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“Genocide, racial hate, America was never great”


It wasn’t quite a repeat of the UC Berkeley riots Wednesday night, but so-called anti-fascist protesters clashed with police outside New York University, where Gavin McInnes was invited to speak by the NYU College Republicans. McInnes confirmed other reports that he was pepper-sprayed at the event.

If it maybe isn’t quite time to start killing them yet, it’s certainly time to start beating the hell out of them, looks like. And make no mistake: eventually the time is going to come when people DO start killing them…because they’re not going to stop until they’ve killed some of us.

I’ve always said that nobody really wants civil war and all the horror that will ensue. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that I was wrong about that; obviously, the Left DOES want it. They’re not going to be nearly so happy about it as they seem to think when they finally get it, though.

A classic intellectual exercise, updated: would it have been moral to kill Hitler as a youth, knowing what was to come if you didn’t? If so, then on some level it would have to be hypothetically moral to strangle some of these vicious little Hitler Youth in the crib, so to speak, before they, umm, ripen to full fascist flower too, no? For now, it still comes down to this:

These people are sick fanatics, and if you disagree with a fanatic, they will automatically assume you are some sort of competing fanatic. Therefore, no fate is too awful to befall you. Since Trump is Literally Hitler, anyone who voted for him is Literally a Brownshirt and thus sorely deserves being beaten into mental retardation and lifelong incontinence.

For some reason, sucker-punching a man while he was looking the other way and then fleeing the scene like a scared rabbit is being celebrated by many leftists as an act of courage and heroism.

To my knowledge, neither Richard, Gavin, nor I has ever so much as recommended, much less committed, physical violence against those who merely disagree with us politically. To me that suggests that we are far more secure in our beliefs than anyone who wishes to silence (or punch) us for harboring diverse opinions.

Which no longer matters in the least. Moral superiority and an unrequited tolerance for dissent has never yet prevented anyone from being assaulted by these pusbags. And it never will. Personally, I’m all done with arguing the finer points of Righty morality versus Lefty depravity with anybody, and have been for a good while. It accomplishes nothing worthwhile: you can’t reason a bunch of malevolent brats out of a position they never reasoned themselves into in the first place. Moral superiority makes for a truly shitty, flimsy, and ineffectual shield against fascist violence anyway, and that’s always been the case. Plenty of decent people have gone down under a flurry of blows trying to use that shield for protection. You might ask Kenneth Gladney sometime about how well it works.

It also suggests that if they aren’t willing to have a debate and only want to assault, that is a declaration of war and they should be knocked back so hard that their eyeballs fly clear across the county line.

Due to the current legal and prevailing cultural climate—which dictates that any white person who doesn’t have a problem with being white is a Nazi who deserves being beaten in public—I would only suggest defensive violence, because the courts will not be kind to you.

But if you’re going to retaliate violently, do it with an exclamation point. Do it with the crushing finesse of the Belgian soccer hooligan who decked a fat leftist who wouldn’t get out of his face. Do it with the decisiveness of the highly outnumbered European traditionalists who mopped the floor with Antifa antagonists who foolishly thought they wouldn’t fight back last summer in Sacramento.

Never throw the first punch—but always throw the last.

Indeed. But I repeat: the time is coming when at least some of us, sick and tired of acting as passive punching bags for sub-sentient Leftist scum again and again and again and again, will start preemptively punching first. Doesn’t matter if anybody likes it, doesn’t matter if anybody wants it; sooner or later, given continual Leftist escalation, it WILL happen. Once it does, it’s not going to be nearly as big a step as some might think from there to actually, actively hunting them. And once that step is taken, the main point of interest is going to shift from “should we or shouldn’t we” to the more practical concern of merely establishing a bag limit, if any—because by then, the time for delicately arguing over the morality of eliminating people who are already trying to eliminate you is going to be long past.

I repeat yet again: careful what you wish for, Lefty scum. Lest you get it, good and hard.

The election of Donald Trump was one of the last, desperate shots across the Left’s bow, reminding them of our decades of polite requests to leave us the hell alone. They have chosen to double down on the hate and escalate the fascist violence instead. Sooner or later, self-preservation will override philosophical debate and render questions of morality irrelevant. No matter how it all shakes out in the short term and case by case, this can only end badly for the fucktard Left.

Well, so be it; couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of assholes, if you ask me. Years ago, the Clash sang: “It’s brawn against brain, and knife against chain.” The Left needs to remember how that particular verse wound up, before it’s too late to matter.


4 thoughts on ““Genocide, racial hate, America was never great”

  1. They don’t want all the horror that comes with a civil war.

    It’s just they don’t BELIEVE that it comes with a civil war without fail, every time.

  2. The thing is, they fully expect us not to fight back no matter what. Like your duel example.
    There’s a new sheriff and people sick of the shit are realizing they’re not alone, no matter what CNN says.
    Our fine, vicious, childish friends do not seem to understand that the times they are a-changing.

    An aside, I’ve long thought it would have made more sense to strangle Chamberlain and Daladier in thei cribs to stop WWII.

  3. Ya know, sometime soon we’re gonna get real tired of them peein’ on us, and they’ll scream to high heaven (or more aptly, low hell) about what brutes we are when we lock and load.

    What’s the difference between the butthurts of NYC and those in Berkeley? Nothing. They’re all still walking hemorrhoids.

  4. because they’re not going to stop until they’ve killed some of us.

    No, they’re not going to stop until they’ve killed all of us.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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