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Why am I not suprised?

Nope, not even one little bit.

I’m also not even a tiny bit startled to find someone who not so very long ago was claiming to be cutting back on political commentary back at it full bore.

Ye gads. If principles were gasoline, some folks wouldn’t have enough to run an ant’s motorcycle halfway around a BB.


12 thoughts on “Why am I not suprised?

  1. At least I have guts to stand up for America. More than I can say for some Republicans nowdays.

    The JBS is not a Republican nor Democrat run Organization, nor is it Racist. As it has been smeared as by it’s detractors.

    Maybe if you’d look around at the site, instead of hurling out insults, maybe you’d know this.


  2. Right. Next time you see a Republican, why don’t you point this little screed their way, hmmm? In the meantime, since you’re addressing an Independent who finds all political parties repugnant and only votes Republican since they’re the least of all current evils, why not yank your head out before you speak?

    And you did promise to blog less about politics, you know. You’ve pretty thoroughly devalued your word, and what do you have left?

  3. I’m going to let those two comments stand, Chuck, just to let the whole world see exactly how much class you’ve got, and what a great Christian you are.

    What would Jesus do?

    Apparently Jesus would promise to stop blogging so much about politics, renege, become angry when called out on said renege, then insult the memory of Christina Hendrix, all the while making arguments of such spurious logic as to embarrass an elementary school student in language that a sailor would find crude, poorly crafted, and barely worthy of the appellation “profanity”.

    When he had any free time left from running a blog practically guaranteed to send any potential converts to Christianity running away as fast as humanly possible, that is.

    I think it’s time to adjust someone’s medication.

  4. I am bit confused, the folks over at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler Say this Adkins nut is a Lefty?
    However, here he is talking about the JBS that’s about as far from Lefty as you can get..

  5. He claims (like me, irony of ironies) to be an Independent leaning a bit right from center. And he does tend to scream incoherently at any and all sides of the political spectrum.

    So a bit of confusion on the part of the observer is certainly understandable.

  6. Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie…

    What an amazing guy you are…

    Someone is “critical” of someone you post with, and you insult and defame his departed wife…

    And everyone else but you is the badguy… I’m stunned, really.

    Chuckie, you didn’t just “make a fucking mistake”, you made the biggest fucking mistake since you dropped the hell out of high school and set up shop in your mother’s basement.

    I wouldn’t crap on you if you were on fire. I wouldn’t punch you if you asked me too – but only because I try to not get any “Completely-Fucking-Retarded” on my hands.

    Seriously dude… You pulled that audio why, because you didn’t think anyone would notice? That we wouldn’t find it comedy gold?

    That it wouldn’t be up on MULTIPLE sites already?

    Dude, just shut off your computers, and go away… Take up needle-point or something…

    Hell, go back to playing Magic: the Gathering. God knows you fit the profile…

  7. Chuck, 35 years ago I lost my mom in a medical crisis. I can’t fully know what Mike went through when he lost Chirstiana, but I do know in part. The best I can say about you is that your parents didn’t care. The worst I can say is that your parents cared, and you turned out this way deliberately.

  8. Chuckfuck,

    Maybe you should quit jerking off in yer mom’s basement, dust off yer 10 speed and drag it out of mom’s garage, replace and inflate the rubber, use it to get back and forth to a job until you’ve lost about 80 lbs and can afford a 1994 Ford Taurus and an apartment, then spend yer free time trying to find a young lady who will fall in love with you because you have a life.

    Then maybe, just maybe you will understand what it is to love someone, and what lengths you would go to to defend that person.

    In short, if nobody loves you, its yer own fucking fault. I just explained how, now go get a fucking life.

  9. It’s a shame Chucky’s mother wasn’t a fan of abortion 35 years ago. The world would be a better place without him stealing my oxygen.

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