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NY to NYC: drop dead!

A deliciously scorching smackdown.

The New York City Daily News treated Upstate New York to one of the most condescending editorials imaginable the other day. Chris Denton offers a reply.

In the New York Daily News on March 4th, 2019 the following editorial appeared:

“Something must be off with the water upstate. Several Republicans in Albany are offering dopey plans to split the big city and its environs, which pay the bills and provide the entertainment, from the rural stretches. One senator wants an economic impact study of a rupture (easy: we get richer, you get poorer). One assemblyman is pushing a separation referendum. Another clueless duo seeks one senator per county (dozen for upstate, five for the boroughs), even though it violates the US Constitution. This much we know: Our water, which comes from upstate, is great. In any divorce, we get it. They are all wet.”

Here is the upstate reply:

Dear Editor:
Let’s start with a few questions about the consequences to NYC if upstate leaves:

Where are you going to get your energy?

Governor Cuomo is shutting down your Indian Point Carbon-Neutral Nuclear Power Plant. Mayor deBlasio is shutting down city power plants. Your Governor Cuomo has stopped the building of pipelines upstate that would have allowed gas hook-ups in Westchester and Long Island, but which now are not possible due to lack of pipelines to deliver it. Your Governor Cuomo has stopped all natural gas drilling, which the new state will allow.

The new upstate will allow drilling. Upstate will have very cheap energy. And can sell it to Massachusetts and NYC at a price high enough to assuage their collective Environmental Guilt. Upstate generates twice as much electricity as it uses, nearly all of which comes from the four nuclear carbon-neutral power plants and Niagara Falls carbon-neutral hydroelectric power plant. Upstate doesn’t need solar or wind for its energy needs or for its environmental conscience.
The destruction of upstate hill tops from Industrial Wind Turbines and the destruction of forests and farm land from Industrial Solar Gathering Sites will cease. Upstate will no longer suffer from infrasound, flicker, bat kills, bird kills, eagle kills, wake and electromagnetic interference from Wind Turbines. NYC and its environs will pay three times as much as upstate does for its energy. You are going to need that money of which you spoke.

Labor market? The pension system for NYC employees will fall on NYC’s head. You are going to need the riches you claim to have. Upstate will start with a clean slate. Right to work state. Rent our prisons to NYC et al. No defined benefit pension plans to drain the life out of the tax payers. Minimum wage can reflect our economy, not NYC’s. The lack of mandatory prevailing union wage scale for all government projects and the end of unfunded mandates will save us billions.

Subsidies for utopian projects? The tax draining subsidies for solar and wind which upstate doesn’t need will save us more billions. You are welcome to assuage your environmental guilt at your own expense and to put in as many wind turbines as you can cluster in Long Island Sound, in the Atlantic off Montauk Point, off the Hamptons, off Fire Island and Far Rockaway, in Central Park, and on top of buildings.

You are welcome to put solar panels on every square foot of Central Park, Van Cortlandt Park, Jamaica Bay, Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Rikers Island, City Island, Governor’s Island, Fire Island, Shelter Island, etc. No exceptions for politicians and the rich, which you will now be free to tax at 70%. Gee, I wonder what part of the old New York State they will move to? And once upstate is free of the NYC driven social agenda of driving out Amazon, it will be welcomed upstate. And you can have your own socialist state and become an open borders sanctuary state at your own expense.

One more thing. In NYC only the gangs carry guns – mostly to hunt defenseless people. Upstate we carry guns for hunting game and for defense against gangs. Upstate men, women and the elderly shoot back.

If you Upstaters are smart, you’ll get busy building a Big Beautiful Wall around NYC of the sort Snake Plisskin had to fly over to get into the city, and fast. The closing Editor’s Note is a sweet parting shot too:

Editor’s Note: What Chris is addressing, here, as I see it, is the cocky “you need us” New York City attitude that supposes the world depends on the condescending folks who live there, when the exact opposite is true. New York City cannot exist without the rural areas that supply its food and make its energy. It is wholly dependent on imports, in fact, and Upstate New York could survive quite nicely without it. It wouldn’t be poorer, but richer, because it could sell its products without having to bear the unbearable burden of New York’s wasteful spending and high taxes. Secession is less the point than understanding these facts. Indeed, I might have titled this post “If you think you’d benefit by a secession, we dare you!”

As always, arrogant, obnoxious libtards should be very careful what they wish for, lest they get it—good and hard.

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5 thoughts on “NY to NYC: drop dead!

  1. The late Joseph Sobran, a penetrating analyst despite his flaws, once observed that the word secession frightens statists for a simple reason: it means freedom. I’ll be writing further about this a bit later today.

  2. Except upstate New York would never be allowed to secede. Albany will make sure of that. Through the use of the New York National Guard, if necessary. The tribe has no intention of letting anyone crimp their One World Government “utopia”. And will make sure of that BAMN. Just as they did with the Russian revolution. Because, after all, what’s 50 million broken eggs, anyway? Especially since most of them were only Goyim.

    1. (1) The National Guard will find it difficult to fight a dispersed ‘army’. We found in many countries that insurgencies that have the support of the people – willingly or coerced – are hard to defeat.
      (2) That’s a LOT of places to fight in – unlike quelling the riots in relatively compact city areas in the 1960s. Good luck with that.
      (3) Upper NY has a lot of mobility on the water to supplement the roads. Again, hard to manage containment.
      (4) This is getting a LOT more support than the state government thinks it is. This is not just a few ‘pissed-off’ militia-men. This is average people, pushed to their limits. Just kill ONE person who is highly regarded in their community, and you’ve added in a LOT of volunteers to the rebellion.

  3. Any disruption of the aqueducts heading downstate from the reservoirs , and NYC will get very thirsty , very quickly .

    Just saying .

  4. Hm. Nasty Guard. And just how many of those men and women are from NYC? Thought so.
    Nothing really new here from NYC. Libtards think, well in their minds, KNOW they are better than you. Scratch any libtard and you’ll find a condescending prick. Many you don’t even have to scratch. Repeat this for any liberal enclave and individual.
    You cannot negotiate with those who assume from the outset to be your better in all ways.

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