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A minor slip

Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) hoaxers shoot selves in foot, fail to notice.

The far-left ThinkProgress reports that scientists have finally proven that the theory of man-made Global Warming is a total hoax.

Of course, no one will admit it, but that is exactly what has happened.

A new scientific study shows has revealed the following:

Current CO2 levels of 410 parts per million (ppm) were last seen on Earth three million years ago, according to the most detailed reconstruction of the Earth’s climate by researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and published in Science Advances.

Yes, you read that correctly, three million — million — years ago CO2 levels on Earth were the same as they are today, but there is one major difference between three million years ago and today…

Three million years ago, we humans were not driving cars or eating the meat that requires cow farts; we weren’t barbecuing or refusing to recycle or building factories; there was no Industrial Age, no plastic, no air conditioning, no electricity, no lumber mills, no consumerism, no aerosols.

In fact, three million years ago, there were probably no human beings on Earth, at least not human in the way we use that term today. And yet…

CO2 levels were the same then as they are now…


Ummmm…uhhhhh…hey, Denier, look! SQUIRREL!!!

Just a gigolo update! Another John Heinz-Kerry self-beclowning.

“How do you get a bachelor of arts in a science?” asked Rep. Thomas Massie, of Kentucky’s northern 4th District, during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on Tuesday.

“Well, it’s [a] liberal arts education and degree — it’s a bachelor,” Kerry said.

“OK, so it’s not really science,” replied Massie. “So, I think it’s somewhat appropriate that somebody with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing pseudoscience in front of our committee today.”

Kerry fired back, “Are you serious? I mean, this is really… happening here?”

To which Massie said: “You know what? It is serious. You’re calling the president’s cabinet a kangaroo court, is that serious?”

“I’m not calling his cabinet a kangaroo court,” Kerry said. “I’m calling this committee he’s putting together a kangaroo committee.”

Massie asked, “Are you saying he doesn’t have educated adults there now?”

“I don’t know who it has yet,” Kerry said, “because it’s secret.” [snip]

“Are you aware that since mammals have walked the planet, the average [atmospheric carbon dioxide] has been over 1,000 parts per million?” Massie asked.

“Yeah, but we weren’t walking the planet,” Kerry said. “We now know that definitively, at no point during at least the past 800,000 years, has atmospheric CO2 been as high as it is today.”

Massie shot back, “The reason you chose 800,000 years ago is because for 200 million years before that, it was greater than it is today.”

“Yeah, but there weren’t human beings,” replied Kerry. “It was a different world, folks. We didn’t have 7 billion people living here.”

Massie continued, “So — how’d it get to 2,000 parts per million if we humans weren’t here? …Did geology stop when we got on the planet?”

No, but it’s readily apparent that the Democrat-Socialists’ declared reverence for SCIENCE! is strictly conditional: it starts and stops according to whether it’s politically useful to them or not at the time.


3 thoughts on “A minor slip

  1. I don’t give a rat’s behind about liberals crying manmade climate change. I expect that from halfwits who don’t know how to think. what makes me mad as hell are the so called conservatives and republicans who are now accepting it. it is a bogus story that has no basis in fact. man could not affect world wide climate if we wanted to. the premise of man made climate change needs to be rejected completely or we all will be paying the price in the future.

  2. They only revere ‘science’ when it gives them the answer they want. No looking to closely at methodology or the raw data results. They’ll ‘splain it to us deplorables.
    What the commies call ‘science’ is really badly produced data, cherry picked data points, or outright fabricated data to support their claim. For them ‘science’ is a lablel, not a rigorous fact gathering process.

  3. Global warming is part of a religion, and to question it is the same as questioning if Pharaoh is divine, the they’d like the penalty to be the same.

    Something about a living snake, I think.

    But it explains the hysterics, the sheer emotional rage – they cannot abide by heresy.

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