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“The peaceful transfer of power is no longer a given”

A new, deplorable paradigm.

As troubling as the new paradigm is, it is just another convenient political gambit for the irresponsible left. The prominence of the new paradigm should alarm every freedom-loving American. If unchecked, in time, it will force a breaking point. It also speaks to a palpable division that goes beyond anything we’ve seen since at least the Civil War. Politics is no longer the art of reasonable compromise; it has become an exercise in grudging, chafing tolerance, with one side consumed by a passionate hatred for the other side – a spreading hatred that threatens to consume both sides. America is at a tipping point, and the 2018 elections will likely determine which direction we take for a generation or more.

The fact that we still have a chance to save the country from the collectivist ash heap is miraculous, given that almost every force in society is aligned against its salvation:

  • We toil under the baleful eye of the leftist corporate media, which ignores our successes; amplifies every perceived failing; and paints conservatism as intolerant and incompetent, stuffy, and stultifying.
  • A small but loud resistance movement inside conservatism is endlessly paraded before the country, obsessing over what is “crass” and “gauche.” It is animated by a reeking desperation for approval of everyone outside the right and is utterly useless against a left that never puts form over substance.
  • The population is widely dependent upon the largess the government has been dispensing for generations.
  • The left seems near the end of its long march through society’s consciousness-forming institutions, dominating the media and almost wholly controlling academia, the arts, the sciences, and entertainment and making serious inroads into religion.
  • The strings that connect and control the digital age are in the hands of the left, hands that gleefully strangle voices on the right.
  • Even as “the right” controls the federal government, recent events have shown that rogue leftist elements within government are active and treasonous.
  • The left is utterly ruthless, while the right still pretends propriety and decorum are indispensable hallmarks of civilization rather than civilization-threatening indulgences. 
    Problems such as the national debt and unfunded entitlements were once considered paramount. One can be forgiven for pining for such simple times.

As important as many of Trump’s agenda items are, this year’s election is the most important in more than two centuries because the left has fully embraced the new paradigm of illegitimacy. Leftists have never been more clearly defined, and the present moment affords us the best chance we have ever had to turn decisively away from their road to ruin. For the first time in a generation, the president and his allies have the country moving in the right direction, defined not by statistics, but by the fact that what he has already accomplished offers conservatism a real chance to be shown to work. All of the propaganda and histrionics of the left will fall on deaf ears if the people are confident about the direction of the country. The left still represents a cacophonous minority; most Americans are still animated by a desire to secure their place in a world where they can feel proud of themselves and their country.

Given that Hillary!™ did in fact win the popular vote in 2016, along with the apalling success of the Left’s Long March Through The Institutions—most especially the government schools, which have been beavering away at brainwashing hordes of new young socialists for many decades now—I’m not sure how confident we can be about that final assertion.

George Orwell Daycare Center update! Did I just mention government-school indoctrination, and its paramount importance to the Progressivist plan? Why, I believe I did. A little history on that:

Translated into practical terms and updated from its early-20th-century Italian cultural setting, (Antonio) Gramsci’s thesis is understood by the modern Left to mean:

Socialist revolution will never happen in a nation if its culture continually reaffirms and enshrines middle-class capitalist values. Thus, in order to pave the way for the arrival of a communist state, radicals must first insinuate themselves into and/or influence the media and educational system, and from these positions of influence change public attitudes about the status quo. To achieve political hegemony, you must first achieve cultural hegemony.

This was a significant change from Marx’s and Lenin’s original ideas about communist revolution, which basically involved simply seizing power, public opinion be damned, and afterward propagandizing the masses to accept the new order. Gramsci realized that Marx had it reversed, and that the propaganda and indoctrination must happen first, in order to make the populace open to the idea of revolution; otherwise, rendered complacent by middle-class values and comforts, the populace would never consent to the upheaval of a revolution.

The media and public schools were correctly identified by Gramsci as the most influential cultural institutions, and it was therefore those that the left realized must be targeted.

It is this sophisticated Gramscian plan, and not the more brutish Marxist idea of simply seizing power by force, which has guided leftist thought in America since WWII. And it is why the media and education have, over time, been slowly turned into engines of leftist propaganda. Gramscianism matured into “critical pedagogy” which is the real-world application of his educational theories, and countless left-leaning young adults have for decades been nudged toward careers in education and the media. Some time ago, we crossed a threshold in which the Gramscian infiltrators no longer had to ply their trade surreptitiously, but became the majority in the media and in education, and after that point the process accelerated rapidly as they took over both fields and turned them into ideological weapons.

That’s quoted from a much longer, broader, and deeper post at The Smallest Minority, of which you should read the all. Several of our regular commenters here at this hogwallow have waxed eloquent about the urgent need to regain control of the government schools, with an eye towards remaking them sans the malign Left influence currently saturating them. They aren’t wrong about that. Until such time as we figure out a way to achieve that Sisyphean task, whatever victories we manage to win will be small, and temporary.


9 thoughts on ““The peaceful transfer of power is no longer a given”

  1. There is no such thing as “the popular vote”. There are 50 of them, of which Trump won 30.

  2. Given that Hillary!™ did in fact win the popular vote in 2016…

    No she didn’t.

    When you eliminate the voter fraud and the Illegals votes, Hillary lost the popular vote too.

    Don’t accept the Left’s framing and repeat it, Mike.

    1. Heh. Yeah, I left that out of my calculations, ‘Bear. But it’s as Randy said: the popular vote counts for precisely squat anyhow.

      1. Doesn’t matter. I long ago reached the point where if I engage the Left at all, I’m not going to give them any single fragment of their frame uncontested.

        “Hillary won the popular vote!” means something to them, else they wouldn’t repeat it so hysterically.

    2. I have to disagree. In the context of this particular essay, it is germane to point out Hillary!s popular vote total, since that total is yet another reflection of the utter disdain the Left holds the nation’s institutions in. The Left cares only for power, even if it means corrupting a core mechanism (the vote) with fraud and illegally cast ballots to achieve it.

  3. This doesn’t even rise to the level of a minor quibble compared to the larger point. It is completely irrelevant how many actually voted for whom. What is important is that 99% of American school children will learn. from now ’til the crack of doom, that 2016 was stolen by an un-democratic system and believe it. I often read chortling about the Electoral College and taunts of, “If you don’t like it, change it.” Well, give it 20 years; that plan is already well underway, as Mike says, and 20 years is not that great a distance on the road to the Interminable Global Collective.

    The Long March is just that. True believers understand it and are confident they will reach their goal if they just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    No matter how lunatic your opponent may appear respect their capacities.

  4. Wars are composed of battles. I have been listening to “conservatives” crow every time they win a skirmish for the last few decades. I remember when the State largely agreed to allow the serfs to carry a handgun(hardly an effective combat weapon) around with them- as long as the serf jumped through the hoops and paid the fees demanded. You would have thought the war was over, and won without firing a shot! All the while, the left, with the willing assistance of the right, has been slowly transforming America into a gulag. How many people do you know who homeschool their children? Refuse to allow their children to have smartphones or use the internet in the absence of a parent? How about people structuring their lives to limit tax liability? Most are so wired in to the modern iteration of society thst they would likely give up their gun(the one sks their wife let them keep) to maintain access to the internet. These slobs are stealing our children, they have already stolen most of the rights we started with, and they really want to kill as many of us as it takes to clear their utopia of any who cannot be re-educated. We are taxed repeatedly on every bit of wealth we can create(unless we work really hard at thwarting that), permitted and forbidden to death, and fined if we offer the opportunity. We lock up more people than anyone in the world, have cops all over the place, and yet we have more “crime” than we ever had. We have let the betas among us destroy our society from within, all the while telling ourselves those commies can’t come here because there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    People think Trump is working to kill the “deep state”. I tell them I hope he is, and kudos to him if he does. But how will he fix the population? Can he majically remove the desire for free shit? Can he make all the parents suddenly concern themselves with raising productive, moral and respectful citizens? Can he return the wealth stolen from this nation over the last 100 years? I think not. No, there will be a fight. Or just whimpering submission. To be honest, I am not positive it won’t be the latter. There should have been a fight a long time ago. But humans like it easy. I hope we can overcome that tendency at the next proper juncture. It may be the last chance to putnthe betas back in their rightful place and restore a working model in this society. May it not be wasted.

  5. “Given that Hillary!™ did in fact win the popular vote in 2016, along with the apalling success of the Left’s Long March Through The Institutions—most especially the government schools, which have been beavering away at brainwashing hordes of new young socialists for many decades now—I’m not sure how confident we can be about that final assertion.”

    It’s pretty clear by now that conservatism is as failed an ideology as is communism. In both cases, the believers will always argue “But we haven’t had a true ______________ government, yet!” Yeah, exactly. So, if it never comes into being, maybe it’s just not a workable idea.

    That’s not to say that some of the ideas and ideals that conservatism claims to value (far too often in the breach thereof) are bad, but the whole “But we have the better arguments/philosophy” claim is easily addressed in the same manner as the North Vietnamese responded to US claims that “We won every battle” – “That is true. It is also irrelevant.”

    1. FaCubeItches said:
      “But we have the better arguments/philosophy” claim is easily addressed in the same manner as the North Vietnamese responded to US claims that “We won every battle” – “That is true. It is also irrelevant.”

      My point exactly. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

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