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A different view

I’ll present this e-mail just as I received it, without any explanatory preamble other than to vouch completely for the author’s CF Lifer status and general integrity.

I have been reading you for….ever. And I usually (and still do here) agree with you. But…I need to point out a few things.

Richard Lamoureux’ comment was, and is correct. The requirement for gender reassignment surgery in this country (the US), and virtually every other place in the world, is two letters of recommendation from clinical therapists (psychiatrist and psychologists) that have known and treated the patient for AT LEAST one year, have been on hormones for at least that long, and have lived in the gender ‘of choice’ for at least one year SUCCESSFULLY. Those standards of care are the minimum.

The person in the NYT article fails on virtually every criteria – I can’t imagine a therapist saying surgery was appropriate for this person and I actually doubt that surgery is planned. If the doctor planning it saw that article, I expect him/her to cancel the surgery immediately….but who knows.

Yes, I am post-op transsexual. Thirty-one years ago I began transition when society was not friendly to us in any way. I had surgery 5 years later. I have been, and am, extremely happy.

I have over the years met many that have transitioned. I knew two people back before my surgery that physically assaulted me because I told them in no uncertain terms they were NOT good candidates for surgery. Both went around the system, went overseas with false docs, and got surgery. Both committed suicide within six months. People ARE sometimes very delusional and surgery is not the fix.

Surgery is supposed to be anti-climatic (to phrase it). It should be the cherry on top of the already done sundae. I never abused drugs or alcohol. My therapist was extremely happy that my transition was smooth. I didn’t at the beginning, but did later have the support of my parents. During transition, I got my degree, got a good job, supported myself and had an active social life. Surgery only added the intimacy issue later.

I was born male, I will die male. Biology doesn’t change. However, my identity is now congruent with my outward appearance. Those secondary sexual characteristics that doctors rely upon at birth to categorize us, are now consistent with the brain that developed. I am a woman and have been for longer than I was a boy/man.

The person in that article is seriously emotionally/psychologically screwed up and does not represent those of us that made the effort to get things straightened out for ourselves.

The vast majority of people making the transition today do not like the concept of ‘gender fluidity’, the 57 genders, the FAD that seems to be pushing parents to destroy their children, and yes, most of us are strongly opposed to medical transition prior to 18….though there is discussion about social transition….I’m of two minds about it.

I transitioned starting when I was 29. I am 60 now. I know many women that were in the public eye in the 80s and 90s. I help mentor people in transition now. And I still tell people when I think they are not good candidates and my opinion is that 75% or more of ‘transgendered’ are not transsexual and are terrible candidates for GRS.

You are correct, the person is sick. And probably seriously so.

Most of the people in my life know my past. But I am not public about it.

Anyway, I wanted to offer an opinion, too much for the comments with the post and not interested in getting into a tiff over the issues. But thought it might be useful to drop this note.

And that, it most certainly was.

As I told my correspondent, it gladdens my heart to hear that things worked out so well in his—dang it, her case, which opens up that whole pronoun can o’ worms that I’m gonna bob and weave around by using MC (My Correspondent) from here on out, just as a matter of simple courtesy—since, very often, it does not.

See, there’s a reason that, any time I post on this subject, I go to some length to reiterate that I do NOT believe such people should be ostracized, attacked, or otherwise victimized because of their condition. These are people who already have hassle and heartache enough in their lives, and while I’m entirely comfortable with referring to gender dysphoria as a mental disorder, I also have no wish to add to the pain they must endure. It’s my opinion that simple human decency and compassion require no less.

There are ironies aplenty here. Foremost among them is this: MC and his compatriots are representative of the vast range of human variety, a panoply that dwarfs our understanding of it, and most likely always will.

Why, one might even go so far as to say that MC is himself a living, breathing example of…diversity, no?

Yet for all the self-congratulation about championing their truncated version of “diversity,” I would bet anything at all that the Left would want nothing whatever to do with MC, and would actually be happy to denounce, insult, harangue, and shun him. Thereby once again demonstrating that, for Proggies, “diversity” is quite literally only skin deep. As I said the other day: the Left’s interest in the plight of folks like MC extends only so far as they can use him to advance their own agenda, and not one inch further. MC—and conservative blacks, Hispanics, women, illegal “caravan” invaders, etc—is of no use to them at all. So, y’know, to hell with them.

And THAT, folks—the way they’re perfectly willing to use people for their own ends without Thought One for how that might do them harm; picking up and dropping real, live human beings as if they were merely tools; their remorseless, unconscionably cynical disregard for the damage they do to people who actually do need help and compassion—makes Lefty not just stupid, not just wrong, but evil.

Think I’m kidding about that, or going just a little too far, maybe hyperbolizing for effect? Think again:

Six-year-old James is caught in a gender identity nightmare. Under his mom’s care…. James obediently lives as a trans girl named “Luna.” But given the choice when he’s with dad, he’s all boy –his sex at birth.

In their divorce proceedings, the mother has charged the father with child abuse for not affirming James as transgender, has sought restraining orders against him, and is seeking to terminate his parental rights. She is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight.

Emphasis courtesy of Ace, who also notes:

Anyone who says “federalism is the answer” should consider:

1. The Right accepts the idea of federalism and different laws in different states. The Left does not. They aim to be our masters.

2. This story is from…Texas. I deleted the early statement that this family lives in Dallas, Texas.

Where do you think you can go that federalism will save you from the leftist totalitarians’ holy mission to rule you?

Which mission is evil all by itself, the specifics of this case aside.


6 thoughts on “A different view

  1. I’ve made a comment to Fran’s piece he linked in the previous comment; see that for some of my thoughts on the subject, especially as regards my own transition.

    What I can say about the case of James/Luna is that it sounds extremely fishy. The normal course of treatment for juveniles of that age with gender dysphoria would be to allow them to socially transition, and then, at the onset of puberty, start administering puberty-blocking drugs to keep puberty of the “wrong” gender from happening while waiting to make sure that the child is happy in their new gender presentation. (If this turns out to have been a mistake, the drugs can be withdrawn, and “normal” puberty will then occur.) Cross-gender hormone replacement therapy to induce the “correct” puberty would not typically be started until age 16 or thereabouts; any surgeries would wait until they’ve turned 18. I know of at least one child that is following this course of treatment right now, without incident.

    Who belongs here, James or Luna? Only the child knows for sure…and diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria require that the child be “persistent, consistent, and insistent” about their gender identity. I think somebody’s cut a bunch of corners here…and, as your correspondent makes clear, that is a recipe for potential disaster.

  2. I am not on board with they/them, zits or whatever stupidity the “trans gender fluid marxian leftist power hunger demanding’ community feels pronouns it should be free to impose on people, but if someone walked down a street and struck up a conversation with you, and you didn’t know better – because SHE appeared to you as a normal woman walking down said street, wouldn’t you use the pronouns appropriate with that appearance? and if she, by some strange reason, informed you of her past – would you then change those said pronouns to ‘he’? You tried to bob and weave and got your feet all crossed. Otherwise, I agree.

  3. While I’m glad for the small minority of people who, like the correspondent here, have found happiness with their choice to re-gender themselves, I still see a great deal of self-delusion. For many, their choice will lead to further unhappiness; for some, despair and self-destruction, misery and death, and those that loved them are left with only sad memories of the men and women they once knew.

    When behavior that used to be considered deviant is normalized, we should expect to find a lot more of it. We’ve set sail into a brave new world, where the rule-book has been thrown overboard; I fear there will be icebergs ahead that we won’t see until we’ve sundered our craft. When we’re all in a storm, overboard in the crashing waves, with our ship sunk beneath us- what can we cling to?

    Our civilization is already under a lot of stress due to diversity, now we have diversity in sex as well; more strain on the system. Some say: diversity + proximity = violence. Look around, what do you see?

    I wish sometimes I hadn’t ever read any history. May God help us all!

  4. Comedian Owen Benjamin had his career in Hollyweird destroyed after he disapprovingly tweeted about some monster not only raising their child as the opposite gender, but giving them hormone blockers to boot. He wouldn’t apologize for the tweet, and then got dropped by his agent and manager. He has been persona non grata in La-La-Land ever since, and eventually got permanently banned by Twitter for other examples of wrongthink.
    The left will not stop with their inversion and perversion of reality, and will punish anyone who will not give in to their obvious attempt to force everyone into their cultural Borg. That is why there is a pushback on the right against all those “alternative lifestyles.” The freedom to accept or reject certain ideas and beliefs is being taken away by the fascist control freaks through censorship and Marxist social shaming, so an equal and opposite reaction is being engendered (no pun intended) amongst people tired of these despicable tactics.
    I’ve known transsexuals, and was always disturbed by the lack of acceptance they usually encountered. I knew that they had chosen a difficult path, and that many eventually committed suicide. Even if they did go on with transition, the likelihood of cancer from the hormone treatments was fairly high, as I recall. So, their futures were generally not bright, when considering all of that. Being mean or dismissive towards them struck me as particularly cruel. As someone rejected by many for my (formerly severe) stutter, a trait I then believed was beyond my power to change, I suppose that I related to them on that level. But the recent stories I’ve been seeing about TS people are disturbing. They bring out feelings of revulsion in me. And, if that’s happening to someone of my background on this issue, such negative responses must be legion out in the “normal” world.

  5. 1) Jenner is not a good representative of the community – not to mention having lied during her ‘coming out’ interview. When you have large sums of money, things happen.
    2) The Left and the Trans community, while having significant overlap, is not the be-all, end-all. Most “successful” transsexuals blend into the woodwork and disappear in to ‘normal’ society. Using an identity is most likely the signal of a leftist,,,regardless of the identity.
    3) Most study sets are too small to be definitive. The community as a whole has more issues psychologically than the general public – [age 4-12] ostracization in school, bullying, nightmare parents that abuse, parents with their own psych issues, often in trouble, depression… all before the HORROR [age 12-18] of puberty and the betrayal by the body…worse problems in school, drinking, drugs…as a group the community is fighting for it’s internal soul and sense of self – suicide is attempted by 60% or so just dealing with all of the crap GETTING to a point of transition. Drug and alcohol abuse, maybe 80%? These are no reliable stats from studies – they don’t exist [studies do, but too small to be meaningful, useful for propaganda from either side] – just a long time awareness of the community.
    4) If you manage to survive all that, for all but the most recent decade, [age 18-50] medical care was on your own dime…1-2 years of therapy, hormones, then surgery. $30,000 to $40,000 over 2-5 years on top of living expenses. (How many of you can afford $30k over the next two years?) At time when either you gave up and tried to ‘be a man’ (for the mtf) or ‘be a woman’ (for the ftm)…which often included marriage, military, kids. careers….for those that have/tried transition, the first year is ABSOLUTE hell. For those already fragile, it is often too much. You have to ‘learn’ everything at a time when society doesn’t give you any slack for mistakes. Appearances matter and if it is off…well, people don’t accept in different ways, almost always verbally with extreme prejudice, often physical assaults, occasionally fatally.
    5) If you get through it all, you want to be a wall flower, just go with the flow. Maybe have a nice quiet life – and the public NEVER sees them….a counter-point to the Jenners and Chus of the world. But they are out there…
    6) Hormonally, health wise, generally, they are the same as the general population: if you don’t smoke, have no or little history of breast cancer, are generally healthy, the risks are no higher than with normal women. And have a much lower chance of prostrate cancer.
    7) the true population is small. Maybe 1% for various levels of dsyphoria. Last I heard, 20,000 surgeries per year across the whole planet. Asia, US, Europe (in that order) with the most. That is 10 times the rate 30 years ago. Percentage wise, I don’t think the TRUE numbers are changing, the community just being more visible. However, there is a population, on the Left, that DEFINITELY is in a “fad” mode. England is awash in it. And it is destroying children – my opinion. The community, not the trans activist community, but the rest, generally OPPOSE medical transition for children. Social transition is a different issue yet still probably questionable. Parents want their ‘special’ kids to be the right kind of special and right now, that is trans and I think it is creating it’s own nightmares for the futures. Youtuber Blair White is a reasonable voice….a millennial, politically right leaning. Worth viewing if you are so inclined.

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