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The divide

It’s real. And bridging it is neither possible nor desirable. First, a bit of old-school fisking for the Left side.

The wheels are not off the bus. The kids, and the rest of us, are going to be all right. Come the new year, the country will switch from the Trump Show, where our president hears voices on Fox TV and does what they say, and move to Court TV. That channel will play a police procedural akin to Law & Order where an elite squad of dedicated detectives, known as the Special Counsel’s unit, investigates especially heinous crimes and a team of attorneys prosecute the offenders. The rule of law, not the vagaries of politics or Ann Coulter, triumphs.

The rule of law has already been trampled by Mueller’s contra-Constitutional farce, and it’s the “vagaries of politics” that have driven it from the start.

In this setting, the president’s tweets can and will be used against him. Throw shade on law enforcement (they’re all enemies out to get the White House), poison the jury pool (Michael Cohen’s a rat, Michael Flynn’s a patriot), and otherwise flick sand into the wheels of justice (appoint attorneys general who’ve pre-judged the case), but justice will still grind on. There is always decorum in the court. One lie, much less 7,000, can send you to prison.

Oh, so Tweeting is illegal now, is it? The president’s tweets will be used against him right enough…and so will absolutely anything and everything else the Mueller Coup crowd can dig up, every bit of it well outside his “Russia collusion” mandate—itself nothing but a subterfuge. Law enforcement entire is not “out to get” Trump, which he knows quite well. But the corrupt FBI and DoJ most certainly are, a home truth that only a diehard-shitlib asshat could deny. Justice isn’t going to “grind on”; it’s going to be ground under the wheels of the Deep State juggernaut.

With the first phase of police work just about over—the search for the real colluder, or colluders, hundreds of hours of FBI interviews with all the lying under oath that suggests, grand jury appearances, arrests and indictments, witness flips and plea deals—the main action moves to court.

The “real colluders” have already been found—Obama and Hillary. That “action,” alas, will remain closeted and is never going to “move to court,” although if we still retained anything resembling “rule of law” it assuredly would. “Hundreds of hours of FBI interviews” suggests not “lying under oath” but politically-motivated harassment of a despised outsider by a rogue, overly-powerful bureaucracy—an open attempt by DC Swamp creatures to preserve their undeserved power and privilege by nefarious means. Because, y’know, that’s what it is.

Problem for Flynn was that Sullivan can tell the difference between out-of-control prosecutors and Robert Mueller, who is completely in control. In the Trump investigation, all the misconduct is on the defense side, with the president’s unconscionable attacks on the FBI, cooperating witnesses, and Mueller’s staff, whom he labels as biased Democratic hacks.

It’s Mueller, whose very office is at best Constitutionally questionable, who is “out of control.” He long ago skipped gleefully over the boundaries of his limited official mandate and never looked back, now jailing people for things that aren’t even illegal (Cohen) and piffling, decades-old technicalities that previous Obama officials were guilty of but never questioned about at all, and which have nothing whatsoever to do with “Russian collusion.” “Biased Democrat hacks”? Nearly EVERY ONE of Mueller’s henchmen are, umm, Democrat-Marxist donors. Not party members, mind, but donors, and big-money ones too. They are the very living incarnation of “biased hacks.”

Sullivan won’t hear all Trump-related cases, but he’s involved in many. When he learned last spring that a mother and child were being flown out of the country while their case for asylum was pending, he ordered prosecutors to “turn that plane around.” And he threw a wrench into Trump’s unilateral changes to our asylum laws at the end of December.

There are complex rules for refugees and asylum-seekers, both national and international. The US is under no legal obligation whatsoever to accept them (or anybody else) willy-nilly, according to the whim of weepy liberal media propagandists, without reference to those procedures. That was so before Trump, and it’s still so now, no matter what some sniveling, hankie-soaking Citizen Of The World might wish were the case.

Trump will soon find himself as burdened by the law and order as he is by Democrats refusing to build his wall. His foundation has been charged in New York as a slush fund that took money in but gave not much away.

*cough cough* Clinton Foundation *cough cough*

Although our founding fathers were unlikely to imagine a frequently bankrupt casino mogul as president, they protected us against him. They didn’t stop at two branches of government. In their enduring wisdom, they created a third, which sits astride the law and punishes those who think they are above it but are not.

Sorry, but the Founders were not only LIKELY to imagine the bloated, tyrannical abomination insidious termites like Carlson have replaced legitimate government with, they actually DID. They spelled out their abhorrence of the kind of government favored by shitlibs starkly and unequivocally…in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, among many other writings.

As for the courts, they aren’t supposed to “sit astride the law.” Neither are they supposed to alter it, modify it, or make it up from any “emanations and penumbras” that suit them. Their role, strictly and specifically limited as are those of their co-equal branches, is to interpret it: in the case of the Supreme Court, to ponder its concordance with Constitutional requirements, and either approve it or strike it down as is appropriate. In the lower courts, to apply it fairly and without bias. That’s all.

I could easily dismantle this wet-brained liberal balderdash further, but enough of the bint’s tiresome, specious nonsense. There’s no point in bothering further with it; like the rest of her ilk, Carlson is wholly divorced from reality, not amenable to or interested in logic, truth, or reason. Instead, via Doug Ross, let’s have a look at some 24-karat truth from the other side of our Great Divide:

Trump was elected not based on any single issue, but because Americans believe that we are no longer citizens of a republic; that we are subjects of an elected aristocracy, composed of a self-absorbed and unaccountable permanent political class, which serves international interests at the expense of the American people.

They maintain their authority by an ever-expanding and increasingly intrusive government and use a compliant media to manipulate public opinion in order to maintain the illusion of democracy. The size and pay scales of the federal government now exceeds much of the private sector but is unconstrained by regulation and, ever more frequently, by legality.

It is not a contest between the Democrat and Republican ideologies driving the inanity emanating from Washington, D.C., but a battle between the entrenched power of the bipartisan political establishment versus the freedom and well-being of the American people.

It is a conflict between those who want to adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law and “they,” who wish to continue the practices of political expediency, crony capitalism and a two-tiered system of justice.

It is a choice between a government of the people, by the people and for the people or “elective despotism” when lies, corruption and tyranny are embraced by the political-media establishment.

The election of Donald Trump was not the consequence of colluding Russians tapping on keyboards in darkened basements, but one of hope based on a single proposition, the possibility of honest, representative and effective government.

Three years before the start of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln said a government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free — that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Likewise, a government separated from the people cannot stand.

Nor should it. That’s the burden of responsibility the Founders laid on We, the People. That’s the test we’ve failed, by tolerating the ongoing Leftist campaign of undermining, uprooting, and destroying instead of crushing the pestilential insects when they first infested the national garden.

These two posts are perfectly adequate and accurate summations of the viewpoints balefully staring each other down across the Great Divide. Can any reasonable person possibly imagine a way to reconcile them that doesn’t amount to capitulation and defeat? In light of the relentlessness and duplicity demonstrated by the Left, can any but a purblind, dimwitted naif hold out hope for an acceptable compromise with them? Kurt hammers the point home:

Every day that they refuse to allow the man we elected president to fulfill the most basic function of a national government – securing its national borders – they make a deliberate choice to accept more dead Americans. Oh, and more crime, poverty and welfare costs too. They are willing to let it all happen because their power means much, much more to them than your prosperity, your security, or your life.

In a country where the ruling class gave a damn about those it governs, the scumbag who murdered Corporal Singh would never have snuck in, and if he had, he would have been tossed before racking up two DUIs. But he wasn’t. California is a sanctuary state. It’s just not a sanctuary for citizens like you.

When they want to strip American citizens of our Second Amendment rights (and, not coincidentally, our ability to resist them), they howl that disarming all of us would be worth it if it saved just one life. It’s a stupid talking point with regard to the Bill of Rights, because even if rights were subject to a costs/benefits balancing test (they aren’t), the fact is that only a fraction of a fraction of the 300 million-plus arms that our citizens keep and bear will ever be used in a crime.

But what about saving just one American citizen’s life from murderous foreigners who, as opposed to our freedom-preserving weapons, are not even   supposed to be here? Unlike the American patriots exercising their gun rights, every single illegal alien is a criminal just for illegally entering and/or remaining. Then they also need fake IDs to function. Identity theft is a crime, at least for you and me. Then there’s the voter fraud, the welfare fraud, the property crimes, and the violent crimes. Oh, not all illegals are violent criminals, but every single one spits on our laws, laws we the people enacted via our elected representatives.

So what do you call it when the government ignores the law, which is the will of the people expressed through the legislature we voted for? It’s sure not “a republic.”

In order to keep those illegals flowing in, our miserable elite is as willing to let democracy die as it is to let you die.
Who thinks this will end well? Anyone?

The American people are not blind. They see the truth, and they are not going to be denied justice forever. The election of Donald Trump was not the worst case scenario. It was the first case scenario. What comes next, if the elite keep denying the will of the people, will be even more disruptive, even more divisive. They might win today’s skirmish over the wall, but tomorrow there will be new corpses and greater anger.

The elite’s selfish and cruel sacrifice of the lives and lifestyles of America’s citizens risks tearing apart the United States.

So? That’s a-okay with them; their plan all along was to dismantle and replace it anyway, and to replace its uncooperative patriots, the ones the brainwashing didn’t take root with, by whatever means they find convenient.

Either a bloody, desperate fight is coming or we resign ourselves to slavery, oppression, and injustice. It’s a godawful fix we’re in, but I can’t see any other alternatives left to us other than those two.


38 thoughts on “The divide

  1. I would humbly suggest that courts don’t exist to “interpret” the laws. They exist to decide if they’ve been broken. Juries are the real judges in American jurisprudence. That has been turned on its head lately. These renegade lawyers in black dresses have basically decided they run the country. They need to be reigned in.

  2. Either a bloody, desperate fight is coming or we resign ourselves to slavery, oppression, and injustice. It’s a godawful fix we’re in, but I can’t see any other alternatives left to us other than those two.

    There’s never been an alternative.

    We’re in “a godawful fix” now because we didn’t have that bloody and desperate fight back in ’92 when it might have been less bloody and less desperate.

    Or in ’82. Or in ’72. Or in ’68…

    Or if not less bloody and less desperate, then at least more timely and effective.

  3. And, all due props to Kurt, but I’m going to point out that Corporal Ronil Singh didn’t belong here either.

      1. As a California “Law Enforcement” officer, Corporal Singh was doing his best to make sure the Mere Citizens were not able to defend themselves against the illegal alien terrorist invaders. Thank God that he is now burning in hell where he so truly belongs, sent there by one of those who he was enabling to predate on the decent human beings in this country. The real shame is that the illegal did not kill the rest of Corporal Singh’s family at the same time. Let them enjoy the fruits of their pig’s labors.

        1. C’mon Ironbear, he became an American and died in a war, the war against crime. How many battles have you been in? In the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor there is a Cybulski listed among the dead. Maybe he didn’t belong there. In one of the many Normandy war cemetaries there is a Cybulski. Maybe he didn’t belong there.

          1. There is no “war” against crime, and Bluebellies aren’t fighting one, especially in Sanctuary City California. They’re fighting for their pensions and their masters at City Hall. At Berkeley they (California LEOs) were fighting for Antifa.

            You calling it a “war” and Singh a “war hero” by implication dishonors your ancestor at Pearl and mine who fought in the WWII Pacific more thoroughly than I could ever manage.

            When he came here and naturalized, he became a U.S. Citizen, not an American. They’re not synonyms.

            These days, neither are “Californian” and “American.”

          1. As the Mueller witch trial and the murder of Andrew Lee Scott and the murder of Corey Jones and the murder of Justine Damond and the murder of Jerry Waller and the murder of Jack Yantis and the murder of Andrew Finch and the murder of Eric Scott and the murder of Daniel Shaver and…

            Well, hopefully you get the picture. God damn every pig in this country to hell for what they have done, and God damn their filthy whores along with them. burn in hell, you God damned fucking bitches!

          2. Well actually, DAN III, that is not quite accurate. After all, Corporal Singh is now truly a “good cop”!

          1. Nope. A cop instead fucked Randy Weaver’s wife. Or more accurately, he murdered her in cold blood while she was unarmed and holding their baby. Pig whores burn in hell, baby!

  4. This country has experienced two “irreconcilable conflicts”: Patriots vs. submissive Tories in 1776 – ’81, essentially abolitionists vs. slaveholders in 1861 – ’65.

    In these late days, “patriotism” rightly understood means dedication to limited government reflecting consent of the people under Rule of Law; “abolition” means asserting individual autonomy as an inalienable right, jointly and severally constraining administrative/regulatory (“official”) and other collectivist/Statist tropisms paving Hayek’s “road to serfdom” with dependency diktats that would make Jeff Davis blush.

    Now 72 years past Hiroshima and VE Day in 1945, the post-WW II era is dissipating right on schedule, taking two centuries of brutally infantile-regressive jacquemards down with it.

    One thing we can say with certainty: Given looming off-planet and quantum-technological advances, among other literally inconceivable developments, AD 2100 will no more resemble 2000 than 2000 did 1900, or than 1900 did the century before. For nigh 2,500 years, ranting demagogues’ every single “share-the-wealth” demarche has foundered on the NFL (“no free lunch”) Principle whereby “Something for Nothing” SFN = 1 x 0, returning worse than zero every time.

    Should we worry? Yes… but likely not as much as those born 1843, 1894, 1922 whose cohorts lost a fifth of their best-and-brightest to scarifying en masse wars. Given three-to-five more generations, humanity will have transcended SFN forever, floating vast intrasolar refugia ever outward to the stars.

    1. “Now 72 years past Hiroshima and VE Day in 1945, the post-WW II era is dissipating right on schedule, taking two centuries of brutally infantile-regressive jacquemards down with it.”

      You’ve forgot or you never knew that “The Bad War” was really a fight between the forces of Masonic globalism/communism supported by Russia, America and Great Britain against nationalism/Christianity supported by Germany, Italy, Hungary and 5 other European countries.

      If you doubt this, read “The Bad War” and “Planet Rothschild” Vols. 1&2 by M.S.King and watch both “The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2” and “Europa – The Last Battle”.

      The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Regarding the wide ranging babble about what to do about illegal alien shitholers, fake refugees, and anchor babies, how best to provide the merciless defense of American sovereignty is the sole (how to) debate of importance I’m interested in, and I’m
    not hearing it from anyone.
    So be it.
    I now give less than a fuck about the pain and suffering those responsible have earned.

  6. “When he came here and naturalized, he became a U.S. Citizen, not an American. They’re not synonyms.” This is a very thought provoking statement and true.

    1. That should actually have been “If” rather than “When”. My bad – I don’t know that he immigrated and naturalized. He may have been born here.

      But, even if he was, it doesn’t change the statement. There are second, third, and even fourth generation U.S. Citizens who are demonstrably not Americans. Citizen and American are not synonyms.

      It’s not the illegal part of illegal immigration that’s the problem at this point in history, it’s the immigration part.

  7. Either a bloody, desperate fight is coming or we resign ourselves to slavery, oppression, and injustice. It’s a godawful fix we’re in,

    Given most of human history as a guide, bet heavily on the latter.

  8. You don’t know much about Singh personally, but above you seem absolutely sure of his motivations, and that of all law enforcement personnel in California. The breadth of your mind-reading ability is truly stunning.

      1. Burn in hell, you God damned pig shit swill. We know very well what you are, by your fucking actions. God damn you for eternity. And God damn your filthy whore along with you, because that fucking bitch knows full well what you are, yet she cheers you on anyway. That makes her an accomplice, under your very own Rules of Engagement, and thus subject to the same penalties. I hope you kiss her good bye when you go in to work, because she’ll be dead by the time you get home.

    1. You’re a Canadian living in Spain, IIRC, Henry.

      Do you presume to tell the Spaniards what the ethnic makeup of Spain should be? Do you tell your Spanish neighbors what the national character of Spain should be? Do you tell the Spaniards what criteria they need to use to determine who belongs in Spain?

      What do you think their reaction would be if you did?

      Do you think you have a voice in who does or does not belong in America?

      1. Sure: Americans, even some of those second, third and fourth generation U.S. citizens who become, what’s the phrase, patriotic Americans. The Pearl Harbor Cybulski was an American, while the Normandy Cybulski was a Canadian. You’re painting immigrants and Bluebellies with a very broad brush.

        1. Henry,

          The “broad brush” applies and is accurate. It is called guilt by association !

          1. Daniel Dearie, for several years I lived close to the Stoney Indian Reservation west of Cochrane, Alberta. I’ve even hunted, fished and cut firewood on their land. Now, I could say that all Stoney Indians are drunken wastrels, but that wouldn’t be true would it? Your argument is akin to saying that they all are at fault because of the drunken wastrels in their community.

          2. That’s truly special, Henry! What wit and wisdom!
            On the other hand, if those Indians looked the other way as their tribal bruthas and sistas were drunken wastrels, then it WOULD be appropriate to tag them all with that description. But then I suppose you can’t remove your lips from that pig dick long enough to understand that now, can you?

    1. I agree with the commenter on your site that ignoring the state is the best strategy, along with developing alternatives to state-controlled life. Those alternatives can be homeschooling, private exchanges of certain goods, etc.; whatever works.
      Unless there’s a breakdown of the various controlling mechanisms of the state, including police, there’s not much we can do. Trying to organize individualists comfortable with our modern lifestyle to fight the state is going to be like herding ornery cats. For example, I would currently take direct action against the state’s thugs only if they tried to confiscate my guns. Afterwards, I would either be dead or in jail, so it wouldn’t accomplish much.

      1. Well hopefully a bunch of pigs would be dead, so that WOULD accomplish something. And if others followed up, well…

        But one should never expect the pig suckers to remove their lips from that sausage, because the filtered coffee and donuts just taste SO good to them.

        1. Feel free to become a martyr at anytime you like. I look forward to the news stories about your heroic attack on a police station.

          1. Hollywood already has a working title for a planned animated flick: Markiepoo–the Pig Whore Hunter. I’m pushing for: Markiepoo–the Sputtering Pig Whore Nemesis. I think the latter better captures the tragic-heroic essence of the heroine.

          2. Oh, it won’t be a police station. I know where they live in my neighborhood. I know their schedules. And I know their spouses’ schedules. I should be able to do at least five before they even know anything.

  9. IIRC, Randy Weaver was killed by a Federal Agent. Feds are in a different league than the Sheriff’s Office in Stanislaus County. The Sheriff is an elected position, and what little I know about CA (I have family there) indicates that Stanislaus County is far more conservative than the coastal counties. Corp Singh did it the right way. Came to the US legally, got a job, married, and then had a kid he was taking care of. There are a lot of US-born citizens that would benefit from following his example.

    I know there are bad cops, and I fear them whenever I travel to CA. But don’t paint with too broad a brush. We’re going to need all the allies we can get for the interesting times ahead.

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