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A list

Oh, it’s a good one all right.

Leo Decaj wrote: “Keep this in mind :

Donald Trump did not steal your money.

Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.

Trump is not stirring a race war.

Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

Plenty more of ’em, too. All of which serves to remind me, for some reason, of this hilarious bit of Leftard boobery:

TruthRevolt just reported on their article comparing the President-Elect to mass murderer Dylann Roof. Now Salon has posted an article about the Syrian catastrophe with this headline: “Hey, President Donald Trump: Do you know where your bombs are falling?”

That’s right, more than a month away from setting up house in the Oval Office and Trump is already being blamed for bombing Syria.

Just remember, they’re smarterer than you.

And that puts me in mind of this: I was riding around with a good friend of mine the other night, a Mark 1-Mod-0 liberal, of course, and he was talking about how, even though he didn’t much care for his music, he totes admired Frank Zappa for the way he stood up to those “conservative fucksticks” responsible for the PMRC. I didn’t have the heart to remind him that that was…uhh, Al Gore’s wife Tipper.

But on reflection, maybe I shoulda. Every last one of you here knows what it’s like to deal with these people; we hold our tongues to keep the peace. It’s just not worth the candle to argue with people so completely convinced of their own righteousness, no matter how many times reality keeps tripping them up. It’s tiresome, and it’s bootless; they’re not listening anyway, and even if they were, they’re not remotely persuadable by mere facts or logic. You can’t reason someone out of a position they never reasoned themselves into.

Lately I’m thinking, though, that the time for that sort of polite forbearance is all done. As a professional musician, just about everyone I deal with in that field is a bonehead lib of some stripe or other, and I’ve long since grown accustomed to just shutting the hell up when they start in. My God, if most of the people I’ve worked with over the years even knew this web-sty existed, I would’ve long since been blackballed right out of the music business altogether.

It’s the same reality the handful of Hollywood conservatives have always had to confront. The Left is so “tolerant,” so “broad-minded,” that one’s very livelihood can be placed in very real jeopardy by committing the outrageous mortal sin of open disagreeing with them. As a result, Hollywood types have been reduced to holding secret meetings to discuss the issues of the day amongst themselves.

I’ve never once mentioned this site on my Facebook page, which I don’t much bother with anyway; I do post gig info on the FB page when I can remember to do it, and that’s about it. Nor have I ever mentioned the blog in any conceivable context with my various bands. Blogging is something I do, and music is something I do, and never the twain shall meet.

That’s not just because I’m afraid of any backlash from my Leftard friends; mixing music with politics is something I just don’t do anymore, although I sure did back when I was playing punk rock as a good little Leftard myself way back when. I just think it’s inappropriate, and can only end up demeaning the music in service of…well, not anything worthwhile. It took me a good long time to see the wisdom of Elvis’s disdain for bringing politics into the music, but I’m fully on board with it now.

But I know as well as you do that the backlash would be real, and severe; it’s not just paranoia stays my hand. The political is personal, as the Left says, for them anyway. Which just means that if you disagree with the Left, and you earn your living among Leftists, and you make that disagreement known, you WILL lose friends over it—gar-on-teed, you will. If they have their way about it, you will lose your livelihood, too.

But seems to me that with Trump’s great victory, maybe it’s time at last to come out of the shadows, at least in some ways. I still have no intention of mixing my politics with my music; like I said, I think it’s inappropriate, and not worthwhile anyway. In truth, I find a lot of the bands I loved back in my punk-rock days just about unlistenable nowadays because of the relentless, ceaseless political proselytizing; the Clash would be a perfect case in point. I used to love them way back when, but now? Ugh. Just…ugh. The only thing that will get me spinning the car-radio dial faster than Obama’s self-righteous drone is something, anything, from Sandinista. I repeat: ugh.

In contrast, one of the best bands of that era was the Ramones, who (whom?) I still just love. Non-political to the core, they were. You’d never figure out their personal politics from listening to, say, Rocket To Russia. If it’s mere coinkydink that Johnny was a diehard conservative, well, hey, go figure, right?

All in all, though, my days of holding my tongue when confronted by Leftists slamming my beliefs in the mistaken assumption that I think just like they do would seem to be coming to an end. The truth is, I’m about fed to the gills with it. Trump’s win, as clearly salubrious as it has been so far in all the bigger ways, might just work out nicely for all of us even on a more micro, personal level too.

Feels like liberation, in truth.

So yeah, it might just be time to remind some of these liberal fucksticks (ahem) in no uncertain terms that “tolerance” and “diversity” is about way more than just skin color. Call it The Enlightenment, v2.0. I’ll let Marky Ramone have the last word:

The Ramones famously sang “I Wanna Be Sedated” — but there was nothing sedate about the legendary punk rockers as they toured the country in a cramped van and talked politics, Marky Ramone tells Newsmax TV.

In fact, Ramone says, it was staunch conservative Republican against leftie Democrat as he and band mates Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee rode in their Ford Econoline — and all politicians were fair game for insults.

“Johnny was a conservative and Joey was a liberal Democrat and I’m a Democrat, but you know I have a lot of conservative friends,” Marky said Friday on “The Steve Malzberg Show,” as he promoted his new book,”Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone,” published by Touchstone.

But Marky said he and his bandmates — none of whom were related although they all used the name “Ramone” — knew the value of having the freedom to debate. And they loved it.

“That’s the country we live in, thank God, and we’re able to do that. So I respect people’s politics,” he said.

And THAT is what we’re in very real danger of losing now—but it won’t be conservatives who did it. We’ve had long, long practice in keeping quiet in order not to upset our tremulous, overwrought, unstable liberal-fascist friends. The catastrophic end-game that will be the result of that loss will not be pretty. None of us ought to be happy about it, none of us should be wishing for it, and we’re all going to suffer greatly for it before all is said and done.

But maybe it’s inevitable. Freedom-loving, Constitutionally-oriented Americans who want only to be left alone cannot exist cheek-by-jowl with true fascists who want to regulate our every move. The two beliefs are fundamentally incompatible; once the Left set out to render the Constitution a dead letter, they destroyed the very foundation of that uneasy truce and set in motion a chain of events that just may end up impoverishing us all in every way imaginable, and destroying them altogether. It’s my belief that they’ve crossed the deepest of Rubicons, and did so prematurely; it’s going to cost them quite damned dear in the end.

But if that’s what it takes to get them off our necks at last, well, so be it. Maybe they’ll wake up before it’s too late. Hopefully so. I’m not going to be holding my breath, and neither should you.

In the interest of letting Marky truly have the last word: I’ve mentioned and excerpted it before here, and the quote above is a reminder that I really gotta scrape up the cash for Marky’s book. And into the ol’ Amazon Wish List it goes, so I don’t forget.


3 thoughts on “A list

  1. I am right here with you on this, my friend. I work in television, and have had a lot of contact in music because of that, as well as being a hobbyist musician. Some of the funniest crap I heard was from stagehands on hippie fest tours, complaining that “Bush has really put a damper on this business”, as if festival tours were on the (long) list of things those ‘damn conservatives’were trying to deprive ‘the people’ of. Good luck, I understand the struggle! max

  2. It took me a good long time to see the wisdom of Elvis’s disdain for bringing politics into the music, but I’m fully on board with it now.

    Heh. Every time I think that my esteem for The King couldn’t get any higher, I find something like this that raises it even higher. 🙂

  3. I worked for and then as a teacher. At the Patent Office, I made the mistake of letting people know I didn’t hate Bush. What a mistake.
    As a teacher, I kept my mouth shut, it just wasn’t worth it.

    they’re not remotely persuadable by mere facts or logic. You can’t reason someone out of a position they never reasoned themselves into.

    And that’s why, when I do open my mouth, I don’t argue, I just point and laugh.
    I’m gonna really look forward to mentioning that Obama started all the wars Trump has to fight and Obama deployed all the troops in all the hotspots where Trump is “Causing War!!!!!”

    It doesn’t do anything better than trying to honestly debate, but at least I enjoy it.

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