassy:

            MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: Gov. Stitt, Mayor Holt Crow As Mexican Meddlers Open Oklahoma City Consulate—Constituents React Badly | Articles |

            And as far as birthright citizenship, the first linkable reference I can quickly find was from 2018, although I’m positive that he promised it when he came down the escalator. Still – he never did it, even though this was two years before his term ended.

            Trump vows to end birthright citizenship with executive order (

            Now answer my question, asswipe.

            1. You are a liar. You said and I quote
              “Trump promised to end birthright citizenship on “day one” of his Presidency. I cheered. This was during the first speech announcing his candidacy in 2015. Didn’t happen.”

              You can claim you’re sure of anything you want, but I posted the link to that speech and it isn’t in there.

              It is an outright lie you told including the cheering.

    2. Unfortunately, you’re assuming it’s not already “after Trump”.

      I’m pretty sure the only follow-on names worth seriously considering will be Remington, Winchester, and Federal.

      1. More likely than not, but until the last nail is driven and more than one or two people choose the option of Mr Remington, et al, it is a reasonable question to ask. Who follows Trump should he manage to become president once again?

  2. I’ll just have to disagree with that idea. No reason whatsoever to do it that way. Consequences unintended are too real to be ignored.

    They have no case. It’s just pure bullshit and corruption on the part of the left. Go to court and simply beat them at this game.

    It sucks for President Trump most of all. He has shown time and time again that he will fight the bastards at great personal cost and great personal risk, and a risk to his family as well.

    What more do you all want?

    Some of us don’t deserve the man.

    1. “Go to court and simply beat them at this game.”

      Seen this yet, Barr?


      The fix would seem to be in, which is no big surprise. How do you beat them when the game is so obviously rigged? I’d LOVE to see Trump just stop co-operating and hoist that big, fat, middle digit at ’em. Both of ’em, actually. But then, I tend to be ornery like that…

      1. It’s the first step. There are then the appeals and eventually it ends up in the SC. Which is where the win will occur, if not before in the appeals process.

        Sucks, but that’s the way the system works. And yea, I already know about the judge.

        Now, if the game was rigged at every level including the SC, different story. But we won’t know that until Trump fights it in the courts.

        I hate what the bastards have done to this country, and most days my preference would be for the civil war to begin. As long as there is a chance to turn it around without that I believe we have to take it. The chance of success may be low… I know it’s just kicking the can down the road. The perverted 40% of this country will not stop until they are stopped.

        The good news? We outnumber them. And outgun them. And we are far, far smarter. Don’t take their bait.

      2. By all means, let’s place the Trump case in the hands of a radical black Jamaican immigrant. The fact that this is in the hands of a denizen of a Third World hellhole tells us all that we need to know.

        Trump should say NO. And he should say, “Fuck off,” in the bargain.

        1. In your case any “advice” given would be whatever you think best for the china owned GOP.

          You and Glenn Youngkin. It’s a laugher.

          1. Barry, you really are a hysterical little old washerwoman, aren’t you? Youngkin? Not in the slightest. You are literally making that up out of your fevered imagination. I don’t think I’ve ever made a single reference to Youngkin, here or anywhere else. DeSantis? Yep, I’ve talked about him a lot. He’s done things. Things I like. That’s how it works.

            As our host has said before – “Trump derangement syndrome cuts both ways.”

            1. Caught lying just like every neverTrumper that exists.

              Youngkin. You want me to post up the comment from instapundit?

              1. What does instapundit have to do with anything? I don’t even read that site, except on the rare occasions it’s linked here. You are delusional.

  3. Just as a note – in Another Mike’s Iron Laws, you write in part that “fire is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.” Would that it would be that way, but instead of “fearful”, the actual word used by Washington was “fearsome”.

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