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Destroy the bitch

Just kidding. People, you all know I’m a peaceable, conciliatory type. I would never advocate harassing this arrogant shrew to within an inch of her miserable life, making her completely uncomfortable and even afraid in her own home, trembling at the mere prospect of leaving the premises or turning on her computer as a consequence of her outrage against all decency.

I wouldn’t suggest that people call her at all hours, or hold screaming protests on her front lawn complete with bullhorns and windbreaker-clad thugs skulking about and issuing threats against her spouse and children. I wouldn’t call for additional harassment of her despicable employer in hopes of getting her fired. Nor would I wish to see her every waking moment turned into a living nightmare from which there is no awakening.

Those are the tactics of the Left, and we are better than they are. Although how we ever hope to prevail over slimeballs with no consciences, no remorse, no decency, no integrity, and no shame, for whom no holds are barred–while ourselves adhering strictly to a genteel code that belongs to another, better era–is beyond me.

But. No. I ain’t that guy. I therefore present this link purely for informational purposes, as I’m sure CynDee (eyeroll) did with her original article, with no intent to intimidate or inconvenience. I do, however, reserve the right to express my own personal opinion of her, and to clearly state my wish for her future:

Burn in hell, you abominable shrike.


2 thoughts on “Destroy the bitch

  1. You are absolutely right. All I can as for a liberal hater is that her career is shattered and cozy, upper-crust life as she knew it turned into social-rubble.

    She put countless people at risk, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Hopefully her kids get a lesson in common sense and 2nd amendment rights – doubtful with such a fool for a mother.

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