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Miserable failure

Oh, boo hoo:

As the congressional session lurches toward a close, Democrats are confronting some demoralizing arithmetic on Iraq.

Indeed, the only war legislation enacted during this Congress has been to give the president exactly what he wants, and exactly what he has had for the past five years: more money, with no limitations.

Disapproval of the Democratic majority in Congress has risen steadily, albeit with no corresponding increase in enthusiasm for Republicans.

Even more notably, public opinion about the war — while still dominated by opposition to a military adventure most people think was a mistake — has risen modestly in recent weeks, according to several nonpartisan polls.

Never has the world witnessed more piteous sobbing over the beastly prospect of a US victory in war than now, by these DeMSM head lice. And yet, I find my sense of compassion for the poor souls…curiously limited.

Odd, that.


2 thoughts on “Miserable failure

  1. The reason there’s no corresponding rise in support for Repubs is because the GOP is too cowardly to come out and lambast the Dems for their near-treason.

    If the Repubs screamed bloody murder at the damage Harry and Nancy are doing to our national security, using specific examples such as Nan’s trip to Damascus and Harry’s pre-emptive surrender to al Qaeda, people would support the GOP.

    But all pols are part of the same club. The Repubs–like Bush–won’t be perturbed in the slightest by what the Dems are pulling, and the public will continue to hate both sides.

    What a bunch of short-sighted idiots our leaders are.

  2. There is very little difference between the two parties its just that the demacrats get good covorage from the left-wing news media and lots of donations from the hollywood left

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