Ya Think So Do Ya?

I’m thinkin’ maybe not.

Fuckin’ cocksuckers.

They gotta have you under their microscope at all times.

So if you are on your phone already you gotta jump through some other fucking hoop for the bastards too.

Fuck you assholes.

I have literally had that Gmail account for over fifteen years.

You got any idea how many fucking accounts that I have over the last fifteen years that use that email address?

I have no clue but it has to be in the hundreds,

Shit I completely forgot about over a decade ago by now.

Say Goodbye Google.

And kiss my ass you control freaks.

I’ll be setting up another email account. As a matter of fact, I already have one that I was using as a burner account but it’s been exposed now so I might as well throw it into the mix.


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  1. Ping from TechieDude:
    Oh for chrissake, don’t be such a luddite. You should have been using two factor authentication all along. Get a skype account and use that number. That’s what I’ve done in the past. If their app is on your mobile they already have your digits.

    That said, I bounced google long ago. It’s not the two factor authentication, it’s that they have your whole digital world there in their sticky fingers.

    Get a protonmail account, and switch personal email over to that.

    Before getting rid of it try to find any business you’ve used that email for. It can be tough to reset a login when the email address is gone.

  2. Ping from SiG:
    I haven’t gotten any notice of 2-step verification from Google.

    For Gmail or any service.

    The only thing I knowingly use Google for is the blog and its Gmail account.  Yeah, I know they put trackers pretty much everywhere to watch us.  All the better to sell your info to advertisers.



  3. Ping from arc:
    Aye, I use 2FA for near everything and it helps keep script kiddies at bay. I have been moving my email over to my personal domain though, keeps it out of the evil company hands; although I’m sure all big tech traitors pad each others data.

  4. Ping from Kid:
    I hate being pushed around too, but I do like 2 step for the important stuff and I consider email one of the most important.  If they get that, they change passwd and lock you out, then if they get into your other stuff, you can’t get into your email to see those messages you get like ‘Your password has changed on your blabla account, if this wasn’t you, contact us right away bla’.

    My email did get hacked once.  I think I did something stupid and logged in on a public wifi once.  Anyway, I’m sitting at my desk one day not logging into anything and I get a 6 digit code on my phone to complete the login that I was Not in the process of.  Saved my ass.  I then did log in and changed my password and have never used public wifi for anything since.  Public wifi sucks anwyay.

  5. Ping from jed:
    I don’t defend Google at all, in fact I despise them. But the 2FA push isn’t coming from just them, and it’s going to be showing up in more and more places, and I think eventually it won’t be optional in very many, if at all.

    I haven’t any idea why TechieDude thinks using a Skype account as the recipient for 2FA messages is an improvement over using your vanilla Android phone services. BTW, now, even “dumb” phones are running Android, so there’s no haven there. Possibly, you could have the Skype program running on your home PC, and thus avoid a notification on your phone, but if you’re logging on to your Google account, you probably aren’t in the middle of a phone call.

    I haven’t enabled 2FA anywhere yet, but I also take a lot of other privacy measures. If you aren’t going to spend a bunch of time on things such as complex passphrases, compartmentalization, etc. (big subject matter there) then 2FA is a line of cyber defense that doesn’t take much to set up. Sure, it’s an inconvenience, but small in comparison to an account hijack.

    I’m not a fan of 2FA, but I also don’t have any good answers to the problems of account security, given the issues involved with the internet as we currently know it. Security requires identification and authentication, and there’s no way around that. Of course, that all goes out the window if you’re an activist trying to communicate without being noticed by the oppressive regime, but that’s yet another topic. Doesn’t apply to you Phil. In the immortal words of Larry Arnold, “There’s only one list, and you’re on it.”

  6. Ping from jed:
    Oh, BTW, using a Skype account on your PC to get the 2FA code to log in to Google on the same PC undercuts the account protection afforded by 2FA. So again, I don’t what TechieDude is getting at there.

    Sometimes, Phil… choose your battles. I hate giving that advice in re. Google, but it’s pretty difficult to ditch them entirely. I don’t use Gmail. My Google account is used only for my Android phone to function. But ditching Gmail doesn’t disconnect you from that.

    I shouldn’t assume you have an Android phone, but I think you do.

    • Ping from TechieDude:
      It’s simply a throwaway number so they don’t have your actual digits.

      If memory serves any phone line will do.

    • Ping from TechieDude:
      Let me revise and extend my remarks.

      I use google for testing APIs with our software. That’s it. I have a google voice number with it that I use to give to people I don’t want to call me. I go in every month or so and delete all the spam calls. I use chrome as my ‘dirty’ browser – for interfacing with google for instance.

      I use protonmail for anything family and anything involving money.

      I have web services with my own domain that I use for everything else. I have an email there that I give out freely. And two alias addresses I  use for trivial stuff. When they get to messed up, I simply delete them and create another.

      The reason to use skype is it is not google or apple. It has a mobile app, so if you need to do 2fa you can do it on your phone. You give that number to those you do not want to give your real mobile number.

      It’s a simple concept, separate trivial from important. Diversify your identity.

      Never, ever use a free account for anything. the biggest headaches in my life are people that screech at me that they didn’t get group emails – I look into it and they bounced. They are always, always, free accounts usually hotmail or yahoo.

  7. Ping from Ygolonac:
    Kinda sucks for anyone without an actual cell phone, though. (Wifi tablet here. But there’s limits on what I can access that way – especially behind the Middlin’ Firewall at work.)

    And I’m not paying for a fucking cell phone that I’ve maybe had four times I might have needed it in the past year. I’ve got a fairly adequate landline at home via Comstar.. Crapcast.. Xfuckity quit changing your name and rebranding and spend the money on non-offshore call centers at least you fucks.

  8. Ping from jed:
    IIRC, 2FA will work on a POTS landline, if you have voicemail service. Still a PITA.

    The thing that’s irritating, as with so many other things, is that those of use who want to just do things the same way we’ve always done them are increasingly just left out.

  9. Ping from Igor:
    Ah, yes – free e-mail account(s).  Worth every penny…


    Bye-bye personal space!

  10. Ping from Jimbo:
    Move over to protonmail.com and scrap that shitty G-Mail.  I’ll be losing my current account when I move and turned to the high-security operation run by the Swiss atom smashers which I can access through a browser.  And it’s FREE!!  They also supposedly offer a free VPN (gotta look into that a little further). Works pretty well, still working on the little things but that’s coming along.

    • Ping from BusTed-Phil:

      I’ve had a Protonmail account for several years now and their Free VPN is kinda flakey because I’ve had it disconnect for no good reason exposing my real IP more than once.
      I suppose their paid version is of course much better.

      • Ping from B:
        THe paid version is great. Don’t be that cheap fer chrissakes $48 a year gets you the basic plan.

        Spend a few more dollars and get the paid Email as well.


        If it is free, yer the product.

        • Ping from Phil:
          Actually I did finally break down and pay for the upgrade. I was getting a couple of hundred emails a day there for a while and the free version only displays about twenty before you have to start deleting shit so you can see more.

  11. Ping from LB:
    When USAA automatically updated our logins to 2FA, they did give us the option to change it back.  Which I did.  Don’t do me “favors” without asking me first, people!

  12. Ping from TRX:
    I had a personal and a business account at GMail. Several years ago I got locked out of both, because they insisted I “enable two-factor authentication.” Which they never actually explained, but in practice it turned out they meant “send a text message to a cellular phone.”

    Since I don’t have a cellular phone, that was the end of that.

    I’ve also been unable to access some web stores or register on online forums that demanded a cellular number to text to.

    Hell, I’ll give them the land line number if they want; it’s not my problem that it doesn’t know what a ‘text’ is.

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