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Why we always lose

The familiar whimper of the weak-kneed perennial loser: “This is not Who We Are.

Northam’s Career Shouldn’t Be Destroyed By His (Awful) Photo In Blackface
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s photo in blackface from medical school is racist by any standard, but it should not disqualify him from public service.

Oh, yes it damned well should.

Let’s be clear about one thing, by the standards of today’s left there is no question that this photo is disqualifying and that by those standards he must step down. Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook, and the controversy surrounding it make this clear. In this case it isn’t vague, Northam is obviously engaged in racist behavior, he admits it, this isn’t a clue, or innuendo, as with Kavanaugh, but photographic evidence. Oh, and his yearbook quote was about enjoying beer.

If a photo of a Republican politician in blackface from 1984 (or 1954 for that matter) emerged, the entire media would be out with the tar and feathers. And maybe they will be with Northam. Maybe Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon will wax poetic about Northam’s grave sin and how nothing has really changed much. These are the rules the left wants.

And they should get them—good and hard.

But they aren’t the right rules.

Don’t care. At this point, there’s no reason any of us should. Wrong as they no doubt are, they are the rules currently in place; all that remains to us is to see that they’re fairly applied, right across the board. Only after the swine that created them are forced to suffer under them too will there be any hope of undoing them.

In fact, they are seeds of little but destruction.

Yep—if we play it the right way, like we gave a damn about the outcome, the Left’s destruction.

Conservatives should be forgiven a moment of schadenfreude over the revelation. Take the moment; enjoy it, tweet, revel, and meme––go to town. But after the party, remember this isn’t what we stand for. Northam’s entire professional career should not face the wrecking ball based on a stupid and racist costume that was almost certainly meant to be a joke (albeit a bad one). He has apologized, now, too.

The opportunity here is not to take Northam down, but to show progressives the folly of their ways. To teach them that their unforgiving dredging of the past for incidents of insufficient wokeness will wreak havoc on their own, as well as on others. This is an opportunity to commit to the idea that forgiveness, especially for an instance of racism so long ago, must be possible.

Oh please, you silly little gawdhelpus. The Left DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT about “the folly of their ways,” or that they’re playing by “the wrong rules.” There ARE no opportunities to “teach” them, about anything; with obstinate, fanatical ideologues, there are never any “teachable moments,” because they aren’t teachable. They aren’t interested in your ideas or beliefs; they don’t care how “wrong” you might think they are, and they don’t care to discuss the matter with you. They care about defeating you, and nothing more. They will do whatever it takes to get the job done; they will go to the mat on even the most trivial issue, fighting tooth and nail to see you undone. And that’s the difference between them and you.

I dunno, can it be possible that this guy never heard of the infamous Rules laid down by Lefty’s patron saint, spiritual guide, and tactical inspiration—rules constantly wielded against their enemies without remorse or restraint, with near-total success?

4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
8. “Keep the pressure on.”
10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”

Rule 4 is the crucial one in this instance, but they all apply. No matter, says Marcus; we must be better than that. Otherwise, we run the risk of actually winning one now and then. And that—HORROR OF HORRORS!—we must never, ever do.

The photograph is racist, full stop. A 25-year-old, even in 1984 should have known better. But is it beyond forgiveness? We must have harsh penalties for racism, but if we use these harsh penalties for 35-year-old jokes, or deeply tasteless costumes caught on camera, we risk minimizing far more serious, present racism, by failing to distinguish between the severity of different actions. If this was nothing more than a joke or costume, Northam should be allowed to survive it. Disqualifying him for it makes disqualifying accusations of racism a mile wide and an inch deep. And that isn’t a good approach to fighting racism.

My emphasis above highlights another way we lose: by granting the Left’s premises, agreeing to be bound by lines they draw for us. “We must have harsh penalties for racism”—WHY, exactly? Why must we vigilantly police the attitudes and opinions of the populace against Badthink?

“Far more serious, present racism”? WHERE, exactly? There are already sanctions in place for institutional racial discrimination, which addresses the matter as well as it can ever be. Racism itself, individual and private—an instinctive, unthinking bias in favor of one’s own tribe, along with a negative bias against others—is one of the primordial attributes of human nature, and can never be completely eradicated. Do Muh True Conservative Principles™ really require that we endorse a lapse into full-tilt-boogie Orwellian dystopianism with “harsh penalties for racism” too?

Oh HELL no. Take Northam down—ALL THE WAY down, forever. Then go find another shitlib and do the same to him. Lather, rinse, repeat, again and again, until they’re brought to their fucking knees and pleading for mercy. It’s long past time the Left felt the boot grinding into their own faces for a while. As Schlichter always says, give them a bellyful of the New Rules until they choke.


3 thoughts on “Why we always lose

  1. And take those who supported him even though they knew what he was as well!

  2. We should start bitch slapping the cuck who wrote that article and never stop.

  3. we run the risk of actually winning one now and then

    And then we’ll have to throw the damn match like Ryan and McConnell did from 2016-2018.

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