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To NRA or not to NRA, that is the question.

U.S.A. – -( “Stop the NRA shutdown,” a “critical update” in the latest American Rifleman urges.”New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has launched an all-out crusade to destroy NRA and put us out of business forever.”

No doubt the insufferable totalitarian wannabe would like to try. But as events unfolded over the weekend, resulting for the short term with Oliver North’s ouster as association president, it appears the greatest danger comes from within.

Not that Wayne LaPierre prevailing, for now, is a “win” for membership. Nor would it be had North succeeded. This was a coup attempt by NRA’s long-term PR firm Ackerman McQueen to replace former gravy train riders with current ones. There are no clean hands here, and with the weekend battle “won” by current management, don’t expect dramatic changes in the way things are run as long as they’re in power.

That means concerns being expressed by an increasing number of woke and angry members will continue to be glossed over by Fairfax “leadership.” We’ll continue to see NRA endorsing “compromise” infringements, with carefully-crafted statements giving de facto green lights to bump stock “regulations” and “red flag” confiscations, and with just enough weasel-wording for plausible deniability damage control when things blow up. We’ll continue to see dishonest political grades and endorsements that come back and bite gun owners. We’ll continue to see deliberate indifference to holding those politicians accountable for the single greatest threat to future “legal” recognition of the right to keep and bear arms – the overwhelmingly Democrat-favoring “pathway to citizenship.”  And we’ll continue to see an organization that puts more energy into “Enforce existing Intolerable Acts” than it puts on “shall not be infringed.”

And of course, we’ll see continued appeals for money, no matter if the flacking is outsourced or increasingly done in-house. Someone’s gotta pay for the salaries and perks.

A meme that’s being increasingly parroted by the gun-grabbers as a way out is that NRA must “return to its sportsman’s roots.” Understand that this is being done by people who really do want to take your guns. Don’t think for a moment they’re saying this to be helpful, any more than Democrats urging Republicans to be more “centrist” are concerned with helping the Party regain appeal. Surrenders simply mean there will be fewer battles that the enemy (what do you think those who want to disarm you are?) will need to win.

Those calling for such a return want NRA out of politics and focused on being Fudds. They really just want to be able to pass disarmament edicts, elect gun-grabbing politicians and appoint anti-gun judges without any significant organized opposition. Curiously, although unintended by those offering such “advice,” returning to its roots is exactly what is needed.

Codrea goes on from there to make a strong historical case for the idea. Herschel, for his own part, seems pretty disgusted with ’em.

So first there is the issue of exactly how an elected board of directors along with an elected president can demand the resignation of a bureaucrat, and be rejected by said bureaucrat outright and that organization continue to function. It can’t. I assess that the NRA is a completely dysfunctional organization and has been for a long time.

Leaving aside the issue of Ackerman McQueen, and $200,000 of wardrobe purchases by LaPierre, the bylaws, people and organizational structure aren’t sufficient to rid the group of ne’er-do-wells, whether LaPierre or the cretins who are financial liabilities and parasites to the organization. A board of directors who doesn’t direct may as well quit and go home. If there are too many bad apples in the mix, then it’s appropriate for the entire group to go down in flames, suffering the personal, legal and financial loss attending their malfeasance. Membership on the board of directors means legal and fiduciary culpability, as it should on any board.

But can this situation be salvaged? Should it be salvaged? I said a few days ago that the NRA had supported the NFA, the GCA, the Hughes Amendment, the bump stock ban, and red flag laws. It’s all true. This is an incomplete list. Via David Codrea, this list adds to my own.

The real issue with the VNRA isn’t corruption or not doing enough to push rights. The problem is what the group actively does to violate rights. NFA ’34, GCA ’68, FOPA ’86. Everyone knows those. It shows how long the rot has existed.

They tried to keep HELLER from going to SCOTUS. They actively killed constitutional carry legislation in New Hampshire. They wrote an “assault weapon” ban in Ohio. They sabotaged an RKBA/free speech case in NH.

I had forgotten how many open carry fights the NRA has sabotaged, and it’s also true that the NRA didn’t want Heller going to the SCOTUS. I consider Heller only a partial win because of the wording Scalia put in there supporting gun control at the local and state level, and the weakness of it leading to McDonald, which still isn’t recognized by lower courts. But Alan Gura snatched a modicum of victory from the jaws of defeat.

The point is that in almost every case where retreat was possible, the NRA has led the way. Then oftentimes, as with Heller, they claimed credit for what small victory the SCOTUS gave us. In every exigency in life, a man must make functional judgments. Whom to marry, where to work, how much to save, with whom to be associated.

In this case, the analysis is quite simple. If an organization is working against your interests, it’s an easy decision to jettison support for said organization. It makes no sense to support people who intend harm to your liberties. If this is considered on a tactical level (retreat might be a good option now), then it is incumbent on our detractors to explain how said retreat will be reversed and good use made of it rather than sling accusations. I see a lot of hand-wringing, but I see no detractor channeling Sun Tzu. If you want to be a general, then learn to lead and learn to win.

Kinda makes one yearn for the great and glorious Charlton Heston, don’t it?

CA leaves little room for doubt as to where he stands on the NRA issue: he’s done with ’em.

The Lairds of Fairfax are Beltway critters, and have been behind every single major 2A infringement on the national level since NFA34.

Screw them all, then dump them into the Morbark.

He recommends a few alternative courses of actions to consider, too.


4 thoughts on “Dysfunction

  1. I parted ways with the NRA in the 90’s. The mailings begging for money were getting to be too much and too often. So, I replied to one and asked what the head cheese and BoD were getting paid. I did not receive a mailer begging for money for almost a year after that. I was recently temped to rejoin but instead joined my states local 2A org. They fight on the correct side and aren’t getting rich doing so. Just to warm the heart of any progcom who may stumble across this: I thought globally and acted locally. Seems like the left has been onto something at least in that regard.

    I really wouldn’t cry to see the NRA go away and it would steal one more talking point from the left.

    Perhaps in its place would arise an association of state organizations. I’m thinking of a type where the independent state organizations hold all power and are free to leave if the leadership of the umbrella org goes Vichy.

  2. The NRA’s “roots” was never about shooting sports. It, like the 2nd Amendment itself, is about defense of self and nation. It was founded so that freed black slaves could have a gun and not simply for hunting purposes.

    I have been a member on and off many times over the decades and whenever I dropped out it was always due to their retreat on issues, histrionic fund raising letters and the financial corruption that always seems to go hand in glove with big organizations like this.

  3. I lived overseas for many years, and was living in Australia when their gun-ban happened. It caught the gunowners there completely by surprise, and they had no national pro-gun organizations to fight for their rights- well, if you can consider subjects to have rights. There is no such thing as freedom of speech in Australia, nor is there a right to defend yourself or others; though their constitution is modelled upon our own, the Australian constitutionalists left out the Bill of Rights.

    When Australians had their guns confiscated there was great consternation, much wailing and sorrow from gunowners who suffered the blow. Granddad’s Anzac rifle had to go, so did the varmint guns the farmers used, and in the Northern Territory the man who was the model for Crocodile Dundee was shot dead; he refused to give up his weapons & had a shootout with the cops, though that story has been denied by authorities. Beautiful hunting rifles were destroyed, historical handguns & rifles were destroyed, even many weapons held by museums were destroyed.

    Virtually all weapons had been legally registered, as the law required, so the authorities knew exactly who had them and what they were; almost all were rounded up & turned in. I wish I had a dollar for every person that bemoaned the fact that Australia had no big gun-rights organization like the NRA, which they didn’t realize was necessary until too late.

    The government that confiscated those guns from law-abiding Aussies was John Howard’s Liberal (i.e. right-wing) government; the Lefties in the Labor & Green parties were delighted. There was no opposition from any Australian party, so the gun-grab was a done deal. If only they’d had an NRA!

    Yeah, the NRA ain’t perfect. I’m a Patron (Life) member myself and I know how deficient they are. But they’re the Big Dog, and the gun-banners are skeered of them for good reason! I also support GOA (90% of gun owners don’t know who they are) the CCRKBA and the 2nd Amendment foundation, but those are all small potatoes compared to the NRA. I’d much rather see it get repaired than destroyed, because if it goes then the gun-grabbers are a lot more likely to win.

    The last thing I want to see is what happened in Australia happening here, and it’s closer than we might think!

  4. “Yeah, the NRA ain’t perfect. I’m a Patron (Life) member myself and I know how deficient they are. But they’re the Big Dog, and the gun-banners are skeered of them for good reason!”

    I kinda lean that way myself, E-man. There’s just something that makes me happy about seeing “X-many million NRA members” cited as a warning in response to gun-grabber blather. You can see the fear in their eyes when somebody does that. And that ain’t by any means a bad thing. That Heston thing above still gives me a solid case of the warm fuzzies, too. It’s hard to fight a national enemy wielding strictly local weapons, seems to me.

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