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Dog-piling cucks

The Decepticons of True Conservative Inc™ WERE awfully quick to join the rat-pack smear of the Covington Kids, weren’t they? Particularly egregious and repellent was the effete/elite gangtackle from the once-relevant NRO, which spared no effort in disgracing themselves just as soon as the Left deployed their usual liar’s-hit-and-run tactic to attack a group of fine, upstanding young men who had done absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong. Unfortunately for them, Ace is PISSED, and he’s all over ’em thusly:

And remember, National Review and the various other cucklings were right there alongside the hard left and CNN (But I repeat myself) in proclaiming that wearing a MAGA hat was/is itself a hatecrime — a hatcrime — which is provocative and deserves a response up to and including violent assault.

Oh — and don’t forget, they were white and male and Christian, so that means the left is going to lynch them for nothing, and that also means the Cuck Fake-Right is going to help string up the rope to do it, so they don’t miss an invitation to the next cocktail party.

Oh — and National Review continues pretending it wasn’t part of the lynch mob.

Here, have another:

Personally, I don’t read National Review any more, and have not in literal years. The only time I see it is on the rare occasion someone tells me that Andrew McCarthy has written something worth reading (something that isn’t his customary defend-his-former-colleagues-at-all-costs reflex).

That, and when I’m alerted that Jonah Goldberg is plagiarizing me again.

I’m not even aware of National Review any longer. They’re…they’re just so far out of the arena they have no effect on the game at all. (Except when they want to add credibility to a leftwing lynching operation.)

Tim Pool is not a conservative, but he does know that the hard left — the “identitarian left,” the antifa left– plays dirty and he does not like it.

Tim Pool is worth fifteen cucks from National Review — and he’s actually a left-winger to boot!

If a one-man operation, consisting of one left-of-center commentator, is a better defender of innocently slandered conservative boys and a better critic of leftwing panic-mobs than our alleged right-wing institutions:

What is the point of having these institutions?

Maybe it’s time to do some trimming of the deadweight. Maybe it’s time to start funding other people who do not have a proven track record of complete failure and fecklessness, and who actually have an impulse to fight the left’s brutalizations of conservative voters instead of saying, “Hey, if we surrendered some more, it might confuse them!”

What cannot be reformed must be destroyed.

Expect more snark from AllahPundit and the other preening cucks about how Trump should stay out of this and leave the kids’ defense to the Adults in the Room who can really protect them, like National Review, Bill Kristol, Ana Navaro, Seth “The Beefcake Avenger” Mandel, etc….

Hugh “This shit sandwich sure is tasty!” Hewitt—quite possibly the first known specimen of Cuckservapithicus to rise from the primordial political soup, an eons-old whipping boy for us rougher, crustier, more cantenkerous sorts—comes in for his share too:

And while Hugh Hewitt is still attacking the Covington Kids, he has decided to issue an apology.

Not about jumping on the Covington Lynching Party bandwagon.

No, he’s apologizing to Media Matters (!!!) because he said that Joe Biden had “transgendered” to Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez, and that’s offensive.

So Biden gets an apology, and Media Matters gets and apology, and the Tranny Mafia gets an apology, and the Covington kids get… lectures and harumphing from an old limpdicked c*nt.

Eh, fuck ’em. They’re little people. Just some hicks from the sticks. They’re not True Conservatives like Joe Biden is.

Courage. The cucks are just plum full of it. Overflowing with it, in fact.

Yep. Integrity, too. Trustworthiness and reliability. Above all else, the will and determination to FIGHTY FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! for dem True Conservative Principles, right down to the last DC cocktail party hors d’oeuvre on the silver salver. If the Left gives ’em permission first, natch.

Oh, and if any of you CF noobs are scratching your heads over that “shit sandwich” reference above, it’s from the early Cretaceous Period of the warblogosphere—happily preserved in amber for our posterity by our old friend Physics Geek, who used the Wayback Machine to gingerly prize it from the earth:

Shit Sandwich Suprisingly Tasty; I Give It A B+
by Hugh Hewitt

I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I try a shit sandwich?” I might have felt the same way a few days ago, but now I’m a believer.

I was chatting with an administration insider over the weekend. During a sidebar in the conversation, it was intimated to me that President Bush’s favorite late-night snack was a “shit sandwich” with tartar sauce on the side. That encouraged me to give it a shot with an open mind. I know the president is intuitive yet discriminating  in his choices, and isn’t afraid to go against the conventional wisdom. He also needs a lot of energy to get up early and fight the GWOT each day.

So I tried it. The verdict? Earthy, no-nonsense flavor. The tangy contrast of the tartar sauce is initially off-putting, but like Bush, I’m in this game for the long term. I’ll give it some time to grow on me. It’s easily a B+ snack.

UPDATE: My insider friend just called me again; apparently I misheard his end of the conversation, it was a fish sandwich. Well, that shouldn’t surprise me. In addition to introducing bold new ideas, Bush has always shown an appreciation for the traditional eating values that made this country great in the first place.

I laughed like hell at it then, and I’m still laughing like hell at it now. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I’ve mentioned it several times over the years, including this two-bagger slap at both Hewitt and Romney from ’07. As for PG, he still pops up in the comments here once in a while, and I’m damned proud to have him too. Ace promises a whole week of this stuff, and I’m gonna use another of his posts on it as a springboard for closing out that Larger Thoughts post I’m currently mired to the wheelwells in myself.

“Shameful” update! Et tu, Julie? Oh, you betcha.

But this time they crossed a line. It wasn’t their usual hyperventilating about Trump-Russia conspiracies or “shithole countries” comments or exit strategies for our troops in the Middle East. No, this time they exploited innocent high school students for their own political gratification. They abandoned not just their professional duty but their self-proclaimed conservative principles and any sense of decency—all in order to Get Trump.

It’s hard to see how they can stoop any lower.

And these weren’t just any group of random high schoolers. These are boys who were attending an event to support a cause that conservatives have championed—despite immense cultural opposition—for the past four decades. Young boys who attend a religious school and presumably are from faithful families trying to instill traditional values in their children despite the Left’s continued assault on those values. Young boys who probably represent everything that the modern-day conservative movement has claimed to promote since its inception. Young boys who probably view their MAGA hats as a sign of patriotism and respect for the president, not a symbol of Racist Rube Nation. Young boys who we now know acted in a polite and deferential manner even while they were under attack by grown men taunting them and hurling hateful epithets at them.

But what did Trump-hating “conservatives” do? They betrayed boys who, by all appearances, are the progeny of conservatism. They aided the Left in the virtual thrashing that prompted death threats against the children and their families. They acted in the same way—worse!—they accuse the president of behaving. They sided with the enemy.

And when confronted with evidence, there is no real apology or soul-searching. The public and the maligned families are just supposed to accept their vague, “oops, my bad” tweets and move on.

Further, the same crowd of call-out conservatives, the nags who constantly are telling us which Republican lawmaker or presidential aide or Fox News anchor must be reprimanded for one imagined offense or another, have been silent on calling out their own tribe for joining the Covington High School outrage mob. Where is David French “calling out” his pal, Bill Kristol, for his two (deleted) tweets about the kids, including calling them “MAGA brats”? Where are the Referees of the Right demanding that Ana Navarro or Ben Howe or Jennifer Rubinapologize for vilifying innocent kids? Where are the conspiracy trackers like Jim Swift condemning Jim Swift for peddling this fiction? And why isn’t one conservative demanding that S.E. Cupp be fired from CNN for slandering these kids on her program? (She unconvincingly apologized on Twitter on Monday.)

I’m still firm in my belief that GOPe politicians and party officials are actually acting as collaborators with the Democommies to preserve the Deep State and keep increasing its power and reach, but I’m willing to accept for consideration that these Muh Principles! pundits are just stupid, officious, and easily-led. Pay attention to Julie’s third ‘graph above; I bolded it for ya, because you will be seeing this material again.


4 thoughts on “Dog-piling cucks

  1. If you bother to look, you’ll find that the tribe is at the very root of most of the evil in this world today. Not necessarily all of them. But the vast majority of the “reformed” swill. Illegal alien terrorist invasion of Western nations? Tribe. And that includes the “flotillas” that have tried to invade Israel. The tribe hates that nation every bit as much as the ragheads do! Debasement of civil order and culture? Tribe. De-platforming of opposing viewpoints? Tribe. All to further their goals of destroying national sovereignty – as Frau Merkel has admitted – and wiping Western culture off the face of the earth. And it ain’t just Schwartz György. The rest of Davos and the Bilderbergs are fully onboard. Yeah, not all of them are of the tribe, but a shitload of them sure are. And then there are the “reformed” Jew swill in the US as well. Again, most of whom despise Israel as much as the ragheads do. Wanna bet who funds BDS? Tribe.

    Nothing will change for the better until the world is willing to admit that it has a Jew problem.

    1. Gosh, I always thought that the problem was the vast army of stupid people supporting stupid policies pushed by stupid politicians and “intellectuals” or authoritarian regimes. Now I learn that the Jews are responsible for most of the world’s ills. I guess that includes most of the shithole countries in existence, even Muslim ones.

  2. One thing I agree with is that Jews aren’t above criticism. Between Marx, Boas, Trotsky, the Frankfurt School, the Rothschilds, Soros, etc., etc., the tribe certainly punches above their weight class in social and cultural influence. That influence has also been highly destructive within Western civilization. I also concur with the idea that the Holocaust has been used alternately as a cudgel and a shield to prevent honest and open criticism of our Hebraic brethren. Ukrainians and Armenians aren’t afforded the same privilege, even though six million Ukrainians died in the Holodomor.

    But Jews aren’t all the same, Mark. Rand, David Horowitz, Mises, Jabotinsky et al, have little in common with the figures mentioned above. Thinking of people only in a demographic sense dehumanizes them, and that can become a deadly slippery slope.

  3. As I keep saying: the problem ain’t Jews, it’s LIBERAL Jews. Granted, they’re a dismayingly-large percentage of the whole. But that can also be said of urban whites, college kids, suburban housewives, journalists, and plenty of other groups.

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