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The CEO of IBM offered the Obama administration a free software program that would have cut Medicare and Medicaid fraud by almost a trillion dollars, but he was turned down – twice.

“We could have improved the quality and reduced the cost of the healthcare system by $900 billion…I said we would do it for free to prove that it works. They turned us down,” IBM chairman and CEO  Samuel Palmisano said during a Sept. 14, 2010 taping of the Wall Street Journal’s Viewpoints program. 

FOX News confirmed that a second meeting between Palmisano and Obama administration officials yielded the same result: “No thanks!” – even though the proffered “fix” would have eliminated 90 percent of the nation’s health care deficit – and cost taxpayers nothing (if) it didn’t perform as guaranteed.

Yet Medicare/Medicaid fraud is still rampant. According to the Manhattan Institute’s Steven Malanga, “abuses of Medicaid (alone) eat up at least 10 percent of the program’s total cost nationwide — a waste of $30 billion a year. Unscrupulous doctors billing for over 24 hours per day of procedures, phony companies invoicing for phantom services, pharmacists filling prescriptions for dead patients, home health-care companies demanding payment for treating clients actually in the hospital — on and on the rip-offs go.”

It’s not a bug — it’s a feature. And why would anyone think that a man-child like Ogabe who believes the Almighty State is the fount of all wisdom and the solution to all problems bother with anything someone from the evil private sector might have to say, anyway?

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6 thoughts on “Pragmatism!

  1. What a surprise. The mugabe regime does not want to crack down on its core constituents.

  2. Actually, this a GREAT “Compare and Contrast” moment.

    Business “We have a problem that’s costing us a ton of money. Get it fixed. Now.”
    Government “We have a process that must be followed. That is the top priority, not solutions.”

  3. I actually would have worked on this project. The IBM software doesn’t do what he claims it does. Nobody has gotten a system to work at better than coin flip 50/50 right/wrong accuracy yet, despite what he says.

  4. @Dan

    The IBM software doesn’t do what he claims it does.

    Nor are we told how much implementation or support would have cost, nor whether a comparable open source system was being evaluated. Doubtful too, whether a software solution would have helped when the fraud is often committed by private health insurers themselves.

    Mere details of course, since the important point is obviously that Obama is a communo-fascist, afro-muslim lunatic dictator, whether or not he was personally involved in the decision.

  5. I was only saying the problem is intractable for a computer. Quite frankly, I’m a fan of vouchers if anything at all.

  6. And of course Dan and Ayn are what they claim they are, which is computer experts. Defined as ex = has-been and spurt = drips under pressure.

    How about this, guys: why not call the bluff? Dude’s just laid down one hell of a public marker. Take him up on it. If nothing else, the government would have all kinds of justification to never place another contract with IBM again.

    But your boy-king couldn’t risk it. Because that private sector guy could just succeed where the bureaucrats with an interest in passing out as much looted cash as possible failed.

    Now slither along, Copperheads. Before we break out the snakeshot.

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