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Democracy dies in dumbass

The WaPo has it all wrong with their cutesy little masthead slogan; it’s socialism that “dies in darkness.”


Venezuelans have grown begrudgingly accustomed to power cuts, but nothing like the one that hit during rush hour Thursday evening, sending thousands of people on long nighttime treks in the dark to their homes. It reached virtually every part of the oil-rich country of 31 million, which was once Latin America’ wealthiest but is now beset by shortages and hyperinflation projected by the International Monetary Fund to reach a staggering 10 million percent this year, compelling about one-tenth of its population to flee in recent years.

Venezuelans struggling to put food on the table worried that the few items in their fridges would spoil. One hospital advocate reported there were at least two confirmed deaths due to the outage: A baby in a neonatal unit and a patient at the children’s hospital. Venezuelans with chronic conditions liked diabetes searched for ice to preserve their limited supplies of medicines.

The blackout promptly became a point of dispute between Maduro, who blamed sabotage engineered by the “imperialist United States,” and U.S.-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido, who said state corruption and mismanagement that have left the electrical grid in shambles were the cause.

Too bad, so sad. Venezuelans voted for it, and they got it—good and hard. Now the So-Am auxiliary of the Free Shit Army gets to pay the price and maybe learn the lesson. Alas, my sympathy for their self-inflicted suffering is just a mite, umm, limited.

Stupidity should be painful. And with socialism, sooner or later it is.


3 thoughts on “Democracy dies in dumbass

  1. We shouldn’t send them one single troop, or even $1 in US treasury funds.

    But we should have submarines and clandestine flights dropping off those cases of captured AK-47s and ammo from our 1983 Grenada vacation adventure, and passing them out with bandoleers of ammo to any Julio willing to start shooting at Maduro and his minions.

    It’s sort of a local tradition to inaugurate new presidentes via gunfire thereabouts, so why screw around with what works for South America, going back nearly 200 years?

  2. That’s your take on Venezuela? Its simply a matter of failed Socialism?
    Nothing to do with decade’s long efforts to covertly change the democratically elected regime?
    Nothing to do with oligarchical corruption (much like US) that allowed Chavez to come to power in the first place?
    Nothing to do with the oil, or Russia’s involvement therein?
    No qualms with an unelected douche bag being appointed president?

    You are about as sophisticated on Venezuela as you are on Israel’s control of US foreign policy.
    No, its all about failed socialism!
    And your choice of music sucks too. You are indeed a punk. I’m glad I read for awhile before donating.

  3. Uh huh. So Venezuela’s sudden self-impoverishment is NOT because of the same kind of government that has produced the exact same results in every damned country that ever tried it, eh? No, no, of course not. No, it’s gotta be…wait for it…


    ((((DA JOOOOOZ!!!))))

    Um, sorry, but…NO. If that’s what you consider “sophisticated” analysis, I solemnly swear to you here and now that you ain’t EVER going to find any around these parts. Best you go look for your free ice-cream in a different flavor, from a different shop, and don’t let the door hit you in the etc. etc. as you stalk out of here in disgust and dissatisfaction.

    Oh, also: as a professional musician of more than 40 years’ standing, and a multi-instrumentalist trained on about a dozen different instruments in every Western-music genre from classical to country, I assure you that your opinion means so little to me that my concern over it isn’t detectable by any device or method known to modern science. Nice knowing ya and all; wearing as it may prove, I will somehow continue to struggle along without you. So long. And thanks for all the fish.

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