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“The more one thinks about the idea, the less sense it makes”

Reparations now!

Who would get them and why? Would someone with two slaves in his or her family three get half of what someone with four slaves in his or her family tree receives? Would middle-class and poor blacks get the same? Would reparations be in lieu of affirmative-action programs, which also purport to right historic injustices, or in addition to them?

Those are just the start of the questions, but unlike in past decades, many if not most “civil rights” and black nationalist groups have joined forces to make “reparations” a legitimate item on the racial progress agenda. Gone are the luminaries among black intellectuals and leaders who voiced their disgust and distrust of “fake reparations” as either an “apology” for slavery or as a sop to black charities and “rights” organizations that thirst for bounty from a reparations pot.

Some damned deplorable old ofay racist blue-eyed devil cracker muuhfuuuuh delves a little deeper:

HOT FLASH: Concerning slavery and interracial animosity, there are things everyone should know – yeah, more “in the land of should” stuff – but few people do:

  • The institution of slavery is as old as recorded human history.
  • Slavery still exists today, though “under cover,” in the Middle East, Africa, and various Indian Ocean societies.
  • Among First World nations, the first to abolish slavery was Great Britain in 1833. The United States followed in 1866. You may recall the unpleasantness that was required to do so.
  • Interracial animosity is a constant of human existence. Attempts to eliminate it have failed wherever and whenever they’re tried.
  • History suggests that interracial animosity is not connected to whether slavery exists or has ever existed in a given locale.

In other words, the races naturally look upon one another with a degree of suspicion that unfortunate events can elevate to open hostility. Moreover, there are reasons for this: not cultural but biological reasons that are written into the genes of every race.

White Americans have done their damnedest to eliminate interracial friction. It hasn’t worked – but not because white Americans haven’t given it a sincere effort. 

White Americans have allowed black racialists, in collaboration with the political class, to make us feel guilt for something in which we had no part: slavery. Indeed, most of us have no ancestors who ever owned slaves. The total number of American slaveowners before 1866 was about 30,000. Even if those thirty thousand slaveowners had borne ten children each, and their children and children’s children did likewise, that would amount to only 30 million descendants of slaveowners: less than 10% of today’s population.

But slavery – more specifically, “the legacy of slavery” — is the hook on which the racial rabble-rousers hang their claims of white oppression of blacks. It’s total nonsense and always has been, even in the South during the Jim Crow era.

Don’t take my word for it; look it up. American blacks prospered steadily, both economically and socially, from 1866 to 1964: a century of relentless advancement. Husbands were reunited with wives. Families sundered by slavery regathered. Ironically, Southern blacks did better, statistically, than those who relocated to Northern states, even under the Jim Crow regime: the Northern cities to which they moved tended to erect barriers to the trades and new enterprises the migrating blacks would otherwise have entered!

But racialist demagogues don’t want you to know that. It would take the bread out of their mouths. They also don’t want you to know that by inhibiting productive work and encouraging illegitimacy and fatherless families, the welfare state has done more harm to American blacks than two centuries of slavery could ever have done.

Racialist demagogues are far more concerned with maintaining their followings and the revenue to their “foundations” than with improving any aspect of race relations. So the crusade to impose unearned guilt on American whites and extract tribute from us through the legal system must continue.

And people ask where the white identity and white nationalist movements get their impetus. It is to laugh…hollowly, and with many a tear.

Now, I don’t disagree with any of the sentiments expressed in the above excerpted posts. Any attempt at “reparations” legislation will be scandalous folly, doomed to fail for all sorts of good and patently obvious reasons. It will end up satisfying precisely no one on either side of the equation—not the beneficiaries, not the people forced to pay a tab in no just or logical sense their own. It will be unjust and tyrannical by definition, coercing people whose ancestors never owned a single slave into coughing up handsomely to other people many of whom are not the descendants of slaves. It will be farcical, unfair, unethical, and completely unworkable.

Worse yet, it will also be truly, definitionally racist: a government-sponsored program of coerced confiscation from blameless people guilty of no crime, the ill-gotten gains then gifted to ersatz “victims” who have been done no conceivable harm—ie, a wealth-redistribution scam based wholly on skin color and nothing whatsoever else.

In other words, these comically-misnomered “reparations” will be just another typical government boondoggle, gratifying only the tens of thousands (or more) of overpaid, slothful bureaucrats hired to manage the whole sorry scheme—bureaucrats who will never be fired, because this new grift will conjure reasons for itself to extend its mandate indefinitely…just like every other eternal government goat-rope does.

I know all this, and so do you, and so does anybody with half a lick of sense. Honestly, though, I hope they go through with it anyway. Because I’m pretty danged confident that the day the “reparations” con is voted into existence will also be the day every self-respecting white person in the country quietly removes himself from the taxpayer rolls for good, his eyes having been opened at last to his true status as both despised whipping-boy and taken-for-granted feed trough. Which overdue awakening, in turn, will mark the beginning of the end for FederalGovCo, however the final result ends up working itself out.


21 thoughts on ““The more one thinks about the idea, the less sense it makes”

  1. I have some thoughts about reparations.

    First…..there should be no reparations without repatriation.  Reparations are a statement that we, as a society, screwed up when we brought them to be slaves, and then kept them in a land of evil white racist devils.  So, a necessary precondition of reparations should be reversing that act of evil – allowing them, even paying for them, to return home to their motherland where they can live without fear of racism anymore with their African brothers and sisters.

    Second….it would be cheap, regardless.  The ROI on getting rid of a black parasite class would be huge – a payout within 3 to 4 years max, and that’s just the financial cost. Never mind the benefits of living in a more pleasant society.

    So, here’s my plan.  We promise $100,000 in reparations to every African-American citizen of the United States, under three conditions.

    They must agree to emigrate to Africa, in the country of their choice.

    They must renounce American citizenship and all attendant claims thereto.

    They must agree to never return.  Such agreement would also cover their offspring.

    Here are the logistics.  The $100,000 would be paid in cash, in two installments.  The first installment of $25,000 would be paid upon signing the papers agreeing to the above three conditions.  They would have a maximum of two weeks to get their affairs in order, sell any property, etc., and prepare to move.  The $25K would assist with this.  The remaining $75,000 would be paid upon their arrival in Africa, again in American dollars. This amount of money would make them fabulously wealthy in African terms, and in fact would be nearly six times the average wealth of black families in the USA.  There would be no inheritability on the $75K balance payment.

    I should also point out that this would be a one-time offer.  If they don’t take it, fine, but welfare is over, the NAACP and other civil rights organizations are disbanded, and Jim Crow laws are once again imposed throughout the land. No more racial preferences or pandering.  We would literally be buying our way out.

    We would send them over, not on military transports with cells, but on fine cruise ships with lots of Cristal.  And, we would let them know that, upon embarkation, they would no longer be subject to the white man’s law and oppression.  In fact, the only armed personnel would be there to protect (with extreme force if necessary) the ship’s crew and personnel.  Free from the white man’s rule, they could live and enjoy the trip in the peace and harmony that unsupervised blacks are known for around the world.

    Now, here’s the reality of the situation.  First, much of the initial $25,000 would never leave the USA – it would be spent on foolishness here.  Drugs, gambling, hookers, tasteless clothes, etc.  So it would be an economic stimulus here.  Then, once on board the ship, you could expect orgies of rape, robbery, murder, etc. unseen in the history of humanity, as they fought each other over the cash that was left over from the $25,000 per person stipend.  Again, we’re only protecting the ship and its crew.  I’d estimate the cross-Atlantic survival rate at no more than 25 to 50%, as the stronger killed the weaker.  And remember, every dead Negro on the trip is one that we don’t have to pay the $75,000 to, so this would be a big money savings.

    There would, of course, be costs associated with cleaning the ships and preparing them for enough journeys to get millions of Africans over, but again – worth it.  We could also use the return trips to transport white South Africans over here, where they would be an asset to our society.

  2. both the original op ed and the comment are a joy to read, and I don’t even live in the FUSA.

  3. I have a couple of questions I have not seen ansered yet.
    Would the dollar value of “reparations” would be based on the %age of African genetics, i.e. would a “Mulatto” get more than a “Quadroon” or an “Octoroon?” How about a “High Yaller?” Would DNA analysis be used to assess each beneficiary’s benefits?
    My family did not get to FUSA until after slavery had been done away with. I have never assaulted a POC or advocated doing any harm to anybody. I try to treat everyone with respect and good will. Why do I owe for an injury I didn’t inflict?
    FTW, _revjen45

    1. It doesn’t matter how much “one drop” is sufficient. I believe that ANY person willing to abandon the fUSA permanently for an African country with resources needed by industrial civilization should get a payment on the same terms as descendants of property, like Irish. The list should include all sub-Saharan Africa. Betcha some of them do pretty well, especially groups of combat veterans who go as a group and stay together working for mining interests to suppress bad behavior locally.
      The fUSA will have paid off the costs involved within a few years and will benefit IMMEDIATELY from reduced crime and open space/resources.

  4. I disagree. We owe financial reparations to anyone currently living in the U.S. who was ever enslaved and brought to this country against his/her will, paid by seizing the assets of anyone living in the U.S. who has ever owned a slave. Which would be exactly…zero people.

    1. You haven’t been paying attention to what the Mexicans and Chinese are doing to illegal aliens in this country, have you???

  5. A simple “color wheel” would suffice to determine the level of reparations any one African-American would require. For example, Eddie Murphy would receive a certain level of reparation payments, while Jussie Smollett would receive proportionately less. It’s only fair.

    I understand that the Obama Justice Department actually looked into developing a skin-color wheel for similar purposes, and I’m confident the concept drawing are still on file at the DOJ.

    1. “Eddie Murphy would receive a certain level of reparation payments, while Jussie Smollett would receive proportionately less.”

      But Jussie Smollett is the trifecta of victimhood. Genetically a victim on his father’s side, on his mother’s side, and homosexual. The only thing he could do to improve his Western victimhood standing is to speak the shahada.

    2. What about natural redheads? These are the palest sub-minority people on Earth, short of a malfunctioning albino.
      Are they just “very White”? How about rh negative redheads with green eyes?

      Chariots of the gods? Iron Skies?

  6. No problem provided someone can prove with out a doubt that they are descendants of slaves and who the slave owner was. Only the slave owners progeny pays the slaves progeny. Those from the Caribbean will need to take up their matter with the queen.

    Next up – we Americans of Mexican ancestry should be gettin’ something for land taken away. Don’t forget the Indians. Not only land but culpability for spreading European diseases in the New World (some estimates are 90% of Indians were dead before they even heard of white men) should also be assigned.

    Now that I think about it there is an angle for PETA (not the tasty animals one) too. You just know those Asian immigrants killed lots of animals and wreaked all sorts of havoc upon the pristine environment of the Americas.

    Why don’t we just keep going back until we figure out who is descended from Cain and from Abel and start the payouts from there. Its the only way to be truly fair.

  7. Sorry, but my grandparents came here through Ellis Island in the early 1900’s to escape the Russian Revolution and other unpleasantries. My family, from the Ukraine and Poland, had nothing to do with slavery. I should be made exempt from any punitive damages that will have to come from somebody’s pocket. Not mine, I assure you.

  8. Anyone who is a descendant of slaves owes their very existence to the institution of slavery, and should be thankful that slavery did, once upon a time, exist in America. And they want reparations? Uh…. NO.

  9. My wife still treats me like a slave, I can hardly wait until reparations.

  10. If I am an illegal immigrant, can you tell me how do I collect reparations?
    If my ancestors came to America after slavery was abolished and were never involved with slavery does that get me and my progeny off the hook for reparations?
    If I am black and my ancestors came to America less than 100 years ago, can I still collect?
    If my ancestors were black slave-owners do I owe reparations? Study your history; there were a lot of black slave owners.
    If my ancestors were indentured servants am I entitled to reparations.
    If my white ancestors were slaves and my black ancestors were slave owners does my left hand owe my right hand reparations?
    If some of my dad’s ancestors were slaves and some of my mother’s ancestors were slave-owners do I owe myself reparations?
    Slavery was legal, but it was wrong by many standards. How does that entitle anyone alive today to collect something from anyone else who had absolutely no connection to slavery other than an accident of birth?

  11. Hi Mike,
    Francis is always a joy to read, to ponder, to discuss, but in this case it’s your final conclusion that I wish attention drawn to. More and more, thoughtful people are accepting that the time has come, and what we need now is a catalyst to get the ball rolling. Since rational discussion and logic aren’t doing the trick, the only option left is to openly, coldly, and kinetically deal with the problem.
    This has been a process, not an event, and I have watched the change. A bit sad, but I am less inclined to sadness these days. A cool approach seems to have taken hold. Let us be about it, then…

  12. The only silver lining in this towering cloud of idiocy is that Obama would OWE reparations, seeing as how he is descended from slave owners/dealers on both sides.

  13. Given that Affirmative Action (and legal contracting set-asides) already directly pay people who have Hispanic surnames for their historic “oppression” (examples include descendants of Cuban refugees who are lily-white descendants of [Southern European] Spaniards, who have monopoly access to bond underwriting and other extremely lucrative taxpayer-paid looting), we can expect any “reparations” arrangement to make sense only insofar as Lenin’s Famous Dictum, “who, whom…Who is doing what to whom?” applies.

    We live in a vast con game where those in power are systematically looting the country on behalf of their families and their allies. It won’t stop until there’s literally nothing left to steal.

  14. The entire problem with the reparations issue is that none of them ARE mentioning repatriation (again, see my comment above – with repatriation it would be a great deal for us). It’s just gibsmedat and then gibsmesomemoredat. If the reparations debate was a serious one, there would be a number of issues discussed, to wit:

    1. Definitely repatriation should be at the top of the list.
    2. A serious accounting of who gets what – descendants of actual slaves vs. descendants of actual slave owners, etc.
    3. An even more serious accounting of what’s already been given to blacks, including welfare, affirmative action, increased costs of policing and incarceration, etc. In other words, how much of a net drag are they on us?
    4. A real comparison of the standard of living of American Africans vs. African Africans.

    I have a feeling that, if all of that were really accounted for, there would be a serious debt to be paid – by Negroes to Whites.

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