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Junior varsity

Well, this pretty much settles who that would be.

“The options that I’m asking for from the Joint Chiefs focuses primarily on making sure that ISIL is not overrunning Iraq,” Obama said using another acronym for the militant Islamic group ISIS.

“We don’t have a strategy yet. We’re seeing some news reports suggesting we are further ahead than we are,” he said.

Oh, I don’t think anyone really believes that, champ. Nick Gillespie is appalled:

WTF, really? Just a week ago, he was talking about “rooting out a cancer like ISIL,” right?

What you have to keep in mind is something I’ve said again and again: insofar as he cares about foreign policy (and he doesn’t much), his aim is to weaken the US, strengthen the UN, and make us subject to international coalitions and the approval of the weak sisters of Europe.

His primary goal, the focus of what little energy the lazy bastard possesses, remains what it has been all along: to destroy the US and remake it as a socialist shithole wholly subordinate to the World Government of the UN. In other words: his intentions and goals are unlike those of any other US president’s before him, and antithetical to those of people who actually give a damn about restoring the US to pre-eminence in international affairs and Constitutional governance both. He is un- and anti-American to his very marrow, and for all his cunning and guile, he is a fool. Gillespie is right on the money here:

A politically weak president who heads a party that since George McGovern has worried about looking weak on defense (and who has been called out as weak by his own former secretary of state). A crap economy at home, disastrous midterms looming. Russia invading Ukraine. The odds of a poorly planned intervention that escalates U.S. involvement in the Middle East are getting better every minute.

In this, he’s no different than plenty of other Democrat Socialist presidents–anybody remember the Clinton disaster in Mogadishu, perchance? But in the end, the prospect of plenty more American dead to absolutely no good purpose, followed by a humiliating tail-between-the-legs scamper for the exits, isn’t one that’s going to bother pResident Pissypants much.


1 thought on “Junior varsity

  1. You know, it strikes me that O’dumbass and his owners and acolytes all use ISIL deliberately because the Levant, historically, includes the land that is now Israel. And we all know just how much they’d like to see Israel vanish and every Jew butchered.

    Glass the bastards over, but first make sure the entire Dhimmicratic Socialist party membership is on the ground there.

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