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A scenario. And a warning.

This is entirely a piece of fiction. And a cautionary tale. Hopefully it stays that way, but I wouldn’t put chips on that square. If it gets your panties all twisted, too fucking bad. Get over it.

It took about twenty minutes to type out, and I haven’t even been thinking about this much.

If I can come up with this off the cuff, so can five hundred thousand other people. Some already have.

Bet your ass on that.

And if you’re one of the erstwhile protesters, many of them wouldn’t be as merciful towards you and yours as I was in this little tale. You ARE betting your ass on that, every time you show up for another piece of street theatre. And when it actually happens, 100:1 they’ll see that YOU get the blame for it. Win-win.

So, contrary to all experience thus far, you all could grow the fuck up, knock your silly shit off, and just suck it.

Or keep pushing your luck.

Call the toss in the air, kids.

I keep saying it, and I’ll keep right on saying it: careful what you wish for, Libtards. You’re already in way over your heads, and you don’t even seem smart enough to know that much. But the truth is: real Americans having put up with your shit this long should in NO way be taken as a guarantee that they’re going to put up with it forever.

(Via WRSA)


6 thoughts on “Wargaming

  1. Mike, have you run across these?:

    Days of Rage

    Sort of long, but repays the attention you give it. The last part discusses what things might look like if the war goes hot.

    Skull Stomping Sacred Cows

    Lots of good, serious thought in this one.

    I bring these up because I think they are relevant to the discussion.

  2. I think the converse is more likely to happen.
    The left, not only historically but also currently is more organized and primed to commit violence.
    Look for attacks on large gatherings of “fascists” at places like Memorial Day parades, sporting events, rallies, and as Bracken sent to WRSA, concerts.

  3. These fine “protesters” tend to do so in the hives. And the hives are run by One World Government aficionados who luvs them some Communists. So the hive Masters, who sign the paychecks for the “Law Enforcement” therein tell the Only Ones to lood the other way as the terrorists do their thing. But if anyone dares smite the terrorists, the Only Ones will be all over them like stink on shiite. I contacted the University of Central Florida to ask them what they intended to do about the terrorist training event held on campus by some of their students:
    and got the expected “All students have the right to free speech, yet free speech comes with responsibility. We expect our entire campus community to be inclusive and respect the diverse perspectives of others. In fact, “an open and supportive campus environment and respecting the rights of every individual” is so important to us that it is one of the tenets of the UCF Creed.

    The group you inquired about is not a registered student organization – they are individual students, not a formal club. The group receives no university or state funding.

    Translated: We’re not going to do a damn thing about it.

    I sent them a reply asking if their response would be the same if the group had been white supremacists training people to defend themselves against polar bear hunting, and I requested an answer to that question.

  4. @Monty James
    My comment on the skull stomping yesterday (still in moderation; wonder why):

    “If you don’t believe that a dude who is out, in wintertime, in a protest/riot, and eating some riot cops baton, as he receives a solid washing with “hickory shampoo,” is not a dedicated True Believer, you’re deluding yourself”

    There’s just one small problem: THAT HASN’T HAPPENED YET. Anywhere.

    The closest has been at Trump’s Inauguration, where the DC Police Department (which in the end, is under direct Federal orders, IOW Trump’s) has actually arrested people.

    All the rest of them have been in various Blue Heavens like Berkely, where the cops, egged on by the political chain of command (all Democrat) haven’t done SQUAT. Minimal arrests. No prosecutions. No aggressive response. Get back to me when there’s an actual casualty count that doesn’t involve the people being attacked by the mobs.

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