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“I don’t even want to be here. Do you think my grandfather’s proud of me? You think I like this? You think this is fun for me?”

Without doubt the question of the century in the Era of Amerikan Imperial Fascism. Responses to each statement, in order: Then leave. If he is, he’s a piece of shit too. I should hope you don’t. And: Then why the fuck don’t you go try to find useful, honest employment someplace else, instead of acting as the lowest-order enforcement arm of the very Devil himself?

Thanks to Backwoods Engineer for the link. These guys should be asking themselves these questions as well:

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. –  “They’re spending us to death,” said landowner Andy Barrie.

He is not talking about property taxes, inflation or even the cost of skiing in glitzy ski country. Rather, he’s talking about the legal fight he and his wife have been waging to save their pristine piece of mountain property — with breathtaking views of Colorado’s high country — from being taken over by the county through eminent domain. 

Their battle is a unique test of private property rights. Unlike in countless other cases, where local governments have used those powers to seize land to make way for a road or some economic development project, Colorado’s Summit County is using eminent domain to go after the Barries’ land simply because officials want the open space.

The couple’s trouble started when the U.S. Forest Service took them to task for using a utility vehicle to drive from their main residence to their cabin. They say they never went off-road, and petitioned for the path to be declared a county road.

The county, though, responded by trying to buy the Barries’ higher-elevation property in order to protect and preserve it as open space. The Barries, who never had any plans to develop it, did not want to sell.

That’s when the county pulled their trump card.

Unbeknownst to the Barries, the previous owner had remodeled the cabin without permits. So Summit County commissioners voted to condemn the property for wiring and plumbing (even though the cabin has none) and filed for eminent domain. 

Just in case you thought our problems were entirely or even mostly a federal matter: they’re not. These cases–and they are legion–lift the veil on what government at all levels really is: coercion and theft. That’s merely one reason why, necessary as government admittedly is, it should always be kept in check, under close scrutiny, and limited in size and scope. Jeff adds:

Yesterday, when Obama spoke about the “cynical” people who wish to constrain government and halt “change” — all while alluding tacitly to the constraining documents themselves, the Constitution and Declaration in particular — what he was saying is that “progress” is only available through “change,” and “change” is only available to us through the expansion of government and its oversight of our lives and checks on our behavior and individual liberties.

This attempt by government to take a family’s legally purchased private property, using some of the numerous regulations they pass in order to pull out some available rationale for their confiscatory and predatory behavior, shows exactly why we no longer live in a representative republic and why, in fact, we live in a kind of quiet police state, run by federal bureaucracies who, more and more, are armed.

Yeah, well, they’re less and less quiet about it these days, assuming as they do that with the “election” of a heavy-handed liberal-fascist as Imperial pResident twice in a row (and soon to be three, with Hillary’s coming ascension to the DC throne), we’ve accepted the bit and they are now fully and firmly in charge.

I repeat: the problem isn’t just federal. It’s the very nature of government itself, and particularly of the people attracted to it as a permanent occupation. And as the Founders warned us over and over again, it’s eternal.


1 thought on ““I don’t even want to be here. Do you think my grandfather’s proud of me? You think I like this? You think this is fun for me?”

  1. Those county commissars are lucky that Mr. Barrie isn’t an old man with terminal cancer and only a short time left…

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