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My God, but the EGO on this douchebag.

Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are negotiating a major production deal with Netflix, The New York Times reported on Thursday night.

The pending deal would bring exclusive content from the Obamas to the streaming site’s 118 million subscribers. It was not immediately clear what types of content they would deliver to the site, but Eric Schultz, a former adviser to the president told the Times: “President and Mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire.”

One possible show idea, the newspaper said, could involve Obama discussing topics that were germane to his policies as president — including health care, voting rights, and immigration, The Times said.

Those topics comprise portions of the legislative agenda he exercised during his time in the White House — many of which President Donald Trump has sought to roll back since he took office last year.

May I suggest a title? “Vital Social Issues ‘N’ Stuff, with Barky.” Sure, it’s lifted from Kelly Bundy’s short-lived show on Married With Children. But I’m confident His Majesty’s show will be of comparable quality and worth, if nowhere near as enjoyable to watch.

Despite my expectation that watching the abominable thing will be capable of inflicting actual, physical pain on saner sorts, I’m equally confident that Oshitstain will have a dismaying number of palpitating, worshipful droolcases eager to tune in and lap up his every lecture—his maddening drone falling on their ears like the sweet singing of angels, stimulating them into quivering, weeping near-catatonia. Like, say, this idiot.

It’s easy to look at what’s happening in Washington DC and despair. That’s why I carry a little plastic Obama doll in my purse. I pull him out every now and then to remind myself that the United States had a progressive, African American president until very recently. Some people find this strange, but you have to take comfort where you can find it in Donald Trump’s America.

That was belched forth by some dizzy bint in the course of touting the anticipated (by her) Blue Wave, wherein soothing memories of the earthly rein of her Lord and Savior Obama will inspire millions of normal Americans to vote in favor of re-impoverishing themselves, re-unemploying themselves, re-taxing themselves into penury, and re-subjecting themselves to endless hectoring, harassment, and random violent assault by freaks, illegal aliens, perverts, street bums, criminal thugs, gun-grabbers, Marxists, Antifa fascists, Al Franken, Mexican gangbangers, crooked career politicians, Harvey Weinstein, Muslim rapefugees, duly-deputized shadow minions of the Deep State, and assorted other dysfunctional malcontents, psychopaths, and creepazoids. IE, the Democrat-Socialist constituency en bloc.

And then, when the victims of these reprobates are desirous of the healing balm of diverting entertainment to ease the pain of their financial, spiritual, and physical wounds, they can sit back on the couch, tune in Netflix, and subject themselves to a pantload of sniffy condescension from His Majesty himself reminding them that it’s all their fault because America Sucks That’s Why, and that he’s very disappointed in the way they’ve let him down. Again.

Whatever Obama-licking liberal butt-boy conceived this devil’s deal with the Clown Prince Of Darkness to turn Netflix into O-TV ought to have his ass beat like a drum seven days a week, and twice on Sunday. Hopefully the ratings will handle that chore for us, if only in the figurative sense.


16 thoughts on “Make it stop!

  1. Could be a major problem.
    Production contracts require lawfully-executed I-9 forms.

    Which name and SSN will HopeyDopey use?

    1. You make the mistake, Aesop, of thinking that “laws” apply to Your Betters. If there truly were Rule of Law, Barry and Moochelle would be swingin’ by their necks from lamp posts alongside Slick and Cankles and the rest of the Deep State. And afterwards there would be heads on pikes every few feet all the way around the Beltway. As a reminder to future Communists of the penalty for treason.

  2. I finally found this site –
    The best and most profound rants that satisfy my outrage completely.
    That is all for now

  3. I would pay folding money to see Obama’s nostrils deep cleaned with an icepick while Moose’s butt was enlarged with a railroad spike and an sledgehammer. Absent that sort of entertainment, I’ll pass.

    1. Meh. Just a swordfish suppository would suffice. Only one swordfish needed…make him wait! )

    2. I was going to say that a single railroad spike would just disappear into his?/her? sphincter unless a two-by-four was strapped to it. A swordfish might work but a Subaru would be better. That would be more environmentally conscious, too!

    1. If I could stand the sight of him, and believed in voodoo, then I’d get an Oblabla doll just to stick pins into it.

      But, I can’t stand the sight of that Manchurian fraud- and I don’t believe in voodoo, either.

      1. So why not just contact a “spiritualist” down in Miami to do it for you? With the Haitian invasion, there is no shortage of such businesspersons…

  4. Hey, now, I’m all in favor of the Barky O’Bama Hour!

    I suggest NetFlix title it “A Study in Failure: One Metrosexual’s Man’s Journey From Activism to Abjectification”.

  5. This is all good news, and bad news for the Dems.
    This will be a big, fat softball for Trump to slam out of the park every episode. Not to mention him and others trolling the shit out of them for every fatuous lie they tell.
    I hope that the first airings are right before the midterms, invest in popcorn stocks.

  6. “My God, but the EGO on this douchebag.”

    Shouldn’t that be the EGO IN this douchebag?

    Ego isn’t something you spread on like butter. It’s a mental state, can only be repressed, not washed away.


  7. What will Michelle do? Since she’s all-in for the children, maybe she could do a puppet show! Like “The Manger Babies” on King of the Hill, but instead of animals who witnessed the birth of Jesus in a manger, they could hang out in an abortion clinic.

  8. Been reading this blog for a while. The antidote to MSM news. The NYT editors remarks regarding the purse/Obama doll cropped up on Facebook. Since I could not possibly write as good a response as your dizzy bint paragraph I copied and pasted. I did give credit to Cold Fury in the opening to the post. Writing this good deserves to be shared. I really hope I didn’t cross a line.

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