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Back off—or don’t

What an asshole.

Some say it wasn’t “civil” of me to approach Pruitt at lunch and that it’s a sign of dark times ahead for our political climate. But these arguments are not genuine: The bogus “civility” argument has arisen because conservatives are losing on the content of the arguments.

Actually, Precious, you feel it necessary to harass and “confront” government officials trying to have a meal in peace with their families because YOUR side lost on “the contents of the arguments” a long fucking time ago—also, because you whiny shitlibs lost an election and lack the steel to face up to your rejection by normal Americans. As for times getting “dark,” just wait til we start returning the favor by “getting in your faces and punching back twice as hard”—very damned literally.

“Dark times”? I promise you, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet. But you’re going to.

Focusing on where, when, or how a concerned citizen speaks up is what a person does when they don’t have an adequate response to the concerns being voiced.

Or when they’re just sicked and tired of being constantly fucked with by stupid, nervy jackasses.

I’m not saying everyone should be disrupting politicians in restaurants. But I am saying that putting pressure on our government is vital, and we all need to do our part.

Sure—and there are ways to do that already, while still maintaining respect for dissenting opinions and without prioritizing your own self-righteous sense of absolute infallibility and superiority. Why, they’re written right into the Constitution and everything. Too bad you spent the last 70 years trashing it.

I expect I’ll be getting plenty of mileage henceforth out of Cromwell’s great quote: I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken. Addendum from real Americans addressed to confrontational, violent Progtards: “…before we get fed up enough with your bullshit to just start shooting your asses on sight.” Which is not so much a threat, really; it’s fair warning. Very likely the only one you moonbats are going to get.

But hey, I’m being unfair here. I mean, we all remember how our side reacted to Obama’s eight-year reign of error by publicly harassing shitlibs wherever we found them, attacking them physically, shooting their government officials at softball practice, and…uh…ummm…well, that is to say…

Yeah. As we all know, none of that actually happened. And that just might’ve been our biggest mistake. But it’s not as if there’s any expiration date on correcting it.


1 thought on “Back off—or don’t

  1. Disturbing the peace is a misdemeanor in every jurisdiction in the land, since English common law and dating back several centuries.

    If I found it necessary to effect a citizen’s arrest of such a miscreant after their sole and sufficient verbal warning to cease and desist, OC spray and a black eye would be the minimum force required to make an apprehension. Any resistance whatsoever to such gentle remonstrations would probably necessitate recourse to force delivered by something a bit less forgiving, with more permanent effects.

    If the police can routinely introduce Mr. Face to Mr. Pavement, ofttimes repeatedly, to make their point in affecting said arrest, and pull your upper appendages into places anatomically uncomfortable at best, expect that I will too. As I age, my hearing isn’t what it once was, so neither your screams nor the popping of ligaments are liable to register on my diminished auditory capabilities until both can be heard all the way to the local police station, from the venue in question, on a clear night.

    And the continuum of force escalation employed after that at any mere hint of further resistance will be severely truncated. The phrase “He kept moving, so I kept shooting” may come into play in later testimony.

    Such street theater antics become profoundly less enjoyable for those who try them when they result in bloody noses, joint dislocations, and perforated livers.

    Anyone thusly injured would be deemed by me to have merited entirely whatever they got, and probably more, were such to ever appear at trial and I were a juror on that case.

    Being obnoxious turning into punches turning to clubs and knives turning to gunfire is what they want, and they won’t get what they like, nor like what they get. That’s not “losing on the content”, that’s enforcing what wayward parents and a slipshod public education have failed to instill: civil manners.
    Possibly at 900fps, in the face.

    I’m betting you run out of internal organs before I run out of bullets, but I’m a sporting man, and willing to test my theory in the arena.

    Call that toss in the air, Leftards.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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