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Gropey Joe goin’ down

Too bad, so sad. He musta pissed off somebody important, I guess. On the other hand, he’s a sleazy, duplicitous asshole bereft of even a teeny-tiny shred of integrity, and he always has been. So fuck him.

As he moves toward a presidential run, Joe Biden has been under fire from the Left for his treatment of Anita Hill, but in his 2007 memoir, Clarence Thomas offered a different perspective on Biden’s performance during his confirmation hearings.

Thomas recalled, “Throughout my life I’ve often found truth embedded in the lyrics of my favorite records. At Yale, for example, I’d listened often to ‘Smiling Faces Sometimes,’ a song by the Undisputed Truth that warns of the dangers of trusting the hypocrites who ‘pretend to be your friend’ while secretly planning to do you wrong. Now I knew I’d met one of them: Senator Biden’s smooth, insincere promises that he would treat me fairly were nothing but talk.”

After his initial (USSC) confirmation hearings, Thomas received a visit from the FBI asking him to respond to the (Anita) Hill accusations, which he categorically denied. The one thing Thomas credits Biden for is that Hill had initially requested that her name be withheld from members of the Judiciary Committee when she submitted her statement, but Biden said he would only accept a signed statement.

Initially, the matter was supposed to be kept confidential. Ahead of the vote, Biden told Thomas on the phone that “he was torn over his decision and has brought two statements with him to the committee meeting that day, one for me and one against.” Ultimately, however, Biden said he’d have to vote against Thomas because he disagreed with his beliefs.

At the same time, however, Biden said he’d defend Thomas if the Hill story ever became public, along with another matter concerning a leaked draft opinion from the appellate court that had been drawing criticism.

“Judge, I know you don’t believe me,” Thomas recalled Biden telling him, “but if any of these last two matters come up, I will be your biggest defender.”

Thomas recounted, “He was right about one thing: I didn’t believe him. Neither did Virginia (his wife). As he reassured me of his goodwill, she grabbed a spoon from the silverware drawer, opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue as far as she could, and pretended to gag herself.”

Heh. Speaks very well of their intelligence and ability to judge good character—another trait Biden lacks. No matter, though; as I said, Uncle Gropey must have pissed off some higher-up pretty badly, because the recent sudden barrage of bad PR on him ain’t no accident.

This is all taking place in the context of the #MeToo movement/hysteria in which the accusation of imappropriate douchebaggery was sufficient to send Al Franken back to doing whatever the hell he is competent to do. How does a Democrat party that trashed Brett Kavanaugh based on scurrilous fictions accept as its nominee a guy who becomes a human octopus when around women? Electorally, how does a Democrat party that hopes to use preference for women as a political sales pitch in 2020 do that when you have reels of video of their putative standard bearer pawing away? You can’t. And even though Bernie Sanders is getting the heat for being behind this, none of Biden’s rivals have stepped forward to defend him. Which brings me to the next point.

The more interesting phenomenon is happening on the right. As I mentioned above, Biden has a lot of friends on the right side of the aisle who are coming to Biden’s defense.

Why Republicans or conservatives feel obligated to wade into a Democrat circular firing squad to save Joe Biden from his own behavior is simply beyond my comprehension. This whole episode is exactly what Senator Rubio described, that is, it is a cynical and dirty political hit orchestrated by one of Biden’s rivals for the nomination. Who cares? Why should we defend a guy who just last year was fine with Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser being given credence and being protected from any adversarial questioning? Politically, why would we a) want to help the (on paper) strongest Democrat candidate survive an own-goal and b) why would we want to go on record as seeming to defend a groper. Why can’t we agree with the proposition that Biden is a nice guy and, at the same time, let him live under the #NewRules he helped develop?

Better yet, why can’t we acknowledge instead that he’s nothing remotely like a “nice guy” and never has been, seize on any and everything we can use to destroy him utterly just as he would one of ours, and revel in jumping up and down on his stinking carcass after we’re done? Diplomad says enjoy the karma:

A typical old-style corrupt Democrat politician, a poor man’s Edward “Watch-What-My-Oldsmobile-Can-Do” Kennedy, Biden loved cameras, spouted 1980s vintage pedestrian “social justice” slogans, and yet nestled comfortably in the pocket of banking and credit card interests. He tried to portray himself as just, “Uncle Joe, your neighbor. Let’s have a beer.” Yawn. A bore. Only his gaffes, ponderous lectures, and hair-transplant travails made him mildly amusing. I found surprising when Obama picked him as his VP in 2008, but, those wiser explained that it made sense: Biden could bring in some middle class male white vote; perhaps ease the concerns of powerful financial people about Obama’s leftist views; serve as the voice of experience; and, of course, he would not outshine President Obama. A correct calculation? I don’t know. I leave that discussion to pollsters and campaign historians. I know one thing for certain, he did not capture this white dude’s vote, nor allay this white dude’s concerns about the Obama misadministration.

Well, Uncle Joe got himself screwed over in 2016. It seems he thought that eight years as Obama’s loyal sidekick finally would earn him, entitle him, ensure him the machine’s backing for the Democrat nomination that he had sought for some 30 years. Nope. Not so fast, white guy. Obama promised that to Hillary Clinton and her powerful money printing press. Joe was talked out of running, given a “surprise” Presidential Medal of Freedom, and sent off to graze in Delaware. See ya, Joe!

As we can see from the score or so of calamities now running or about to run for the Dem nomination in 2020, the ground in the Democratic Party, the world’s oldest political party, has shifted radically. Poor Joe, apparently, did not get the memo, the one that says white guys not welcome, or he misunderstood it, “That can’t mean me! I love women! I love black people! I don’t want them back in chains!” He thought, I guess, that he could gain an exemption from the identity politics mantra.

Gropey just ain’t fanatically Marxist enough for today’s loony radicals, nor confrontational enough to openly endorse the gang violence that is the modern Left’s bread-and-butter MO. He personifies the incrementalist Old Guard, so they have no more use for a relic like him than they do Hillary!™. He could declare himself a woman, have his dick hacked off, and release photos of himself sucking random cock in a subway toilet and it still wouldn’t be enough to put him over with the freaks, geeks, and headcases that are now his party’s base.

Elsewhere, Leftards are having shitfits over Trump’s nitwittery and lack of (harrumph harrumph!) gravitas for this bit of lighthearted hilarity:

Know how I always say that Proggies are a bunch of priggish, pinch-faced nags without a sense of humor? Yeah, that.


So long, Gropey Joe, and thanks for all the fish.

Reaping and sowing update!There are so many women coming out against Joe Biden that you’d think Trump had just nominated him to the Supreme Court.

And yet there are those rushing to Biden’s defense against what is clearly an oppo dump by the other Lilliputian Democrats (ahem: Bernie Sanders) who lack Biden’s stature and — well, we won’t call it gravitas, as that has never been a word applicable to Biden. Who are they?

Naturally, they’re the do-gooder Republican crowd; the same people who still haven’t stopped clucking about Donald Trump’s boorishness and inadequacies.

Marco Rubio called Biden’s travails a political hit job. He said it was “Dirty Politics 101” and lamented that things won’t stop with Biden.

Bill Kristol touted the stories of Biden’s “kindness and compassion” he was struck by.

And Meghan McCain said Biden was “truly decent and compassionate.” One almost gets a Raymond Shaw/Manchurian Candidate vibe out of the NeverTrumpers defending Biden this week.

And once again these are people who ought to be ignored.

Joe Biden isn’t kind, and he’s not compassionate. He’s a garden-variety attention-whore hack politician with personal habits tending toward depravity, and if he’s gobbled up by the left-wing mob before he can touch off yet another failed presidential run, it is of no particular abomination to the right side of the political fence.

Biden made his bed, and made it again and again. Let him lie in it. When someone worth defending against the #MeToo mob is accused, let that be a time to push back against #MeToo excesses.

Not this. This is Social Justice in its true form.

Indeed it is. Let there be one set of rules and one set only, rigidly enforced against everyone. If these are the ones Lefty wanted then they damned well better be the ones Lefty lives by, with no exception or indulgence granted, whether he finds them congenial when his own butt is caught in the blades or not. He and his shitlib confreres should be compelled to stew in their own fetid juices, and to hell with every last one of the sonsabitches.


2 thoughts on “Gropey Joe goin’ down

  1. “Marco Rubio called Biden’s travails a political hit job. He said it was “Dirty Politics 101” and lamented that things won’t stop with Biden.”

    This is the repub party? Talk about opening your mouth and proving your IQ is just high enough to be able to speak. Won’t stop with Biden??? Um, my dear young man, it started many many years ago to those on the right (I seem to recall a certain Genesis video staring a muppet Ronald Reagan). The snake is just now getting around to eating its own tail.

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