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If I could express all of our country’s problems into one word, I’d say that word is sh*t. We’ve got sh*tty schools filling students’ heads full of progressive sh*t, and when the sh*theads graduate, they start voting for sh*tbird politicians who implement sh*t policies that turn their cities and states into sh*tty sh*tholes. And then, after a few years, when their sh*thole cities get so completely filled with sh*t that it flows through the streets, the sh*theads say, ‘hey, I can’t live here any more, it’s a sh*thole.’ So then the sh*theads move to some other part of the country that’s not a sh*thole, but then, because they’re sh*theads, and not well-versed on the whole cause-and-effect thing, they vote for the same sh*tbirds who implement the same sh*t policies that have turned the places they came from into sh*tholes and their new homes gradually turn into sh*tholes that look just like the old sh*tholes, and they never seem to figure out why. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why our country is turning into sh*t.

Sounds a lot like the ol’ GorillaPundit might live somewhere around the Charlotte area or something. While I’m linking to the good folks at the HQ, allow me to express my complete agreement with Sefton’s assessment, bleak though it may be in parts.

Frankly, there’s really not much to investigate since we know the machinations of the phony Steele dossier being used as a pretext to abuse the FISA courts to spy on the campaign and then use that as propaganda to insinuate Trump was a Russian spy or dupe. The real question is was this done with the knowledge of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama or was it done directly on their orders?

No matter what, this entire thing is without doubt the greatest political scandal in American history. And that sentence doesn’t even come close to describing the depths to which the barest minimum of character, morality and ethics required of our political leaders, let alone the people we entrust to administer justice blindly and fairly and to ensure our national security have sunk. Look, I wasn’t born yesterday, and I understand the nature of politics and the character of people who seek elected office (or all too often what happens to it once elected). But if the eight years of 2009 to 2016 weren’t enough of a shock, the past two were truly breathtaking. And all that considered, it’s sad to say that I do not expect any of the players involved to feel the terrible swift sword of justice, let alone Clinton or Obama. Compare and contrast the lives of say Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok today with those of Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn (it may seem out of left field but look at the former two and keep in mind the Ivy League college admissions scandal). Look at the magnitude and gravity of the scandals, crimes and the grand larceny in the tens of millions committed by Obama and Clinton during their years at the controls and how despite all of that, they are given a free ride. Dear Lord, with Clinton’s e-mail servers alone, she was allowed to cherry pick and then destroy evidence while the FBI and DoJ gave her the all clear. It’s not just them but entire instrumentalities of government – the most important ones – that have been thoroughly and completely corrupted from the bottom up.

I don’t mean to throw cold water on you this morning. Along with Barr’s testimony, yesterday saw the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu, a man loathed by the Left because he’s the leader of a nation they loathe even more, the winning of a crucial Wisconsin supreme court judgeship by a conservative and the delivery of a truth nuke on the Democrats about their guilt in the genocide of black Americans by Candace Owens, and Maxine “Mikvah” Waters forced to swallow her scabies-ridden wig with one of the dumbest gaffes ever, all within a week or so of the dissolution of the Mueller inquisition.

Yes, it’s great that Barr will be investigating what the hell happened vis a vis spying on Trump, but as I stated, I hold no illusions as to what that outcome might be. And the breaking story late yesterday is that Obama’s chief counsel Greg Craig is expecting to be indicted on corruption charges relating to meddling in the Ukraine in 2012 which ironically came to light as a result of the Mueller investigation into 2016. Come what may, at the very least, all of this coming to light is a victory in and of itself.

And now that the shock has worn off, the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is doubling, tripling and now quadrupling down that Barr and Mueller are Trump stooges and the holy-of-holies E-Plebneesta Un-Redacted Report will prove Trump is guilty. Let them rant and rave all the live long day right until November of 2020. What all of this reveals sadly is that there are two Americas: one for the elite who are handpicked almost from childhood to assume the reins of power to transform/subdue America as founded and for the rest of us, the rule of law, morality, ethics and the Constitution be damned. There are also two Americas insofar as the Anti-American Left and the rest of us seeking National Restoration. What all of this reveals, sadly, is that there is no reconciliation. Look at the campuses, look at your television, look at Congress, and then tell me how we E Pluribus Unum our way back.

Short answer: we can’t. But the question I always end up asking myself is: even if we could, should we really want to?


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