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Peak absurdity?

I only wish I could believe we’ve reached it already.

Quite frankly, the only surprise here is that they haven’t completely lost it. Although, seriously: Who loses an election and then spins up fanciful fairy tales that somehow Trump colluded with Russia to win? Or that Kavanaugh ran a rape gang?

Yet now here we are with Democrats conducting an impeachment inquiry without making it a formal one, holding closed door hearings to collect information to conduct the fake impeachment while trotting out a second “whistleblower,” who in all likelihood will turn out to be no different from the first: that is to say, not a whistleblower but a partisan covert operative working in concert with others to conduct a soft coup.

If you think that we’ve reached a point of peak absurdity, wait until they roll out Whistleblower 23 who will breathlessly whisper that he or she has fourth hand knowledge that Trump has been caught colluding with the American people to lower unemployment rate to below 3.5 percent and stop illegal immigration and break apart the administrative state.

So if you’re wondering how all of this stops, how we return to normal, I will tell you what a friend  told me: “There is no normal. There is only Clausewitz.” There is only absolute and total political war on this axis we face until we beat them into an unconditional surrender. The Left wants it that way because they think they can win. They want no holds barred total political war. Since we can’t escape it, I say we give it to them measure for measure.

The current iteration of the Democratic Party must be sent into the political wilderness. Delegitimized in the eyes of most Americans. The corporate leftist media (there’s nothing mainstream about it) must be mocked relentlessly and shown to be the low information propagandists that they really are.

For those who think there is some middle ground with the Left, there isn’t. There’s no negotiating with them until they sue for terms. Time to man up and fight: the future of our constitutional republic depends on it.

All well and good. But if you think this fight can somehow be waged and won within the boundaries of merely “political war,” I fear you may have some more “manning up” to do. It’s quite obvious by now that the Left recognizes no such constraints or restrictions. And their no-holds-barred, war-to-the-knife methods have gotten results:

Scouting a location to shoot a promotional video for my Trump Train 2020 song, my wife Mary and I spotted a lovely home with a huge Trump 2020 flag waving in the breeze on a flagpole. After knocking on the front door and introducing myself, I assured the elderly white homeowner that we would not show her address in our video.

Still, she declined our request to allow Mary to shoot video of me with her Trump 2020 flag in the background. She was terrified of being persecuted by Trump haters. It is outrageous that citizens are afraid to publicly express support for the president of the United States. The atrocious reality is Democrats and fake news media continue to instigate hate and violence against Trump voters.

Folks, we are in the process of losing our country right now, not somewhere down the road. Democrats are aggressively repealing your constitutional right to free speech. New York City will fine you $250,000 for saying “illegal alien.”

The only thing standing between Democrats and fake news media implementing their insane job-killing, anti-American, socialistic, and anti-Christian agenda nationwide is Donald J. Trump in the White House.

It is infuriating that Democrats’ resistance to Trump has become so deranged that the elderly white woman with the Trump 2020 flag was afraid to risk her home being seen in my video.

It surely is. So what are you gonna do about that, eh?

What are you prepared to do?

Of course, Connery ended up dead in that movie, so what the hell do I know.

14 thoughts on “Peak absurdity?

  1. If these puffy faced creeps want to restrict and discriminate at their leisure, then turn about must be fair play. They imply now we’re going to be fined over challenging, retaliatory ‘words?’ These whatever ‘words’ might cause them to reconsider their idiocy perhaps, but mainly it is whatever their communist masters deem necessary to demoralize citizens? One side apparently can be vicious, with sticks and violence even, while the other side can’t even speak up.

    Why do the loons who supposedly represent America, and the USA, allow this to happen? Are they on some dark list that Epstein kept? Why don’t the loons notice that major politicians in California are tied closely to an anti American Chinese Communist nation? Money money money. They have the big money, and the rest of you don’t, or else won’t have it for long. Now are these same weak scared loons outside California and New York going to let the communist goons run freely?

    Now the goons want to leave much of California without power, without weapons, without radio comms and less cell or computers. We know who compromised California and New York but the loons are ignoring the evidence against these national leaders. Buy nothing from either and nothing that is from China. Shut down the subsidies!! This IS warfare by any other name and our loons are so compromised. There is no need to listen to these creeping and over reaching goons if those well outside their districts are not allowed to speak? How damn convenient. Yeah, get rid of that nasty old Electoral College because we’re told these loons are kinda smarta than YOU who might rely on a constitutional republic to save common people from this kind of demagoguery.

    It is kind of like old broadcast television. Kind of why they want badly to restrict what everyone else can say on line on the internet inside the USA? Kind of why their goons want people to have no choice over whom we might ‘assemble’ with freely in person or on line? The puffy faced goons and loons who think eating meat, staying warm, personal security, is selfish, must believe that we’re all such stupid cows we will believe one more damn thing they proclaim? They are always right you know because after all unaccountable, overly esteemed professors, who are no less demented frankly did no doubt give em all a big A++++ for piling onto the heap deeper.

    Let’s not examine, discuss, or name their destructive lifestyles over course because you know there’s a fine for it. Death, disease, from chem-sex?! Allowing insane individuals, carry on public policy at the expense of those not sharing the delusion, while we so called “deplorables” can see their compatriots strewn around the big streets where ever these illiberal proclamations exude? Oh nooooooo!

    These grasping communists, have feared dissent and potential rebellion since the Bolsheviks and US Bankers took control of Russia. So take the guns ya know, on any damn pretext, because their useful idiots, loons, and goons are easily manipulated over style not substance. And all those guns and free thinkers are getting in the way as it has always been. This won’t change until they erase the actual record and replace it incrementally. Their intent is that we’ll forget the massive injustice inflicted on humanity by these dirty creatures and ‘see no need’ for defensive weapons.

    Their view is not mine, their insanity is what it is (communist fascism) and no damn expert is necessary for that opinion here.

  2. Interesting thoughts,not much the average Dick or Jane can do but keep at it locally in trying to change things for the better and obviously being prepared if/when things get worse.

    Nice to see you back online!

  3. Glad to see you’re back as well. It’s always important to have as many well-spoken dissident voices out there as possible. We all know what it takes to dispose of these tyrants. It’s just nobody wants to see that.

    Americans have always been slow to react in times of conflict. Unless of course directly attacked. It appears the dems are more interested in conducting a “death by a thousand small cuts ” strategy at the moment. Fortunately this seems to be just infuriating most people.

    It’s becoming clearer every day there is an organized crime syndicate in the DC area. A few hundred criminals and their minions are trying desperately to hang onto their power. Like any other well trenched government entity there will have to be a “smoking gun ” where a major player is arrested and convicted of their crimes followed by indictments and a dismantling of the criminal organization.

    Sadly these criminals posing as politicians are more interested in destroying the country then facing any punishment. The depressing thing is both democrats and republicans are responsible for this mess. They have pitted themselves directly against the American citizens.

    Let’s hope our fellow citizens respond in kind.

  4. The day the Democratic party impeaches a sitting president with no due process is the same day my hunting license for politicians goes active. There is no bag limit on my tag.

    1. All those politicians have armed bodyguards and are transported safely to and from their high-security gated homes to their high security gov’t offices. You’re not going to do shit.

      1. Not true. Capitol police only provide protection on the capital grounds. Anywhere else it is not taxpayer provided and very expensive. Only the very top layers of the lines of succession can protected 24/7. And their families… not so much. Proof? Anti conservative loudmouths badgering people with their leftist hate speech in restaurants in DC.

  5. I seem to recall Hillary challenging Trump if he would accept the outcome of the election.

    Turns out he had no problem with that.

    Demo be cray cray!

  6. @ Another Guy,

    They are all sold out to their Chinese paymasters. Just witness the NBA and Nike groveling like the good useless idiot comrades that they are.

  7. Even for the local tyrant family court judges or city councilmen, where do they live? How are you going to get to them except in their (guarded) government offices? Talk of red lines is just bluster unless you have the will to murder in cold blood, a very rare thing for the productive, mostly-law-abiding majority, and the ability to carry out the threat. Ability, here, is more than an AR and ten thousand rounds.

    1. You’d be amazed what people can do when they feel they have nothing to lose.

  8. 1) I would love to wear a MAGA hat while out and about, but it is too likely to result in physical assault. I’m not afraid of those little shits. I fear assault mostly because it would likely come to me having to shoot said little shit. In the New Peoples” republic of Washington Democrat AGs and DAs are just DNC shysters, so it’s a good bet that they don’t take kindly to old Heritage Americans shooting one of the Dems’ little Sturmabteilung SJWs, and a SD shooting would be a legal disaster for the defender. That aside from all the other ugliness that goes with such.
    2) I was finding the polls to be distressing, until I realized that when polls become the news they are just as fake as the “real news.” Polls don’t represent anything but what the DNC wants us to believe.

  9. Amen to that, Steve. It is sad, however; that ‘that fact’ is one thing “they” count on. We have, for the most part – values, responsibilities, morals, and – most of all, families. Spouses, children and grandchildren; extended family and close friends. Many of “us” also know first hand the horror of war, and would not wish it on anyone. Yet, we also are aware that this is an agenda item “they” are reaching for, and in all likelihood will bring about. One thing to remember, though; it is not murder. It is killing, and there is a difference; the result is the same but the process if you will is different. And, yes, I agree; ability is far more than an AR and ten thousand rounds. Ability is strength of will, a clear mind, and bold intent. And a scoped deer rifle of… ‘good caliber’…
    “They” sure effed up by concentrating on ARs… wrong-o.

  10. first visit….. nice pad…. hope I don’t break something……
    as for this topic….I and most other informed folks realize that we are well into the POST CONSTITUTIONAL ERA and this has been mostly “unconventional” warfare up to now. .. by that I mean it’s been “asymmetric” or better yet. … our enemy has been able to maneuver us by leveraging our strengths against us.

    E.G., Where we feel compassion for those that might need a boost/helping hand/short period of extra support…. they’ve corrupted that virtue into a life-long welfare state…..

    and… as for building strong minds that seek truth and love facts… instead we find where the narrative is formed in education systems from K-12… by weak minded bureaucrats that have built re-education mills that have destroyed the future generation…. Miss AOC and her generation are tape recorders merely playing back the new thought patterns that are reinforced by every media source.

    maybe I’ll be allowed back in later…. gotta run…. stay safe…. keep your head&hips wired together….
    Semper fi

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