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Now the Left is even ruining milkshakes by politicizing them.

In the grand tradition of primates tossing feces at perceived rivals, leftists in the UK have lately taken to throwing milkshakes at right-leaning figures they hyperbolically refer to as fascists. And as with the multifarious nasty things that they do, they justify it in the name of some “greater good” that they are comically incapable of quantifying or even articulating.

Once again we see the absurd and grating tendency of leftists to justify physical assault based on the warped notion that certain ideas inevitably lead to…well…physical assault.

The trend apparently began early in May when Danyal Mahmud, a 23-year-old Muslim living in England, threw a milkshake in the face of anti-Islamist agitator Tommy Robinson, who was born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. By Mahmud’s own admission, he had joined a group of leftist protesters in taunting Robinson by chanting that he was “scum”—again, leftists see nothing wrong with dehumanizing others based on the premise that the people they are dehumanizing deserve it because they, um, dehumanize others—before Robinson and some cohorts came over to have a little chat about the prevalence of Muslim grooming gangs in England. Mahmud apparently couldn’t handle the discussion and dumped his shake on Robinson’s head, which immediately led to Mahmud receiving a beating.

Just like a woman who hits her partner and then claims victimhood when he hits back, the man who called Robinson “scum” and assaulted him with a milkshake is now whining that he feels under threat:

I’m a low-key person, I didn’t anticipate this publicity and I don’t want it—I’m getting death threats on social media and I am worried about me and my family being targeted.

Well, good. I’m happy to hear it. Somebody oughta doxx his ass for good measure, pour encourager les autres.

Well, maybe you shouldn’t have targeted him by calling him “scum” and pouring a milkshake over his head, no? (I realize the question is an exercise in futility, because by definition, ideologues are blind to their own hypocrisy.)

Typical mewling, pussified Lefty scum: commit violent assault, then whine like a little bitch when some splashes back on ’em—in this case, literally.

Unless you count the scene in the 1971 film Billy Jack where the local rednecks pour flour over a Native American girl’s head to make her white, I can’t recall the last time an alleged “right-winger” decided to throw food on someone as an act of political protest. And in the film, the rednecks get their brains beaten out by Billy Jack—and it’s considered a perfectly righteous thing to do. And, mind you, this was a movie.

Yet for most of my life I’ve witnessed leftists throw eggs and glitter and pies and shoes at people they consider unacceptably “right-wing.” One thing the leftist press neglected to mention about all those “peaceful anti-racist protesters” in Charlottesville is that they threw urine-and-feces-filled balloons at their perceived ideological opponents and justified it because that’s just what you do to “Nazis.” And though these types would likely cheer the scene where Billy Jack stomps the rednecks into the ground, it never seems to occur to them that they might be begging for a similar ass-whipping.

And if we ever hope to check their ever-escalating violence against us, they need to get those ass-whuppin’s, too. Otherwise, this:

Milkshaking apologists have also scoffed at the idea that this is a slippery slope and that if we justify tossing milkshakes, soon we’ll justify throwing bricks. Sorry, but this has already happened: Muslim activists recently threw bricks at supporters of Tommy Robinson, while an English woman said that Nigel Farage should have acid lobbed in his face. And just as Burger King appeared to suggest that they supported milkshaking, a British beer manufacturer recently said that its clients shouldn’t waste their beer on “fascists” and should instead clobber them with bricks.

And the modern left is so predictable, we all know that even after 100,000 milkshakings, if one intrepid “right-winger” were to respond by knocking out someone’s teeth, this would be all the evidence the left would need to “prove” that the right wing is violent and needs to be exterminated.

Meh, let ’em bawl. They’re becoming more and more up-front about wishing to exterminate us anyway, and like every Leftist regime in history has, they’ll do it if this crap isn’t nipped in the bud sharpish. Like it or not, those teeth need to be knocked out—and more than just a single instance of it, too—simply as a matter of self-preservation. In fact, I’d say preemptively breaking the jaw of any Leftist who gets within twenty feet of you with a milkshake in his hand is no more than sensible. Better make it thirty if Proggie is toting a brick. Better safe than sorry, right?


5 thoughts on “Milkshaking

  1. Sooner or later there WILL be an acid attack, with said acid disguised as a milkshake.

    Sooner or later a Leftist throwing a brick will do permanent damage to someone.

    And then everyone on the Right will be 100% justified in giving ANTIFA etc. high velocity lead poisoning if they get within 30 feet. Pre-emptively.

  2. If they can get close enough to milkshake someone, they’re way too close. In fact, it’s kind of a wakeup call – a practice run – done with a harmless substance this time. Next time what will it be?

    1. Agreed – ALL of the ‘civil disobedience’ (mostly criminal activity) that the left has been indulging in for literally decades now but especially recently HAVE been both practice runs and overt attempts to see how far they can push the envelope without getting blow-back, from authorities and the victims. Every time they get away with something they KNOW that they can continue at least that far.
      Fortunately the dingbat that ‘milk shaked’ Rep. Gaetz in Florida the other day got arrested. The victims need to quit playing Mr. Nice Guy and refusing to have their assailants suffer the consequences of those illegal acts.

  3. Yup.

    When you have to result to violence and deplatforming due to speech you don’t like, you’re admitting you’ve lost the emotional and logical battle.

    That’s why you make it physical or shut down the discussion.

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