Don’t forget Earth Hour

March 25th, 2011

We’ll be turning on every electrical appliance we possibly can to celebrate it at my house.

One of the great intellectual conflicts of the early part of the 21st century concerns the role of man here on planet Earth. Some, like the followers of Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich–author of The Population Bomb–hold that mankind’s role boils down to that of exploiter of the Earth’s resources and despoiler of its natural beauty.

This view, widely accepted in western political, cultural, and academic circles, is most commonly expressed by the so-called environmental movement in proposals that are antitechnology, antiprogress and, if fully implemented, will lead to a reduced standard of living in the developed world.

It is an antihuman, antihumanist view, one that decries human achievement rather than celebrating it. And those who believe this way are once again calling on people to turn off their lights in observance of “Earth Hour” on March 26.

“The result of the environmental movement is a limitation on our ability to create the future wave of technologies and a hindrance on our ability to produce the current products that benefit or everyday lives.”

“You can sit in the dark and join them or you can join people around the world who plan to leave their lights on, affirming their appreciation for human inventions like electricity, indoor plumbing, mass food production, heat, transportation, and computers,” CEI says, asking people to–through their actions–cast a vote “against environmental alarmism” and in favor of “human achievement.”

Fuck the neo-Luddite baglappers in the liver with a rusty railroad spike dipped in arsenic and alcohol. They can take their ass-backwards religion and jam it sideways till their eyes bulge and their colons rupture. That’s all I really have to say about that, and all that needs to be said.

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