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Another “national conversation”

Speak up, Progtards.

So let’s talk about “common sense gun laws.”

California has very restrictive firearms laws, probably the most restrictive in America. The laws are so restrictive that gun manufacturers have to make gunsspecifically for California. Many gun dealers or manufacturers just don’t do business in California at all. It’s a pain in the ass. Here’s a great piece discussing the firearms laws in California by Brian Doherty at Reason.

If these two murderers passed background checks and waited the 10 days that are required according to CA law, what other “common sense” laws could we consider? One important “common sense” law we do have here in America is the prohibition against murder. That law didn’t stop these killers, why would we think more gun laws would be respected?

But when pressed for specificity about “common sense” restrictions on firearms, we don’t hear much about a plan to stop gun violence. Following the California paradigm, where most assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines are straight out illegal, what additional restrictions are we missing? A longer waiting period? Background checks that include more information? What kind of information other than criminal history should be included in a background check?

So really? What’s the plan? You know, the “common sense” one that doesn’t involve a total ban on firearms?

As we all know by now, the total ban and confiscation IS the plan. That’s the real goal of every single one of them, from Barky and Hitlary on down to the least wispy-bearded, balding, doughboyish Lesbian/Transgender/Sheepfucker Studies prof, although they’re way too chickenshit to ever say so except under their breath or among themselves.

Likewise, though, it’s simply not true to say that there is no gun law that stands any chance of preventing or mitigating these Moslem atrocities. There IS one–and only one–and CapLion knows what it is.

NOW whatcha gonna do, Poindexter update! Headline from a screaming fascist ninny: “My Right to Safety Outweighs Your Right to Own a Gun.” No, actually, it does not, you gutless pussy. And your right to delude yourself into thinking you’re safe while abdicating your obligation to take responsibility for your own safety most certainly does not outweigh my God-given right to effective means of self-defense as specifically and clearly enumerated in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution–still the supreme law of the land, if merely nominally and observed almost totally in the breach nowadays.

In short: wring your hands, mewl, even cry if you like. Wave your chubby fists around and throw as many high-dudgeon journo-tantrums as you feel are called for. Hold your breath till your soft little cheeks turn amusing shades of indigo under your little hipster-douchebag faux-lumberjack beard. When you’re done, see if you can work up the guts to come and take them.

Failing that, shut the fuck up and continue farming out your security to better men than you’ll ever be. Your lack of dignity and self-respect, and your pathetic and contemptible campaign to shame law-abiding citizens who have committed no crime and harmed no one at all out of theirs will continue to have absolutely no effect on anyone or anything except your own ego.

Failing that, move to Canada already. Better yet, Paris. You’ll no doubt feel much safer in the bosom of that Gun-Free (snicker) Zone, and will enjoy the added benefit of being able to assuage your bruised Feelings by marching in many cutesy parades, one after another, to show “solidarity” with the smoldering corpses left in the streets by the latest Moslem massacre. Then you can all have a good cry together, holding hands as you Tweet various plaintive hashtags pleading with your killers to Stop The Violence while you tremulously wait for the next massacre. Light a candle, cast your teary, bleary gaze to Heaven, and meekly await your turn on the slaughterhouse floor. It surely cometh, and that right soon.

In even shorter: fuck you, and every least benighted soul who “thinks” like you.

I repeat yet again: come and take them, if you dare. You won’t get them, except bullets first. Not ever. Not you, nor any army of any size you can ever assemble. There are still millions of us out here who have no intention of getting killed for lack of shooting back, and we don’t give a good goddamn how many of you precious, twee Little Lord Fauntleroys don’t like it.


2 thoughts on “Another “national conversation”

  1. Mike, that was epic. It’s posts like that that keep me coming back here.

    One of my FB friends linked to some rant or another from someone who said he’d “had enough” and “demanded” tough gun control laws and my thought was a Jesse-Pinkman-esque “Bring it on, BITCH!”

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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