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No froth!

Amazing, and entirely unexpected, but here’s a perfectly reasonable and sane anti-Trump piece.

I sympathize with the reasons why Donald Trump is a phenomenon. As many fine writers have carefully documented, recent economic and social upheavals have created a ruling class that is increasingly divorced from the concerns of ordinary Americans. The members of said ruling class – those equipped to take advantage of the post-industrial revolution – attend the same posh universities, consume the same trendy media, and cluster in self-segregated enclaves that are fully shielded against the negative blow-back their faddish notions create. To borrow Peggy Noonan’s formulation, they are the “protected.” It doesn’t matter to them that preserving an endangered fish has dried up what was once a productive agricultural zone. It doesn’t matter to them that their stumping for “alternative lifestyles” has destroyed the family – and consequently, financial security and social capital – for those in the lowest quartile. They can afford to agitate against fossil fuels because, for them, a higher energy bill will take mere drops from their buckets. They can dismiss an insecure border as a non-issue because they directly benefit from the cheap labor force it brings into being.

It is also true that many ordinary Americans have been the targets of an outrageous campaign to label them with every -ist and -ism under the sun — a campaign to “unperson” folks who happen to have sincere doubts about a host of causes that are beloved by the aforementioned ruling class and its enablers in the clerisy. Do you have religious objections to homosexual marriage? Do you worry that allowing unverifiable self declarations to dictate which restroom or locker room people are permitted to use will enable sex offenders and pedophiles to victimize women and children? Sorry, but you will be forced to embrace what you oppose — or the activist left will shut you down. Are you a student or professor who believes colleges and universities should be bastions of free inquiry and debate where no idea is considered too dangerous to discuss? Prepare to be harassed by your campus community – or even hounded out of your job – for your sins. Are you disgusted by the tactics of Black Lives Matter and similar groups? Well, you’re obviously a racist. It never stops; indeed, even our leisure pursuits aren’t safe. If you want to play video games or read books without being beaten over the head with the Cause of the Moment? Ugh! Untermensch!

Am I angry? Hell yes! Do I want to metaphorically clobber the leftists and clueless technocrats who denigrate our anxieties and seem to have no love whatsoever for our nation or its people? Absolutely! I just don’t believe rallying behind Trump – and being glib about the very real challenges of governing one of the most culturally and politically diverse nations on the planet – will get us what we really want. Looking back to the past – instead of adapting to the upcoming future – will not restore our opportunity culture. Making unachievable demands of foreign powers will not restore our security or sovereignty. And contra the arguments of Trump’s supporters, there are ways to fight against the sustained attack on our rights that don’t involve playing by the left’s fascist rules.

There are other ways to fight the left. We can be firm and unbending in confronting its fascism without being nasty.

Well, there are, I suppose. But you’re not going to win using them. And if you truly believe that fascism is where we really are in Amerika v2.0 today, and that this truly is a war that we’re in here, why would you be at all squeamish about making it, as John Ringo always says, a war to the knife? Why embrace polite half-measures when you know your enemy is willing to stop at nothing–absolutely nothing–to steal your country and Fundamentally Transform™ it against your will?

The Left has demonstrated again and again that they are perfectly willing to use anything at all, up to and including outright physical violence, to work their will on us and bring us into line. Yeah, yeah, turn the other cheek and all that Biblical stuff; not that I wish to lapse entirely into blasphemy here, but as I recollect that approach ended up with Jesus hanging from a cross. That’s properly understood by Christians as a victory–the ultimate victory, in truth. But in the context of American politics I sure wouldn’t count a similar result as anything but what it is: a defeat. The ultimate defeat, in truth.

We’ve seen nothing but polite half-measures from our supposed allies in this fight. The “civility now,” “don’t let’s be beastly to the liberals” crowd got us President Obama, and oily, go-along-get-along backstabbers like McCain, McConnell, and Boehner to pretend to resist him. In the same way that treasonous scum like Obama will always be far tougher in fighting against real Americans than he ever will in battling Islam, so will the GOPe types always play rougher with Constitutional Conservatives than they ever will with Democrat Socialists. In both cases, only one conclusion can be reasonably drawn: they’re fighting under a false flag.

And on that note, this may seem to be off-topic. But I don’t think so.

Now that the presidential race is down to the ‘brass tacks phase’, and with the glaring reality of Team Jeb Bush, Team Mitt Romney endorsement, Team Lindsey Graham endorsement, Team Carly Fiorina endorsement, and the entire DC professional political class aligning themselves with Ted Cruz, it’s a good opportunity to highlight the uncomfortable truth for those new to the awakening. In this fallen world, to defeat enemies as determined and amoral as these, the “clobbering” is going to wind up having to a bit more than merely “rhetorical.”

A freshman, two-year Senator/Presidential Candidate, Ted Cruz was presented, by intentional Wall Street conduct, as an outsider; as “a fallacy of false dilemma“. If you don’t know what “false choice” really means, click on the link to read the definition and see how easy it is to manipulate the electorate.

Cruz was never “an outsider“. The intellectually honest political observer would have to detach themselves from all reasonable cognition to avoid accepting Ted Cruz:

  • Was part of George W. Bush’s administration.
  • Was part of George W Bush’s Florida recount team.
  • Was introduced to his wife Heidi (Condelezza Rice staffer) while working for Bush.
  • Has hired the entire operational arm of the Jeb Bush campaign team: Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX, Boyden Gray of Washington, DC, Charles Foster of Houston, TX, Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC, Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX, and Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX. Along with Neil Bush.

Those are facts.

And he has more of ’em too, all of which serves as a useful and timely reminder that it isn’t absolutely necessary to be an elected-officeholder to be a career politician.

The GOPe–handmaidens of big government, useful-idiot tools for the Democrat Socialists–have decided they can live with Cruz. They can’t reconcile themselves to Trump. That ought to tell us something, I think, all by itself.

Update! This, too, seems pretty reasonable to me:

Most remarkable is the SID phenomenon: the higher one’s status in Republican leadership, the less one’s influence over Republican voters, and hence over the GOP nomination battle. SID leads us to a final bit of Washington un-wisdom: the purportedly pressing matter of “uniting the party.” The questions are posed: Can Trump change, can he clean up his act in order to entice establishment support? Can Cruz change, can he mend fences with GOP leaders he has antagonized in order to bring them into his fold?

Again, that is the wrong way to look at it. What needs changing, desperately, is the Republican party. The establishment needs to make itself acceptable to supporters of these candidates, not the other way around. To my mind, Republican leaders owe it to what they are supposed to stand for to get behind Cruz, not because they need to love him, but because it’s the right thing to do — besides being the only way to derail Donald Trump, who would either lose to Hillary or rule like Hillary. One way or the other, though, when the Trump dust finally settles, it will be clear that the Republican party as currently constituted is unsustainable. The people who oppose what the Left is doing to the country want an opposition party. The Republican establishment has shunned that role, preferring to be Washington than to fight Washington. The people are looking elsewhere.

As well they might, and should. I don’t really see how looking to an oleaginous creature of the DC swamps like Cruz can really be considered to be much more than the illusion of “looking elsewhere,” but YMMV.

Clear vision update! Stephen Moore sees it:

If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, which looks probable — though I’m still hopeful Ted Cruz can catch him — he will have reshuffled the deck in a way no one has since Ronald Reagan transformed the GOP into a conservative party.

Trump is remaking the GOP into a populist/reform party of working class/evangelical and entrepreneurial class voters. He is completing what Ross Perot tried to build in 1992 with his Reform Party.

For the Washington Republican establishment this is a disaster, much worse than the election of Barack Obama. Because they’re the first people who’ll get run out of town and find out what it’s like to lose their jobs to an alien.

If Trump wins the nomination and then the election, he will do so by forging a new coalition of voters. He will lose many highbrow Republicans, but he will gain millions of independents and blue-collar Democrats — commonsense workers who’ve been crushed by Obama’s anti-business policies.

They would be a coalition of voters who want to put America first. And maybe it’s about time.

The deck doesn’t just need reshuffling; it needs replacing, and a fresh dealer instead of the tired, frazzled, sweaty, bleary-eyed old one with it. Lots more sandwiched between those excerpts, all of which you should read.


7 thoughts on “No froth!

  1. The Left has demonstrated again and again that they are perfectly willing to use anything at all, up to and including outright physical violence, to work their will on us and bring us into line.

    It has and it will, because it must. However, in choosing a candidate to back, one must take care that that candidate will do less harm than good. I can tolerate the nasty tactics; they’ve become essentials to national campaigning. I can tolerate the scurrilous statements about his Republican opponents; apparently that’s what his followers want to hear. But I expect him to do far more harm – both practically and to conservatism as it’s widely viewed – than good. That’s the basis for my opposition to Trump.

  2. Porretto has the best of it, I think. It has been said that Obama is the President that Dick Nixon wanted to be.

    And by Trump’s own rhetoric, he would build on the Presidential Prerogatives (most of them clearly un-Constitutional) that began with Jackson, then TR, then Wilson, then FDR, then–in quick succession–Nixon, Clinton, Bush II, and now Obama.

    Yes, Congress is flaccid, and has been for near 100 years (on all matters which actually count.) And yes, the dominant Parties have been two sides of the same coin. (Accepting Porretto’s argument, that would be since the founding of the (R) Party, too.)

    Cruz, whether merely another Silver Spoon guy or not, at least has promised to honor the Constitution. Trump, on the other hand, has promised to continue using is as toilet paper.

    So yah–much as one can enjoy the schadenfreude–the better choice is Cruz.

  3. Trump is the ONLY candidate who will dare to stand against the sewage that is destroying this country.

    Cruz does not even come close.

  4. Doesn’t much matter what he would or wouldn’t do. He has about as much chance of being elected president as I do.

  5. Huh. Gotta admit, Mike: amazingly, your assessment of the first quoted and linked article was a lot more measured and favorable than mine was when Sarah linked it at Insty’s. Mine was… pithier and more succinct as well.

    Amazingly, because I’m usually the milder one between us. 🙂

    After having tried the reasoned approach with our so-called allies on the Right, and having had it shoved back at me, I’m afraid that after so many repetitions of being called a low information moronic Brownshirted fascistic thug for supporting Chimpy McTrumphitler from the Right, I’ve nearly reflexively gone to the “Fuck you in the ear,” response. What I get for trying reason: tact and moderation have never been my strong suits.

    I expected that crap from the Left when we were battling Bush Derangement Syndrome in the blog trenches in the Shrub years. I don’t expect it from my allies on the Right, and I won’t swallow it easily.

    Like you, I’ve put too many years into this fight to deserve that crap from the right, or to *have* to swallow it from anyone.

  6. And if those
    right thinking” repukes manage to get Hillary elected (because Trump was icky) they can all burn in the hell that she will bring; and I for one won’t consider pissing on them to put out the fire.

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