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The masks–and gloves–are off

The irrelevancies and subterfuges are burning away, leaving us with the pure essence of what they truly are.

Andrew’s and Molly’s post reflecting the hysterical reaction on the Left to the Hobby Lobby decision makes for both entertaining and instructive reading. It’s entertaining because — regarding the issue they claim to care most about, access to contraceptives — the decision blocks exactly no one from obtaining the drugs they choose to purchase. There’s just slightly less free stuff on the market. This is hardly Handmaid’s Tale territory.

It’s instructive because it demonstrates the extent to which the Left is emotionally and ideologically committed to the power of the regulatory state. For some time, the Left has been selling the public and the courts on the notion that somehow the act of forming a corporation and opening for business operates as an effective waiver of your most basic liberties, including free speech, free exercise of religion, and virtually the entire panoply of property rights. In effect, your business is not “your” business at all, but instead all aspects of its operations exist at the whim of the state, and if the state wants to draft you into its child-killing abortion crusade — or wants to muzzle you during political campaigns – then you best salute and fall in line.

True–and revealingly so. But French can’t close the deal. Ace gets closer, but he’s not quite there yet either.

It occurs to me that the Left is attempting to create a system wherein there are two different classes of citizenship, one fully possessed of its right to speak and act politically, the other whose rights in this regard are sharply curtailed.

That’s obvious, that’s not the interesting part.

Here’s the interesting part, I think: The Left, were it to have its way, would forbid anyone who is not primarily in the business of politics (or working for the government or university) from exercising their full political rights.

If you work in any other industry, your rights are substantially reduced.

True enough also, but not quite complete. The Left, were it to have its way, would forbid anyone who is not a leftist from etc.

Here’s the real deal in full and without any sugarcoating: they’re fucking fascists. The system they’re trying to create is–ta da!–purely, simply, and wholly fascist. The only thing missing is the rampant nationalism, and that’s only a feature of one particular strain of the loathsome beast anyway.

Under fascism, business and industry are nominally privately held but are severely–very nearly completely–ruled by an all-powerful State. Corporations must conduct their activities exactly in accordance with the regulations issued by the State, with absolutely no right to deviate from its edicts and micromanagement. The economy itself is under strict central control; individual dissent is likewise suppressed.

The fascist nation is usually ruled by a charismatic leader with absolute dictatorial power. A pretense to democracy is sometimes half-heartedly maintained, but its elections are a sham, resulting in no meaningful change to the ruling apparat. Its domestic police forces are militarized and exercise their authority with only cursory restraint; their relationship to the citizenry they supposedly serve is adversarial, when it’s not outright hostile. Any of this beginning to sound familiar at all?

The New Amerika the Left is so mulishly a-building for us (America “fundamentally transformed,” as I believe somebody or other said a couple or three times) is a fascist tyranny. It is only a gossamer-thin tissue of deception away from open communism; it is antithetical, inimical, and irreconcilable to and with the government envisioned and set up by our Founders.

And you can just stop right there, because that’s the whole damned story; no further explication, excuses, or rationalization are necessary. The American Left is fascist in tooth and claw, to pervert a good old phrase a bit. That’s really all there is to it.

Oh, and lest we forget: deceitful, hysterical propaganda deployed in the early stages of the establishment of the fascist state to gin up frenzied hatred helpful to the cause is an essential part of the process.


8 thoughts on “The masks–and gloves–are off

  1. RE: They’re fascists: “Under fascism, business and industry are nominally privately held but are severely–very nearly completely–ruled by an all-powerful State. Corporations must conduct their activities exactly in accordance with the regulations issued by the State, with absolutely no right to deviate from its edicts and micromanagement. The economy itself is under strict central control; individual dissent is likewise suppressed.”
    Totally. 100%. Correct.

    And this is a critical distinction to make. President Obama and his minions are not a socialists; they are fascists.

    And when you discuss this with liberals, it’s great. They are prepared to defend socialism. They are comfortable with socialism. But when you call their policies fascist, they go nuts.

  2. You’re making a false distinction. Fascism is Socialism. At least one form of socialism. Same for Communism. Same for the French Revolutionaries. The same for Marxists. All variations on Collectivist rather than Individualist theories.

    The main point is that socialism, wherever it has been tried, has always devolved into tyranny and eventually war and destruction. It has to be that way. Read Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. In a nutshell, it has to end that way. Because central control of a system as complex as any human society requires 100% cooperation within that system. When have we ever been able to get any significant group of humans to agree 100% on how society should be run, what each individual has to do and how each individual is to act when it is dictated to them by someone else, often someone they don’t even know and who doesn’t know them? How does one get 100% cooperation other than tyranny? How does one maintain power and control when their ideas turn out to be wrong and detrimental to society as a whole and it becomes apparent they are wrong, other than further and further descents into tyranny? Their inclination is to double down on stupid but the more they do that the more people wake up and stop cooperating. The less people cooperate the more they must be forced to cooperate.

    Until it all collapses. Either internal collapse like the Soviet Union or external total defeat like Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

    btw I think Obama is a Commie, not a Fascist. However, according to Marxism there is a transition from Industrial Capitalism before “Pure” Communism can be achieved. Many Marxists have posited that the transition best comes in the form of Fascism and naturally evolves towards Communism. He may embrace Fascism as a transitional device before Cloward-Piven and Alinskyite tactics can finish the job.

  3. Oxford dictionary defines fascism in right wing paradigms. Interesting.

    Fascist regimes right wing? Hardly. Good try, Oxford.

  4. Minimum social-cost solution, extrapolating from John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences” :

    Older people have little to lose by being the individuals who do the assassinations of bad guys. This is a John Wayne solution : individual identification of the local problem and individual action to solve it.

    Nobody should suicide without taking a bad guy along with them.

  5. All forms of government based on coercion end in tyranny due to the dynamics of coercive government :

    Just as our drone programs create enemies faster than it kills them, gov coercion generates opposition out of proportion to its usefulness. That is because we humans remember ‘you hurt me’ so very well.

    Thus, at every level of gov’s growth from small and constrained to near-complete-tyranny we have today, the gov has to increase coercive power in order to govern.

    Coercion is the problem Every increase in civilization has happened after arbitrary coercive power was reduced, individuals had a bigger scope of action to achieve their goals.

  6. “Of what importance is all that, if I range men firmly within a discipline they cannot escape? Let them own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the Party, is supreme over them regardless of whether they are owners or workers. All that is unessential; our socialism goes far deeper. It establishes a relationship of the individual to the State, the national community. Why need we trouble to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings.”

    A. Hitler

  7. “Fascism” is just a word. What that word describes is communist tyranny. Tyranny is communist. Communism is tyranny.

    There are two forms of equilibrium: stable and unstable. (Google images of “equilibrium stable unstable” to see them graphically) Tyranny is a stable equilibrium (the “ball in the valley”). Freedom is an unstable equilibrium (the “ball on the hill top”). There are two ways to get from the unstable equilibrium of freedom to the stable equilibrium of tyranny: the slippery slope of socialism, and the cliff of collapse/anarchy/war. It is much harder to achieve the unstable equilibrium of freedom from a starting stable equilibrium of tyranny. And, there is only one means of achieving this unstable equilibrium, that being war.

    The unstable equilibrium of freedom must be constantly maintained by extraordinary effort against the natural tendencies of governments, societies, and men to gravitate toward tyranny. That extraordinary effort to maintain the unstable equilibrium of freedom has been called “eternal vigilance” ( …. oops!). Without that effort to maintain freedom, equilibrium ceases; and the long slide (or “march”) down the slope called “socialism” begins at the slightest nudge. Once beyond some critical point, it becomes nearly impossible to stop the slide, reverse course, and re-establish the unstable equilibrium of freedom, and the down-slope journey through socialism to communist tyranny accelerates.

    “Socialism” is not a steady state. There is no equilibrium point where “socialism” exists. What there are are nations in various stages of their slide toward communist tyranny. Some where the slope is so gradual that it appears to have reached a constant state.

    Communist tyranny can be shaken out of equilibrium; but, only by most extreme effort … and war. There is no slope upwards. Society must be lifted as a whole by the victors, in the aftermath of war, and set back on the “hill-top” in the unstable equilibrium of real liberty. This has happened only once. It lasted 200+ years by some estimates. More realistic estimates place it at about 14 years or so.

    Words have meanings. But, not all meanings (i.e., definitions) reflect something that is real. There is no concrete thing in the world that is “fascism”. The reality that the word is sometimes applied to is a communist tyranny. To suggest that things (businesses, industries, etc) are “owned” privately but controlled by the State is to misunderstand what “ownership” is. What property is. What you own, you control — either by exclusive physical control, or by the operation of law within a society bound by the Rule of Law. What you control — either legally or physically — you own.

    In short, “fascism” as often defined is not merely a distinction without a difference; it’s not even a distinction. Fascism does not exist. Its definition is self-contradictory and meaningless as it requires that “ownership”, “property”, and “control” all have definitions found in no dictionary and reflected nowhere in reality.

    More to the point, a “fasces” (the symbol of the Roman Legions) is a bundle of sticks bound together … individually the sticks are weak; but bound strongly and inseparably, they are strong collectively. In other words collectivism/communalism/communism.

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