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The enemy within

Don’t believe the government “experts.” Ever, no matter what they say.

Americans, prepare to feel angry: After years of watching our cholesterol, sacrificing shellfish and egg yolks and gloriously fatty pork and beef, and enduring day-glow yellow and too-soft tubs of butter substitute, Americans are about to be told by our government diet experts, “Oops…we had it all wrong.”

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which is charged with reviewing the government-issued dietary guidelines every five years, is preparing to release its “new and improved” guidelines any day now, and leaks from the deliberations hint at a reversal in the committee’s decades-long guidance that Americans should eat a diet low in cholesterol.

What are Americans to think of this new guidance that says cholesterol doesn’t really matter after all, that it is no longer a “nutrient of concern,” that eating food high in cholesterol may not be connected to heart disease?

Devotees of protein-rich, low-carb diets may see this as validation and reason to celebrate. Others will no doubt feel deflated, confused, and just plain bitter that for years they’ve been fed a lie that cost them, quite literally, the joy of eating delicious food, and possibly better health. Still others will misunderstand this new guidance and think butter and other high-cholesterol foods are now in the healthy column. In reality, those foods still ought to be consumed in moderation — particularly by people with preexisting conditions such as diabetes.

And just never you mind about how they probably got diabetes to begin with.

Yet there’s a bigger story here. Government really ought not be in the business of providing nutrition advice in the first place. Nutrition is a personal issue, and what’s best for one person may not be best for another. Moreover, Americans have ample access to information in the private sector on health and nutrition. In other words, Uncle Sam, we don’t need you anymore.

Also worth asking: Can the federal government’s No. 1 consideration really be your health when there are so many political considerations at play?

Ahh, now THERE’S a question all right. Here’s one of the answers.

When LBJ became president after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, most of us who were in the know were aware of the ominous turn of events this would signify. LBJ was one of the most despicably wicked human beings who ever occupied the Oval Office. He would do anything to get elected on his own right in 1964. Barry Goldwater, the Republican who would oppose him, had been looking forward to having a series of debates with Kennedy across the country. They had already worked it out. But when Kennedy was killed and it became clear that he would face LBJ instead, he privately told his aides that the election was already over, that LBJ was perhaps the most vile and dishonest character in American politics at the time.

LBJ wanted the support of the egg and dairy farming industry. Being from Texas, he felt it would look very bad if did not get the support of this significantly large portion of the farming industry. But the egg and dairy farmers, for various reasons, balked. They would not throw their support behind LBJ. Well, Johnson was furious. So, he courted and won the support of the grain farmers. But that was not all. After the election he wanted revenge on the egg and dairy farmers, and he wanted to reward the grain farmers for supporting him.

This is where things get downright spooky, but I can vouch for its truth. Johnson decided that he and his administration would issue a new concept — a “food pyramid” that would “help” children and their parents make good food choices, not to mention those who are older and suffering from various maladies. The problem for the milk and egg industry is that the pyramid recommended that citizens severely restrict their intake of dairy products, particularly eggs. But to the delight of the grain farmers, the pyramid recommended a dramatic increase in the consumption of grain products such as bread, cereal, crackers, and the like.

Johnson leaned on his government physicians to place their stamp of approval on this scheme by claiming that if Americans ate according to the recommendations of the pyramid, they could eradicate heart disease, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Soon everyone had jumped on the bandwagon. Doctors were telling their patients that they needed to cut way back on eggs and dairy and eat lots of grains, vegetables, and fruits. Some went so far as to tell their heart patients that they were restricted to one or two eggs per week, but an even better choice was to eliminate them altogether.

Most Americans who grew up in the 50s, 60s, and 70s are well aware of this infamous government food pyramid. The problem was that none of it, not one word, was true.

The real problem, of course, is quite a bit deeper and much harder to reach. It usually is.

It turned out that after multimillions of Americans were beset with obesity, early onset diabetes and a myriad of other dangerous diseases that come from it, that all those grains the government had been pumping down their throats was not such a good idea after all. And lo and behold, it turned out that eggs will not, in themselves, cause heart disease. A person can eat two eggs per day, along with milk, meats, cheeses, and some non-starchy vegetables, and not only will they keep their weight under check but they will avoid most of the diseases that afflict millions of Americans, including heart disease and diabetes. This is, of course, provided that you do some exercise and severely restrict sugar intake. That means grains and starchy vegetables as well as sweets.

In short, Johnson was willing for multimillions of Americans to die prematurely and become afflicted with dangerous diseases all because he wanted power and would punish anyone or any industry that got in his way.

This is the essence of the progressive/Marxist/collectivist. Citizens are not human beings to be respected. They are slaves, subjects, vermin on which to conduct their experiments and if necessary, kill them.

This lesson is also a good example of the mindset of the progressive/collectivist. Government is here to tell us what to eat, how much of it we are allowed to have, what to drink and how much, and who knows how many other directives that are “for our own good.” Try telling that to the countless numbers of Americans who got diabetes and died from it simply because they were doing what their government told them to do in order to “be healthy.”

And if we happen to lose a million people here or a million people there in the process, that is no major price to pay for finding out how human beings react to certain experiments government wishes to conduct on them, “for their own good.”

However, the really disturbing factor in all of this is that these ideas, concepts, and proposals that seem to have come straight out of Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s USSR are still being utilized today by America’s enemy within. Collectivists still want to meddle in our eating and drinking habits, to the point that citizens are forbidden from eating too much fat in NYC restaurants and school kids increasingly are not allowed to bring their own lunches to school unless they pass “the food police test,” that is, what they will be eating is acceptable to the government educational complex.

In addition, citizens all across America are being told that they are barred, by law, from growing their own food. Why?

It is all about power. You, the individual citizen, must have none. But government and the elitists that run it must have all of it.

And THAT is the core–the very beating, bloody heart–of Progressivism. Which is why I’ll say it again and again and again: Progressivism is evil. It is not only incompatible with but actively hostile to proper American governance. Period, full stop, end of story.


3 thoughts on “The enemy within

  1. I still remember when Tom Brokaw announced that all the hoopla surrounding oat bran (this was back in the 80’s) was “a bunch of hooey”. It never stops amazing me that for every fad diet that’s come down the pike, there’s one that has always held true: Eat less, exercise more. (Bonus cool points if you remember the Bloom County comic that said exactly this).

  2. always ignored all that ballocks, their advice on salt, cholesterol, butter have passed me by. Now I can say “I told you so” to all my relatives who told me off about these things. Schadenfreude is a lovely word.

  3. Day-um, Mike! Good to see that Cold Fury is still up and at ’em, and still harshing the mellow. Before long, you’re gonna qualify for the ranks of us old ‘net whackos. Coolness.

    My actual email addy’s attached to the comment. Drop me a mail sometime so we can catch up and shoot the shit a bit.

    Uh… the post? You mean there was a post here? (o0) Heh – I just dropped in to say “Hi.” 🙂

    Okay, fine.

    “government ‘experts.'” An ex spurt is a former drip. Any time you hear someone claim to be a “government expert” – on anything – put one hand on your wallet and check your gun with the other. You’re about to be informed on how they plan to screw you.

    Sadly, the bit about finding out that all of the things they warned us not to eat, drink, or do being not necessarily so is kinda old news. I’ve been watching all of the “scientific studies” of how various foods and drinks were Oh My GAWD bad for me being proven to not be so by other and newer studies for a long time now.

    Remember when coffee was going to kill us? No? I do. And then another study comes along and says that well, hey: coffee in moderation might be good for you after all.

    I saluted them with my coffee mug and carried on. (I never quit drinking the stuff in the first place.)

    Remember when alcohol was horrible for us? And then a studies proved (supposedly) that a drink or a daily glass of red wine or the occasional beer was actually good for your heart and circulatory system.

    I saluted them with my bottle of O’Doul’S and carried on. (I quit drinking alcohol a long time ago for reasons that had nothing to do with government funded health studies.)

    Salt was bad for us for decades, and low sodium everything was the way to go – until it suddenly wasn’t and hey, maybe salt isn’t so bad after all…

    I sprinkled some more salt on my rare steak and kept on going, killing two policies with one plate full because red meat is bad for me too. I think. I’ll wait for the next study.

    And so on and so forth and so on… up to studies proving that the way my grandparents ate was actually pretty healthy and a lot healthier than a lot of the nutritional advice we’d been given for decades…

    I saluted them with a fork full of bacon and eggs and kept on eating the way I always did.

    Guns are bad for us, and everyone else, too, supposedly. All the right (made up) statistics say so. Since I’ve been shooting since I was seven without killing or hurting myself or anyone else, I think I’ll keep burning ammo at the range. Screw the studies that say otherwise – shooting is fun.

    The government with whatever policies they come up with, along with whatever experts and studies they come up with to support them, doesn’t have your best interests at heart. They have the government’s bests interests at heart (whatever those might be.) It boggles my mind that so many people apparently can’t wrap their heads around that simple concept, but there ya go.

    There. I commented. And I was even reasonably on topic, too. Damn, I’m good. 🙂

    Good to see you still at it, Mike. Keep on plugging.

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