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Dominance and submission

Even as the parent of a daughter who will most likely end up confronting this nonsense sooner or later, I still can’t help but enjoy how end-stage “feminism” and chaotic, anti-science Leftard gender fuckwittery have been crushed under the weight of their own contradictions.

U.S.—Declaring that “the future is female” and that they would “no longer bow to toxic male faux-dominance,” Americans on the left of the political spectrum solemnly vowed Saturday to topple the Patriarchy once and for all by allowing biological males to dominate all women’s sports.

“The Patriarchy needs to be smashed, women need to be empowered, and men who identify as women need to be active in women’s contact sports!” one Portland LGBT activist told reporters. “Once every single female sport in America is utterly dominated by biological males who identify as women, the criminal hierarchy of men utterly dominating all aspects of life will be broken—this is not hard!”

“Not allowing men who identify as women to participate in women’s sports is patriarchal oppression, and probably transphobic, or maybe sexist, we think?” she added sternly.

Questioned about CeCe Telfer—formerly Craig Telfer—the biologically male NCAA runner who went from a ranking of 390th to becoming national champion in one year after identifying as transgender and switching from competing against men to competing against women, the activist said “what CeCe has done is affirming and marvelous.”

“Crushing the hopes and dreams of females who’ve trained their whole lives only to be suddenly forced to compete against physically superior biological males is the perfect way to uplift women.”

Men and women are NOT equal—physically, mentally, or emotionally. Gender is genetically assigned and immutable, not subject to change according to one’s “feelings” or whim. A male may have himself surgically and hormonally altered to accomodate his psychological aberrations, but cannot make himself a woman thereby. There are some things a woman simply can NOT do “every bit as well” as a man. Them’s the facts, ladies; you might not like ’em, but you damned sure have to live with ’em. Just like the rest of us do.

And if you don’t believe me, you just go and check out the pics of the “female” athletes accompanying the article.


6 thoughts on “Dominance and submission

  1. As much as the article does reflect left-wing nutbaggery (to say the least), it’s from the Babylon Bee. It’s a parody site, Mike.

    1. The truly sad and at the same time ironic part is that actions of these lunatics say exactly what the supposed satire article put into words.

      I guess the left is done w/ straight women and are hell bent on driving them away.

      I just can’t wait for them to jump the shark on pedophilia being OK.. as long as your not a Catholic priest I guess. No telling how many voting commie will jump ship after that.

  2. Lurker here! 🙂

    Satire aside I was always curious to know why lesbians hate men so much yet – they pretend to be men in looks and appearance while behind closed doors they use a strap on penis to satisfy their girlfriends? It males no sense but then what does because indeed its a mental disorder.

    What gives? I mean really?

  3. Good luck fixing your own damned car.

    RE: Cali, do you know the person that used to be my niece, and how (s)he satisfies her 400 lb. GF? Jus’ wonderin’.

  4. “Gender is genetically assigned and immutable,”

    Sex and Gender are not the same thing. Sex is genetically assigned and immutable.
    Gender has to do with language and culture. We used to be educated enough to understand the difference. Sadly now even “conservatives” have taken to degrading the language and using gender when they mean sex. Sex is biology. Gender is grammar.

    While this particular article might be satire, CeCe Telfer is real and has destroyed fair competition. He should be forced to compete as the sex he was born, not the gender he claims to be.

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