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Bloggers go round in circles

First, JJ gets the train a-rolling with this, about drooling socialist shitwit and felonious Congresscritter Jamaal T’Qwon’ShiTaviousLa’VerlenDe’Etta Bowman:

In any case, what Bowman did was indeed the dictionary definition of what all of the innocent dupes who were caught up in the FBI/DOJ false flag sting operation on January 6th have been accused of – many of whom tried, convicted and sentenced to long stretches in federal prison. And what he did was worse as it could have led to actual physical harm. As opposed to the crime against humanity of walking around with a police escort dressed as Chief Wild Eagle or putting your feet up on Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s desk. The horror. The horror…

In a completely bizarre decision, Dem. Rep. Jamaal Bowman (NY) committed a misdemeanor and potential felony in order to stop the Constitutional function of government. I kid you not…

…We are talking breaking the law here, an act apparently performed with the goal of disrupting Constitutional congressional work. This is a Constitutional crisis because he intended to upend our Constitutional order and to topple our democracy. And stuff. Isn’t that how this works? I think so, according to the Democrats’ own rules, so this felony needs to be pursued and this man held accountable.

He won’t be held accountable, because Democrat. If he actually were held accountable, cities would burn.

Emphasis Bill’s, who responds thusly:

Wait. Is that supposed to be a threat? To me and the constitutionally governed republic I love? 

Let it burn. Let them burn. The cities are all nests of America-hating negroes, illegal aliens, organized criminals, white female supremacists, and low self-restraint barbarian savages too stupid, ignorant, and violent to see a problem with burning down their own homes, let alone our society, culture, and politics. Except for a small minority, it’s not really their society in the first place. They didn’t create it, and, in fact, seem barely to know it exists, even as they rampage through the smoking rubble of its destruction.

“Burn, baby, burn!” you threaten?

I say, fine. Let it burn. Since the American body politic seems unable to defeat the cancer eating away at its heart, perhaps stronger, more traditional cures are needed.

Seconded, with all my heart and soul. Every word he just said is true, albeit disheartening as all hell. Regardless of what sane, peaceable folks might prefer, all signs and portents indicate that the time for painful, unpleasant remedies is nigh upon us. Harsh reality will reassert itself, dream castles come crashing down. Fantasies and delusions will blow away like tiny shreds of Kleenex in a stiff wind.

Consider: Normals have been lied to, laughed at, swindled, double-crossed—their guileless trust weaponized against them; their intelligence insulted; their values and beliefs belittled. Their jobs have been outsourced to hostile nations. Their independence and freedom of movement have been slowly but steadily eroded, their businesses gratuitously destroyed, their very lives ruined, all in the name of a fraudulent climate “crisis” and a Plandemic hoax. Their children have been indoctrinated, sexualized, surgically mutilated, and taught to despise their loving parents—all while being somberly cautioned that they must never, ever mention to their parents what Teacher has been doing to them in school, mind.

They pay punitive taxes to a Superstate Leviathan that disburses those funds to feral inner-city “youths” who express their gratitude for such kindly largesse by robbing them, mugging them, hijacking their cars, invading their homes, raping their wives and/or daughters, and remorselessly murdering them for no more reason than that they think it’s “fun.” That same Leviathan-state—bloated yet never sated by a steady diet of extravagantly-usurious taxation, licensing fees, permits, and “service” charges—denounces its Normal benefactors, upon whom its very existence depends, as unevolved, bigoted, (victim of the week)-phobic, and reflexively violent. It vilifies them as an ever-present threat to all things officially deemed Good, Decent, and Acceptable—a threat that must be suppressed, exiled, incarcerated, and/or eliminated without delay.

The money Normals earn much too little of by the sweat of their brow—paid with fiat currency backed by nothing more substantive than hot air and the forked-tongue promises of politicians—has been devalued into virtual worthlessness thanks to systemic fiscal irresponsibility, staggeringly profligate spending, and just plain waste. Meanwhile, expenses for food, rent, fuel, and all consumer goods rocket into the ionosphere even while untold billions are shoveled to a corrupt and intractably mendacious foreign dictator—ostensibly to sustain a pointless proxy war FederalGovCo cannot win, waged against an army its own weakened, numerically dwindling, and poorly trained armed forces cannot defeat, but in reality a quid pro quo payoff to buy the bent dictator’s continued omertà on the topic of the Biden Crime Familia‘s chronic bribe-chasing and influence peddling, a scheme pulled off in quiet collusion with said dictator.

Normals live in a lawless society under an illegitimate occupation government, ceaselessly reviled by an amoral arts-entertainment/education/sports/journalism monolith which cordially loathes them and all that they stand for, cherish, or revere. Their generosity and good will are taken for granted; their faith in institutions and authorities betrayed; their best interests, opinions, and preferences ignored. Their patience, tolerance, and forbearance are assumed to be without limit. Because they’ve never yet risen in righteously-furious revolt to liberate themselves from such cancerous oppression, their oppressors have convinced themselves that they never will.

Yeah, if the “Biden” junta, its lackwit ghetto dupes, and sundry overprivileged, epicene, Wokester pseudo-“elites” really DO want a fight, just let ’em keep all this up. Should they carry on as they have been, I strongly suspect they just might get themselves one before too very much longer—all they wanted of one, plus.

Update! Almost forgot to include the inspiration for my post title, dang it. Ladies and germs, for your dining and dancing pleasure, allow me to present to you the one, the only, the incomparable BUDDY! MIIIILES! *insert wild, uproarious applause HERE*

FYI, that odd-looking, pint-sized keyboard-whatchamadingy Buddy blows his solo into around midway through is called a Clavietta Melodica. Reason I know this is my dad had one of ’em just like the one at this h’yar link. Man, I used to just love playing that little sucker when I was but a wee tot. I ain’t claiming I was actually any good at it, but when I was eight years old, I sure thought I was.


5 thoughts on “Bloggers go round in circles

  1. As I, and others, have said for years now, let them burn. Every damn shithole democrat run city can just burn to the ground. I would not piss on the damn place to put out the fire. Defund the police? Fine with me, lets just defund the “justice” system while we’re at it. Get rid of the judges and AG’s.

  2. Rep. Bowman is a Preferred Species, and as such cannot be touched.
    What he did now fully qualifies him to be the VP candidate for the Democrat party in 2024, with Michelle as President!

  3. Well damn, the things you learn reading here at CF. I have never even heard of a “Clavietta Melodica”*, at least not that I remember. Seems to be a neat little item.

    *no real surprise given my musical skill level being in negative territory

  4. That’s Billy Preston, not Buddy Miles. I know, they all look alike…..

    1. Heh. Yeah, I was just kidding around with that one, hence the big buildup before the vid. I’d just been listening to some Buddy Miles earlier, and the strong physical resemblance between the two–especially the classic 60s/70s Nee-grow coifs and cool threads, duuuuude–kinda struck me as funny. No racial slurs or anything intended (this time–AHEM), they’re both fine musicians and I love their stuff, which in the end is all that matters to me.

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