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Larger thoughts

So here we go. To get the ball rolling:

The Daily Caller is taking the rare step of publishing this anonymous op-ed at the request of the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose career would be jeopardized by its disclosure. We believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers.

As one of the senior officials working without a paycheck, a few words of advice for the president’s next move at shuttered government agencies: lock the doors, sell the furniture, and cut them down.

Federal employees are starting to feel the strain of the shutdown. I am one of them. But for the sake of our nation, I hope it lasts a very long time, till the government is changed and can never return to its previous form.

On an average day, roughly 15 percent of the employees around me are exceptional patriots serving their country. I wish I could give competitive salaries to them and no one else. But 80 percent feel no pressure to produce results. If they don’t feel like doing what they are told, they don’t.

They do nothing that warrants punishment and nothing of external value. That is their workday: errands for the sake of errands — administering, refining, following and collaborating on process. “Process is your friend” is what delusional civil servants tell themselves. Even senior officials must gain approval from every rank across their department, other agencies and work units for basic administrative chores.

Saboteurs peddling opinion as research, tasking their staff on pet projects or pitching wasteful grants to their friends. Most of my career colleagues actively work against the president’s agenda. This means I typically spend about 15 percent of my time on the president’s agenda and 85 percent of my time trying to stop sabotage, and we have no power to get rid of them. Until the shutdown.

Okay, that’s Item the First. Item the Second:

A scathing internal Navy probe into the 2017 collision that drowned seven sailors on the guided-missile destroyer Fitzgerald details a far longer list of problems plaguing the vessel, its crew and superior commands than the service has publicly admitted.

Obtained by Navy Times, the “dual-purpose investigation” was overseen by Rear Adm. Brian Fort and submitted 41 days after the June 17, 2017, tragedy.

It was kept secret from the public in part because it was designed to prep the Navy for potential lawsuits in the aftermath of the accident.

Their report documents the routine, almost casual, violations of standing orders on a Fitz bridge that often lacked skippers and executive officers, even during potentially dangerous voyages at night through busy waterways.

The probe exposes how personal distrust led the officer of the deck, Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock, to avoid communicating with the destroyer’s electronic nerve center — the combat information center, or CIC — while the Fitzgerald tried to cross a shipping superhighway.

When Fort walked into the trash-strewn CIC in the wake of the disaster, he was hit with the acrid smell of urine. He saw kettlebells on the floor and bottles filled with pee. Some radar controls didn’t work and he soon discovered crew members who didn’t know how to use them anyway.

Fort found a Voyage Management System that generated more “trouble calls” than any other key piece of electronic navigational equipment. Designed to help watchstanders navigate without paper charts, the VMS station in the skipper’s quarters was broken so sailors cannibalized it for parts to help keep the rickety system working.

Since 2015, the Fitz had lacked a quartermaster chief petty officer, a crucial leader who helps safely navigate a warship and trains its sailors — a shortcoming known to both the destroyer’s squadron and Navy officials in the United States, Fort wrote.

Incredibly, staggeringly, there’s more yet, and worse still. Next up, Item the Third:

My focus for this post is on the appalling picture at bottom left, which is one of two that ran over at AOSHQ a couple of weeks ago and which I intended to use for this post but didn’t save and now can’t find; both appear to have been deleted from Twitter. The blacked-out part of the above pic features Degenerate Dad’s bare cock, taped back over his balls drag-queen style. The sickness and depravity evident here speaks for itself; the other picture I mentioned was every bit as bad if not worse.

So this, then, is where we are as a nation: an all-powerful, unrestrained federal bureaucracy full of indifferent, overpaid deer-ticks producing nothing of value to anyone, those few who aren’t actively victimizing and harassing taxpaying citizens for their own amusement; manipulating its population through all sorts of insidious stratagems, unaccountable and untouchable—spying on them, tracking their every move and purchase, intimidating them, inflicting an incomprehensible host of laws and regulations they themselves aren’t subject to.

A fraudulent election system producing meaningless musical-chairs results and denying any real input to the electorate in their own governance. A decrepit, corrupt, and fiscally-profligate military whose higher ranks cover up its dysfunction and incompetence while its enlisted personnel and company-grade officers are worked to dangerous levels of exhaustion, poorly- or untrained, and ill-equipped to sustain a killing operational tempo fighting endless, pointless wars with no goal in sight and involving no American national interests at all, “vital” or otherwise.

And a juvenile, self-seeking, narcissistic, and perverse populace whose over-the-top hedonism and decadence would have made Caligula blush—steeped in wastrel indecency; uninterested in healthy family, religious, or community life; encouraged by the dominant culture to remain barren of offspring in favor of selfish, shallow overindulgence, yet unfulfilled and floundering despite all their self-glorification and technological distractions.

Throw in a meddlesome, authoritarian government run almost entirely by the sleaziest, most amoral and rapacious crooks you could possibly imagine, operating in direct, open contravention of the requirements and restrictions laid upon it at its founding—contemptous of its duties, ignoring its core responsibilities, and abusing its subjects in ways ranging from niggling to actually, literally deadly.

All of this seems to add up to an inescapable conclusion: that we are at an advanced—maybe irretrievably so—late-Roman-Empire level of national decline and decay. That’s the point I intended to elaborate on when I started this post. I still am not prepared to admit that it isn’t perfectly true, and that there’s not a whole hell of a lot anybody can do about it.

And then the Covington Kids contretemps happened and sent me careening off that course. I gotta admit, I just can’t help but draw some hope from it. A fairish bit, in fact.

The irony is that the Cuck faux-Right was unanimous in eagerly attacking these young men, when their response to their antagonists’ taunts and blatant, in-your-face incitement was exactly the kind of calm, measured, and mature tack the Cuck Right has always insisted on. Faced with extremely intense provocation from frothing, hate-filled lunatics—the vilest of verbal insults, physical aggression only just short of assault—the Covington Kids provided a living, breathing example of how to take that high road the Weak-Tea Right is always blubbering about.

And just look what it got ’em from their putative allies.

The despicable cuck response is revealing of a lot of things, sure, but they’re all things we already knew anyway. The important thing, the inspiring thing for me at least, is this: those kids stood their fucking ground, thereby proving themselves to be bigger, more manly men than the repulsive slimy things spewing and spitting and ranting at them in DC—to no effect at all, thanks to their poise and self-assurance. The kid serving as the smiling point man in the pics stiffened his spine the moment it hit him that these weren’t friendly, well intentioned kibitzers come to join in with their school-cheer session with good will looking to participate in the impromptu party. He squared his shoulders, stiffened a friendly smile into one of defiance, and looked a gang of hostile, jeering thugs right in the damned eye…and did not give a single fucking inch.

This young man faced a mob of likely-violent Lefty troublemakers and didn’t show the least sign of backing down to them, maintaining control of the situation by maintaining control of himself. Via his own calm self-possession and confidence, he kept a situation from escalating into something that could easily have ended very badly indeed for him and his fellows. He left the field with honor and self-respect entirely intact. And he did all that with a grin on his face.

This young man is a credit to his school, his teachers, his parents, and his country. You see articles now and then about a nascent groundswell of interest in traditional American values and conservative or Dissident Right politics among young people, particularly among the more intelligent and well-brought-up among them. Maybe it’s so. I have no idea how many of them there might be, or if they even exist at all. Those stories could just as easily be the product of wishful thinking among those of us who would love to believe that there might be some meat on the bones of our fading hope for defeating the Left once and for all, avenging the damage and destruction they’ve wrought, and retaking at least some part of our stolen liberty from their greedy clutches.

But like I said, this kid gives me hope. Maybe his Catholic high school has plenty more like him; maybe a few other schools in the surrounding community do too. I’ve said for years that any American recovery and restoration will have to begin in the schools; maybe it actually is doing so, although the Covington school’s kneejerk condemnatory response to this manufactored controversy doesn’t seem to bode well. Being part of a Catholic system now dangerously poisoned with liberalism, the school’s dismal response can’t come as much of a shock. But if the obvious good training so evident in the conduct of these teens IS a portent of the regeneration of a core of sanity in our education system, then maybe all isn’t lost for us quite yet. We all gotta hope so.


5 thoughts on “Larger thoughts

  1. This is (unsurprisingly) a spot-on, incredibly well-written essay. (BTW, I wish you would someday publish a book containing a selection of some of your many excellent pieces.)
    The institutions may very well be beyond redemption, but I’m heartened to see that the people are not. I strongly admire the way that the young man politely and calmly stood his ground. I was not surprised at the wholesale cuckery shown by the so-called men of the right, however. There’s no better proof than this incident that the establishment right long ago ceded cultural and political control to the left.

  2. “This young man is a credit to his school, his teachers, his parents, and his country. ” Damn right he was, and that was one damn good essay!

    With young men like that, we can win our country back again. Barbarian savages like that lying indian drummer will never prevail against the unflinching resolve that young man showed!

  3. hello Mike,

    Nobody sez it better than you. The best part of your writings— “the kid gives me hope”.

    I feel hope as well, good sir. I’ve a 15yo, bringing him up as an unhyphenated American, instilling good character, love of Country and what it means to be an American. So far, so good. Got steel in his backbone. And his birthday is special – Coast Guard Day (and i’m a retired Coastie!).

    His parents must be so proud of their son, and if they read this blog (as they should be!), then all I ask is that I hope they and their son are exercising their 2A rights as well. That young man is a treasure! And within him lies our hope for America!

    God Bless, sir…

    The JG

  4. Mike,

    This is one of your very best pieces, and I have been lurking, more or less, since you started it, along with Captain’s Quarters, Command Post, and Belmont Club. Glad to see the correct one has survived. 🙂 I echo Francis. I would gladly budget money to buy a collection of your writing. You are a superb writer, as well as thinker. Thank you so much for your insight and, along with the excellent Kurt Schlicter, not being afraid to call bullshit on these miscreants.

    Godspeed, sir! I drink to your health!


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