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War to the knife

Turn it all back on the fascist Progtard bastards. Every last bit of it.

“Invent a weapon,” Jordan Peterson said on Tuesday, “and your enemies will have it within one generation.” He was talking about Gamergate feminist Brianna Wu, who was learning the hard way that YouTube’s Restricted Mode was hurting the gays it was supposed to protect. You may be thinking, “Wu who?” right now, but you should be saying, “Woo-hoo!” because Peterson’s observation is profound. Not only are the bots turning on their creators, we are too. We’ve taken Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and turned it into our guidebook. We are the Social Justice Warriors now, and we’re way better at it than they ever were.

Right now, a man in a MAGA hat is suing a bar in New York called The Happiest Hour for booting him out solely because he loves Trump. Getting kicked out of bars is pretty common for people in MAGA hats above the Mason–Dixon line. The old right would venerate the entrepreneur and quietly take the high road out of the bar. Not anymore. Since the lawsuit was announced, Trump supporters have been flooding the bar. One MAGA woman was just paid $150 to get lost.

The new right wing does more than just get petty when the going gets rough. We appropriate. When you attack us, we turn it into a slogan. Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” made us into The Deplorables. Her “fake news” now defines all the news that lies about us. We even got her freaking out about a green frog. Since then, we’ve convinced them that everything from an “OK” gesture to a bobbing purple dove to a glass of milk is a secret Nazi code. It’s so easy to turn them into a dizzy Chihuahua frantically chasing his own tail that it’s almost cruel—almost.

There are times I think we go a little too far down the SJW rabbit hole. I didn’t like trying to get Samantha Bee fired for saying someone had a Nazi haircut, but I understand where they were coming from. Similarly, calling the horror movie Get Out racist against whites seemed a bit much, but maybe I was wrong. Attacking MTV for their “2017 Resolutions for White Guys” got it taken down and Dear White People started with 184,068 dislikes on YouTube and evolved into a Netflix boycott.

This is the part of the article where we begin to get what editors call “example exhaustion,” but I’m still not tired of winning. When Kyle Chapman was maced at a recent pro-Trump rally, he reached into his bag and grabbed the gas mask he had packed for that very occasion. Then he put on a helmet, grabbed a stick, and started bashing the “antifascists” who had just attacked him. What could have been yet another example of lunatics abusing us with no repercussions blossomed into an inspiring meme where #BasedStickMan is Photoshopped into countless heroic situations. I’m told by the organizer of that rally he was inspired by the Proud Boys charging headfirst into my NYU talk and pounding the crap out of the masked anarchists who pepper-sprayed me. We were told to take the back door, but we refused because we’re done with being ashamed. The Deploraball that happened a few weeks before this was another example of us stealing back the culture, and I’m not just talking about the name. When some kid in a ski mask said, “You wanna go?” I said, “Yeah, I do wanna fucking go” and punched him in the face. “Conservative men never punch people in the face,” Ann Coulter told me after she heard the story. She was thrilled. Living under “the tyranny of clichés” is really just being bullied by betas and I’m almost embarrassed it took us so long to stoop to their level.

Yeah, well, in the end, we’re all coming to realize that winning disgracefully actually beats losing gracefully. Especially when it’s our liberty and our God-given rights as the stakes.

A genteel insistence on fighting fair when your opponent is a dirty, sleazy, conniving scumbag willing to use every nasty, unfair, and/or illegal trick in the book against you is a recipe for one thing, and one thing only: defeat. Does anybody seriously think they’ll suddenly discover magnanimity, honor, and integrity once they’re well and truly victorious? Hell no; they’ll go right on as long as we allow them to until they’ve crushed us entirely, humiliating and scourging us as grotesquely as possible, allowing us not the slightest shred of dignity or hope. Then they’ll turn right around and blame us for the whole fracas, and see to it that we’re harshly punished for starting the whole thing.

Thanks, but…nope. Maybe it’s time to let them be the ones who fear to speak their minds in public for a change; let them have their longstanding assumption of general agreement with their position turned into a reluctance to be outed as a Leftist at all. Let them worry about finding themselves suddenly surrounded by a hostile group eager to slam them bodily to the pavement, or getting a swift sucker-punch in the mouth at one of their little protest melees. Let them get locked up for incitement to riot when they get beat down by ten or twelve fed-up, aggressive counter-demonstrators; let them lick their fucking wounds in the hospital, and then go straight to jail from there. Let them get their cars overturned and burned, their businesses destroyed, their homes picketed, their livelihoods lost for daring to dissent from traditional American beliefs.

And let them cry, cry, cry about it the unfairness of it all too. When they do, let them be mocked for it.

Yeah, I know, I know; its un-American, and it’s depressing as all hell to contemplate the prospect, too. But America was lost a long time ago; this is the world they’ve made, and now we have to live in it, until such time as we can find a way to unwind the skein of authoritarianism they’ve bound us with, if we even can. So why shouldn’t we see to it that they have to live in that world, too?

It’s ugly, and it’s awful, and we all hate it. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that they’re never going to rediscover the value of free speech, of tolerance for dissent, of decency and civility, until they’ve been made to suffer themselves for having deprived others of those things with impunity. I’ll say it again: if we’re truly going to take our country back, it’s probably going to come down to a shooting war before all is said and done. That being the case, we’d better resign ourselves to finding a scrappy, fiery, and vicious Sherman right away, rather than pinning our hopes on the admirable qualities of a man like Lee, a product of an earlier era whose virtues and values have been bypassed and trampled by a more brutish reality.

All they ever had to do was just leave us the hell alone. They wouldn’t…or couldn’t; the realization of a totalitarian, authoritarian dream always and forever requires the subjugation of all, by definition. So let them reap the whirlwind, to the fullest extent we can manage. When up against foes such as these, the smart thing isn’t to hope for eventual generosity and forbearance from your vanquishers; the smart thing is to do whatever is necessary to make them profoundly regret ever daring to fuck with you in the first place, and to make sure they’ll think long and hard before ever even contemplating such a thing again.

As my dad always said: ain’t no such thing as a fair fight, son. They are in none but a strictly geographic sense our countrymen, and until they stop treating us as enemies, we dare not treat them as if they were friends.


4 thoughts on “War to the knife

  1. And let them cry, cry, cry about it the unfairness of it all too. When they do, let them be mocked for it.

    Yeah, I know, I know; its un-American…

    But it’s not un-American, Mike.

    Read some H.L. Mencken sometimes. Better yet: read a lot of H.L. Menken all the time. 🙂 (It’s good for what ails ya.)

    Read newspapers from the 19th century.

    Look up some of the old time rancorous arguments between political opponents from that time frame, and from the earlier years of our nation.

    Rabid partisanship and political vituperation and voting with your wallet is as American as Apple Pie and Mom. It’s only in the latter parts of the 20th Century that we’ve been sold a bill of goods that we’re supposed to be “bi-partisan” and “better than that” and “not sinking to the level of our enemies” and all that shite.

    It’s a bill of goods sold to us by our enemies, because it’s easier for them to win when we’re hobbled by having our hands tied with their rules.

    Screw that noise. It’s time we got back to our roots and went all 19th Century on them.

    Being a Gentleman doesn’t mean being “nice” all the time.

    We’ll know that America is reborn and slowly coming back alive and kicking when Ted Cruz horsewhips Chuck Schumer out of the Senate Chambers. Or when a Republican Congressman takes a cane to one of their “Honorable Opponents” from the Other Party and beats the crap out of them. And/or when Rand Paul calls out Paul Ryan and challenges him to a duel – and shoots him.

    (Look up the history: all based upon actual incidents from our history.)

    Kim du Toit is right: we’ve gotten pussified. We’ve forgotten our own history because we’ve let the Left revise it on us until we’ve bought into their precepts of how it was and how it should be.

    It’s far past time that we remembered that the American thing to do is to punch the bad guy in the snoot – after calling him a bad guy to his face.

  2. My dad always discouraged his kids from starting fights, but also insisted that if we find ourselves in one that it was important not to lose. Finish the fight, fight to WIN, and do not stop fighting until your opponent sincerely regrets ever having crossed you.
    I’m small and physically weak, but my voice carries so I enthusiastically praise Trump in the supermarket whenever I shop for groceries and I encourage others to join in. Why? Preference cascade. Same reason why I loudly criticized the leper messiah during his 8 year reign of leftardacy. Most people might not think it brave, but did I mention that I am in New York? LOL
    I got tired of the way people looked around nervously before whispering that they were not commies. So I figured if they saw this little chick with kids in tow being unafraid to say what they were thinking then they might not be so scared anymore. I’m just a housewife, but I do what I can – and while nobody has gotten hostile with me yet, believe me, if they ever do I am fully prepared to defend myself by whatever means are convenient to me.

    PS Gotcha linked in my latest TrumpDay post, here:

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