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Concerned American has us concerned

Maybe it was only a passing quip that wasn’t intended to hint at anything, but it’s still a good time for me to put my own endorsement of Aesop’s sentiments out there. First off, CA just sort of offhandedly and without preamble or explanation put this out there:

Anything Left To Talk About?
Before WRSA turns into just another abandoned website, what else needs to be discussed?

Open thread.

And no, not tomorrow.

But sooner rather than later.

He coulda meant a lot of things by it, I reckon, but a lot of folks found it worrisome. So Aesop spelled it out:

Dear CA,
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re nowhere close to done, any more than the Patent Office needed to be closed in 1875 because “everything has already been invented.”

You have an unavoidable (within the constraints of posting at liberty) set of OCD trolls who just can’t help themselves and won’t take their meds, but in recent go arounds, I counted about a dozen and a half folks calling the Usual Suspects out for their cut-and-paste shitposting and general underbridge-dwelling behaviors. So even trolls can’t stop the signal, Mal.

As to what’s left to cover, we both know the woke fraction is outnumbered 20:1 by the new-to-the-game-yesterday fraction, and probably always will be.

You are John Connor at the end of T3, and your site is the CB.

What you do with it is your business, but beyond the OCD trolls, you still have quite the audience, the vast majority of whom just lurk here and observe. There are maybe 50-100 commenters out of 7K hits/day. And they come there because you’re not pimping anything for personal gain, and have no axe to grind except liberty and common sense. That’s incredibly rare on the net.

And you have a Who’s Who of solid content producers “in the trade” with rock-solid bona fides who read and post in Comments, and have had for some time.

I would argue that if you have the inclination and time, the candle there still has a lot of inches left on it.

Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

Amen to every word of that from here. WRSA is one of my more-than-once-daily stops, an always reliable one-stop repository for links all sorts of stuff. It’s also one of the tiny handful of sites that link back to here regularly, every one of which I am most humbly grateful to for the attention.

As I’ve said before: over lo, these many years I’ve occasionally mulled over packing this blog up myself, and come damned close to doing it too, more than just once. Doing this stuff is work, and it’s time- and energy-intensive, and I find myself with precious little of both these days. But then along would come an email, from a soldier or sailor or Marine or flyboy slogging along out there at the pointy end of the spear, telling me how awfully much the blog means to them. Whereupon I sit right back down and get back to it.

Is there a point to doing this, anything to be accomplished? Probably not, honestly. After years of sincerely and respectfully debating with the libs who wandered in once in a while, it finally dawned on me that I was never going to persuade them about anything. The divide is fundamental, deep, and unbridgeable; debate is bootless now. As I’ve so often said: either you favor a limited central government as the Founders intended and their Constitution demands, or you favor a meddlesome, almighty federal Superstate with no meaningful restrictions on what it may choose to either mandate or forbid. There is no middle ground left. After decades of steady Leftist encroachment and subversion, all that remains now is the desperate struggle for victory…or defeat. It’s like this:

The abyss looms large beneath us. We are stretched closer and closer to our limits.

The people who are eager for a civil war are fools. They don’t understand the catastrophe they’re begging for. But the people who believe that a civil war is now a real possibility are neither fools nor wild-eyed alarmists. Moreover, the people who believe that, grim though the prospect may be, war might be the lesser of two evils have a daily strengthening case. The Left has shown itself to be dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization itself. We have not been faced with such an existential threat since European armies threw the Turks back from Vienna in 1529. The fascists of the mid–2oth century, for all their loathsome policies, were not the kind of threat to the fabric of our society that we face now. Bad as they were, they did not seek the destruction of Europeans as a people, or of European culture as a living, breathing thing. Progressivism does. What could be more worthy of, if you will forgive the word, “resistance”?

We conservatives have let this ideological cancer metastasize for far too long for its excision to be simple or painless. For too long, we have been patient with outrages we should have fought to reverse. We have let our opponents secede incrementally from us for decades.  We have been tolerant and patient. In our tolerance and patience, we have given up our civil society, our political representation, and our freedoms one by one. Our maladies won’t be fixed by delicate adjustments now — half-heartedly performed by yet another generation of narcissistic government planners and invisible elitist bureaucrats. Intellectuals like George Will and think-tanks like the Heritage Foundation have done us little good. Our condition demands a radical, unflinching surgery if we, as a nation, are to survive. Either the cancer wins, and kills us all, or we defeat it — and we accept the scars. Let us not pretend they would not be hideous scars. And let us not pretend it would not be a deeply barbarous and bitter surgery.

The truth is that we, as individuals, have rather few decisions left to make. The titanic nations of the Left and right are rising en masse — flexing their muscles and snorting menacingly at one another. We cannot get out of their way. There is no safe part of the country, nor any genuinely safe haven left in any other country. This is a global conflict. We have run out of frontiers. There is only so much “prepping” one can do for an upheaval of this magnitude. We Americans have not seen such a calamity on our soil for six generations. What our ancestors knew, we have forgotten. The Civil War of our history has become a dim and comfortable myth. A new war leers at us like the devil, but we talk about it like a football game. We may learn as human beings have always learned — the hard way.

Maybe blogs have some useful role to play as we stumble onward towards resolution of this conflict, I dunno. I guess we’re gonna find out, eh? In any event, I’m certainly glad our old friend CA is still out there beside me in the rhetorical trenches, for whatever our efforts might or might not be worth. Speaking strictly for myself, I’ve benefited a great deal from his work, and I hope he’ll keep on keepin’ on at least a little while longer yet.


2 thoughts on “Concerned American has us concerned

  1. I noticed that Daily Pundit wasn’t on the WRSA Blogroll. Any idea why that might be?

  2. Great article. We used to be a nation united by principles and ideals. No longer. We are two hostile camps that have no common ground. No nation, much less society can endure when one desires burning it to the ground.

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