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Do you know bullshit when you see it?

Because here’s a test for your personal BS detector. Not much of one, I have to admit.

Let’s start with the “unarmed black teenager” mantra.

Brown was 18 years old — an adult by all legal standards. He was also 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed nearly 300 pounds.

Surveillance video from a nearby convenience store taken shortly before the shooting shows Brown as a towering muscled male stealing goods and then grabbing and violently shoving a store employee who tried to question him.

The actual images of Brown on the video surely do not bring to mind a harmless teen.

We don’t yet know exactly what happened minutes later when Police Officer Darren Wilson encountered Brown and a companion walking down the middle of a street.

Brown’s companion, Dorian Johnson, who had been with Brown during the earlier strong-arm robbery, told his version of what took place on St. Louis TV station KSDK on Aug. 13.

Wilson’s arm, Johnson said, “extended out the window [and] grabbed my friend around the neck.

[Wilson] didn’t say ‘step back’ or anything like that. He started to pull my friend into the window. So the officer’s trying to pull him in, and he’s pulling away from the officer. He never once attempted to grab for this officer’s weapon. He’s still holding my friend with one arm.

“And now, with the other hand, he’s pointing his weapon. The second time he says ‘I’ll shoot,’ it wasn’t even a second later before the gun just went off, and the officer let go, and that’s how we were able to run at the same time.”

But is Johnson’s version of events plausible?

Not even slightly. This brazen lie doesn’t pass the laugh test. As Chavez notes, the worthless thug Brown outweighed the cop by at least a hundred pounds; the video of Brown strongarming the store owner reveals him not as the “gentle giant” of Lefty myth but as violent, aggressive, and perfectly willing to use his extraordinary size as a license to take whatever he wanted via intimidation–the very definition of “thug.” The notion of Wilson reaching out the window from a seated position and working his will on Brown with one arm is utterly ludicrous.

The principal witness for the “liberal” position is a liar. His story is not remotely credible in at least this one detail, and likely in all the others too. He is a self-serving liar trying to cover his own ass and deflect the consequences of his own criminal behavior. Plain and simple.

Imagine my surprise. Gee, whodathunkit?

It’s looking more and more as if Wilson’s shooting Brown was perfectly justifiable self-defense against someone he otherwise didn’t stand much of a chance with. Given the entitled, amoral mindset demonstrated in the robbery video plus Brown’s clear willingness to use his size as a weapon against anyone–even an on-duty, uniformed cop with backup presumably only a radio call away–who stood in the way of his least desire, it was only a matter of time before he killed some innocent person in the course of mugging or otherwise manhandling or mistreating him or her. As such, I can only say that, far from considering it any kind of “tragedy,” I’m glad the overlarge hill of dung is dead.

No, nobody deserves to die for stealing some cigars, or for jaywalking. Nor does anyone deserve to die for being disrespectful to or even defiant of a cop. Brown didn’t die for any of those reasons: he died because he assaulted and tried to disarm one. In such a circumstance–one that he himself created–Brown had no right whatever to expect different, any more than you or I would. He was subjecting both the cop and himself to the law of the jungle–survival by brute force and strength, with no reference to morality, legality, decency, or “right”–and miscalculated the likelihood of his coming out on top. He wasn’t quite as quick or as strong as he thought. Tough shit for him. Live by it, die by it.

None of which is going to save Wilson–or justice itself–from the full frontal onslaught of Progressivist vigilantism masquerading as a “fair trial,” of course. Anyone who thinks a race-baiting, self-proclaimed “proud activist” with as profound a misconception of his job as Holder bears is in Ferguson to do anything other than fan those flames and see to the ultimate derailing of justice and due process is fooling themselves.

Looking at the big picture, the Left’s argument–here as elsewhere–is not with this or that individual, organization, or opinion, but with reality itself. Also as usual, the Left is waging war while the rest of us fret about being uncivil to them and waste effort pedantically arguing over this or that minor detail in their latest legislative or administrative affront to the Constitution. As I said yesterday: let Ferguson burn, and the rest of their twisted, depraved version of America right along with it. Meanwhile, let’s all keep our powder dry, our batteries charged, and our mags loaded. There’s more battles a-coming–bigger ones, at that. They won’t have it any other way.


1 thought on “Do you know bullshit when you see it?

  1. Hi Cold Fury!

    You are SO RIGHT! But what do you do when many of your own friends/family are with the “liberal-progs-dems”? And they refuse to consider the bigger picture, spewing forth the same knee-jerk jargon??

    I’ll be tweetin’ this — thank you for posting!

    Lisa – @GlobalTwitizen

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