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The wheels grind inexorably on

I seriously doubt they have much if anything to worry about, but it’d be nice to think they’re right to be worried just the same.

BREAKING: Federal Law Enforcement Preparing for Mass Chaos With Potential Trump Indictment
Five senior officials have disclosed that local, state, and federal law enforcement and security agencies are getting ready for a potential indictment of former President Donald Trump as soon as next week. The agencies are in talks about potential security measures for the Manhattan Criminal Court and its surroundings, should Trump be charged in relation to a supposed hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels.

The magnitude of agencies involved includes the NYPD, New York State Court Officers, the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The scale of preparation highlights the gravity of the situation and the chaotic impact that an indictment could have on Trump’s 2024 campaign and legal future.

From a legal standpoint, an indictment would require Trump to mount a defense and could potentially result in a conviction and sentencing. The investigation into the alleged hush money payment has been ongoing for years, and an indictment would signal that prosecutors believe they have sufficient evidence to bring charges.

The preparations being made by law enforcement agencies suggest that they are taking the possibility of an indictment seriously. However, it is important to note that no charges have been filed yet, and the conversations and planning are currently precautionary in nature.

Trump, the dope, should’ve taken me up on what I’ve been suggesting since the fraudulent immaculation of “Joe Biden” as pRetend “pResident” in 2021, to wit:

  • Buy yourself a small, uninhabited island in the Caribbean someplace, assuming you don’t already own several
  • Lay undersea minefields around said island’s perimenter
  • Post a reinforced company of armed security—full combat loadout, to include SAW-gunners and grenades—on all beach approaches, with blanket lethal-force authorization should a single living soul so much as even look like they’re thinking about trying to wade ashore
  • Establish concealed .50 cal machine-gun emplacements and light-mortar positions well inshore, with interlocking fields of fire outside the shoreline, tasked with interdiction of attempted incursion via small boat and/or submarine, to be maintained at ready-5 alert status, deployable as and when
  • At least one (1) fully-qualified sniper team situated on whatever higher ground might be available? Gedouddaheah with your silly fookin’ questions, eedjit—of COURSE!!
  • Once total, unbreachable security has been ensured, put on the swim trunks and some sunscreen, drag out a comfy beach chair, and just lie back in the sun sipping on a frozen piña colada whilst enjoying the succulent view of your gorgeous, hot-ass wife frolicking happily in the surf wearing the skimpiest imaginable thong bikini. Or, better yet, nothing whatsoever.

Hey, beats rockin’ orange all hollow, every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Prithee tell, what sound-minded soul, be he ever so humble, could possibly blame Trump if he did? If it was me, I’da done it a looonnnnng damned time ago—in fact, I’da had my bags pre-packed and skedaddled for Andrews the moment “Deep State” Pence stabbed the whole country in the back, fiercely buggered Real Americans without the courtesy of either lube or a reach-around, wantonly defied the very concept of “consent of the governed,” and shat all over his sworn oath to the Constitution.

On TeeWee, no less, right out in front of God and everybody, the shameless, despicable fucksicle.

Even if they don’t manage to get Trump thrown in the jug this go-round, The Power at all levels will assuredly be persecuting him for the rest of his days, if only to make an example of him pour discourager les autres. And that’s provided they don’t just have him assassinated outright, something I’ve been expecting with dread since his unlooked-for victory over “Cankles” Clinton (a/k/a She Who Will NEVER Be President™) in 2016.

Trump’s impertubable but misguided faith in the US, its people, and its rotten-to-the-core institutions—the “justice” system most especially—is gonna be the undoing of the poor man. In fact, it already was, and he just doesn’t seem to realize it quite yet. Or can’t admit it to himself, maybe. Somebody close to him needs to whisper in his ear that the country he harbors such strong patriotic sentiment for went tits-up and extinct a goodish while back.

I’d love to be proved wrong— that, following Trump’s indictment, show trial, conviction, and perp-walk out of the kangaroo-courtroom, the ensuing retaliatory uprising would be swift, sweeping, and utterly merciless. I’d love to be, but I can’t say I think it at all likely. We Duh Sheepul, even the most zealous of OnlyTrump partisans, have been all-too-thoroughly cowed at this late date. If that wasn’t so, a righteously furious horde of Real Americans would have descended on DC to spring the unjustly-Gulagged J6 dissidents from their durance vile already.

It’s often been said, regarding the slim-to-none chances of honest-to-God rebellion and revolt against burgeoning FederalGovCo tyranny, that nobody wants to be the first to die. Nor is there any discernible interest out there in becoming a martyr for a doomed-in-advance Lost Cause, let alone for any specific individual. With Trump Fatigue settling in upon an increasing number of us, that would doubtless hold true even for The Donald himself.

Such reticence among a great preponderance of Normals may be thought of as ignoble, even downright dishonorable, particularly in comparison with the courageous, selfless sacrifices unflinchingly proffered by the sainted Founders we claim to reverence. That said, it’s by no means unreasonable, at least to a degree understandable, even. Although it does make for some mighty unpleasant contemplation of what it all bodes going forward—not just for President Trump, but for all of us.

17 thoughts on “The wheels grind inexorably on

  1. Who cares if he had sexual relations with any or all sorts of women ten times a night – all the more power to him. Let’s look at Jack Kennedy: Oh! that’s OK, he was a good-looking Democrat.
    Even better, let’s look at Barney Frank: Oh! that’s OK, he was a fat slob of a pedophile Democrat. Ugh! I wanna throw up.
    Even better n’ that. let’s hold a Stalin-era show trial for The Donald. Let’s make sure we have enough Fibbies around to stir up the crowd and call it “INSURRECTION” so TPTB can carry out warrentless arrests and imprison every person (age 6 and up) who’ve ever had a non-LBQwhatever thought.
    I regret to say we no longer have a country called the United States of America.

  2. Trump is an American and will continue to act like one. He is not afraid of the clowns. He will not abandon the country. Give him credit for that.

    I’ve been telling you the truth from day one, that the GOP had a plan and the plan was to have Trump indicted and then claim they cannot allow a man under indictment to run for the republican nomination. DeSantis was told this and is operating under the impression the decks will be cleared, which is why he had virtually nothing to say about the illegal FBI raid on Mar a Lago.

    I thought the GOP had come to it’s senses and abandoned that plan as it will be the end of the R party. We shall see soon enough.

  3. Indicting Trump would irrevocably and unquestionably confer full Chiquitastan status on the FUSA, coast-to-coast.
    While it wouldn’t set in motion armed actual insurrection, it would clear the decks and authorize it to a carte blanche, beyond question.
    It would also transition the current Red Pill into a suppository treatment for metric craptons of previously clueless Normies.

    At that point, don’t look for a mass uprising.
    But I suspect the numbers of public officials who might start dying of Sudden Lead Poisoning Syndrome would rival the current outbreak of Suddenly™ from Not-A-Vaxx.

    1. Not just those “public officials,” but those who OWN them as well!

  4. “Trump, who has 24-hour protection by the U.S. Secret Service, currently resides at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, which he rarely leaves.

    Under Florida law, the state’s governor is responsible for making sure a person in the state is arrested and delivered to another state if that person is indicted on a felony charge.

    However, Florida law also gives the governor the power to call for a further investigation before a defendant is extradited if that defendant refuses to comply with extradition.”

    So, DeSantis is going to be the one that decides what to do…

    I knew when I bought those popcorn futures it was going to pay off big.

  5. From Truth Social, President Trumps statement:



  6. Why do they fear him so much?

    He got trounced by Pure and Good Joseph Robinette Biden in 2020 and then Invoked an Insurrection on January 6, 2021. He obviously couldn’t win an Election for Dogcatcher these days. He’s just so unpopular! /s

    That was as hard to type with a straight face and without then getting livid as it must be for you guys to read it.

    1. Only absolute fools would put 500 live microphones in Trump’s face every day for months after any notional indictment, for $10B worth of free publicity. If they’d given him a free TV network as a gift, they couldn’t be any bigger morons.

      So we’ve established they’re probably going to turn up as absolute fools.
      Achievement Unlocked.

      This is lose-lose for them. YUUUUUUUUUGELY!!!!
      Either he shoots his mouth off Every. Single. Day. Coming, going, lunch breaks, pee breaks, to a man who’s never passed up a bank of microphones in his adult life, and is a master of the medium, while the whole world watches.
      Or the judge issues some asinine “gag order”, and President Trump forces them to literally physically put a gag on him, while the whole world watches the open descent to full-blown Banana Republic of Chiquitastan rules.
      Heads he wins, tails they lose.

      Like Mr. T said, “I pity the fools.

      1. Or a three week Kangaroo Court will convict him and the GOP keep him off the Primary Ballot.

        They are getting desperate here, as you say. I do think there’s a Plan. Just like as a last resort they had the Scamdemic and ScamElection ready to go.

        1. The GOPe/DeSantis* plan has been the same from 2020, indict and claim he is invalidated as a R candidate.**

          The silence from the GOP is telling ain’t it! Not a peep from Mr Florida! What a surprise!

          I’m guessing he’ll finally realize his ship is sinking and make a statement.

          *DeSantis is in on it, but only as the designated by the GOP deep state government man. He’s not smart enough to hatch this on his own.

          **While I’m certain it is “the plan”, I’m also pretty sure they have abandoned the part about keeping Trump off the ballot. The Trump base is unwavering, his support has been increasing, and keeping him off the ballot will be the death of the R party. I and most other Americans will never vote for another turncoat member of that party should they go through with the plan.

          1. I have a sneaking suspicion that the next time you go to the polls, you’ll be informed you “already voted”.

            And their selectee, once again, will win with 67% of the available votes, while the challenger will get the other 59%.

            Interesting times.

            1. They may inform me of such, but they will not be happy with the result.

              I realize they have a plan to cheat, and in presidential elections really only need to cheat in the states they own, all blue hive shit holes.

              We don’t have to allow it. Just shut it all down for a week and see what happens.

            1. Did he say that?

              Or did he post a picture of the Government Man at a party drinking with high school girls, his former students?

              Maybe it was this picture? I don’t see any wording such as “pedophile”? Maybe you’re just making shit up.

          2. I won’t put anything past them at this point.

            It is awfully hard to defend DeSantis at this point.

            Wrong Donors. Well, he has to get funding from somewhere and that’s going to be the GOPe machine as he’s opposing Trump.

            Government Man his whole Adult Life. Check.

            Comes out of nowhere as a two term House Rep to win the second largest GOP State in the Nation. Fishy. BTW just barely win because of a Trump endorsement.

            Not a peep about The Election Steal.
            Not a peep about the MAL raid.
            Not a peep about the J6 Political Prisoners.
            Not a peep about the Tucker tapes that shows J6 was a sham.
            Not a peep about any of the Twitter reveals.
            Has he said anything about the obvious Biteme Corruption in Ukraine, China and elsewhere?

            1. I just imagine that most of the sheeple reading your comment are in convulsions at the moment, or –

              they look like the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

              I get that someone young, like <21 wouldn’t understand how the game is played and might miss the obvious DeSantis deep state connections. But for those that have lived through the republican nominations of McCain and Romney, among others?

              For some, their hatred of Trump is so high that they would support the devil hisself. And yet they basically say they are for all the things Trump achieved… One wonders if their “conservative” declarations are complete lies?

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