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What if…?

Gavin McInnes suggest a course of action should the unthinkable come to pass. Hint: it does NOT involve going gently into that good night.

So here is how we’re going to lose: We are going to fight even harder to get this country back and we are going to fight dirty. When they go low, we are going to go lower. If they want to make it personal and ignore the facts, we’re happy to dive into the muck. The majority of the GOP refuse to do this and this is why they just became extinct. When Rush Limbaugh indicated that Sandra Fluke might be a slut for demanding birth control from a Catholic institution, conservatives were outraged he swore. Fuck them. We swear now.

We learned this from watching Trump and it’s a lesson that can’t be unlearned no matter who becomes president. He’s the centipede hatched from a dying GOP and we watched him go from an egg to a larva, past pupa and into the inevitable full-grown arthropod we see today. When the Huffington Post said it was only covering Trump in the Entertainment pages next to the Kardashians, Trump responded with “I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man. He made a good decision.” When Ann Coulter describes this moment in her book In Trump We Trust, she adds, “Imagine Mitt Romney doing that.” She’s right. It’s unfathomable. He was too wholesome and that’s exactly why he lost. Mitt never said “grab them by the pussy.” I don’t think he even knows the word. The man had zero skeletons in his closet, but that wasn’t good enough for America. They dumped him for being square. So, evolution brought us Ted Cruz. The job of the president is to uphold the Constitution, and Cruz could recite it forwards and backwards. Unlike Romney, he had the balls to stand up to anyone and seemed to thoroughly enjoy conflict. He was dumped for being too ugly and boring. This begot Trump. We went from a puritan virgin, to a virgin who can fight, to a dirty fighter on his third wife. If he loses, we will continue the life cycle and become a violent gang of dirty fighters. This is why, even if he loses, he won. Trump taught us that taking the high road doesn’t work. He taught us that intellect and decency and turning the other cheek get you slapped in the face. We don’t mind rolling up on Hillary and her supporters in our convertible and proudly declaring, “Afternoon, counselor,” as Max Cady did. It’s just as enjoyable as victory.

Life in a post-Hillary America is about revenge. If a professor is being pilloried for violating PC laws, we should go down to the president’s office and demand liberty. Milo Yiannopoulos did this when his DePaul University talk was shut down and it led to school president Dennis Holtschneider stepping down. We need to begin naming names. When bloggers and journalists shame an innocent person, we need to shame them back. Shannon Coulter, who has been annoying people for decades, recently began a campaign to obsessively harass stores that sell Ivanka Trump merchandise (ever notice these people are always running fake companies?). She needs to be punished for punishing the employees of a candidate’s daughter. Ugly thumb Hampton Catlin and his sadly androgynous husband Michael Lintorn Catlin got Brendan Eich fired for not being a fan of gay marriage. Let’s check in on them and their fake company and make sure they understand sabotage as much as Eich. When Adria Richards got “mr-hank” fired for making a dongle joke, nerds harassed her employers until they did the same to Richards. The Richardses and the Catlins of the world are not real bullies. They’re crybullies. The only thing holding us back was our own restraint and if Hillary gets elected, “the chains are off.” We thought it too gauche to mention that Arianna Huffington is so bad in bed, her naked body drove a man to homosexuality. Well, it’s not. It’s fun and it’s funny. I realize I sound like a Social Justice Warrior right now and that’s because I’m about to become one: a Social Justice Warrior Warrior.

Instead of whining about how unseemly and awful it is to be punched, we ought to be punching back twice as hard, as somebody or other (ahem) once said. And if you libtards don’t like Trump, wait till you see what comes next, you fascist bastards. We didn’t want it to come to this; we tried to warn you, again and again and again. But you refuse to learn the lesson about the importance of leaving people the hell alone. Now you get to reap the whirlwind. May you have joy of your meddlesome arrogance in the end. Otherwise, it’s this:

Men: If Hillary Clinton wins on Tuesday, you might as well lop off your testicles with a meat cleaver and ship them parcel post to Washington, DC. Either that, or you can wait until the new Queen Bee’s Castration Squad knocks down your door and leaves your groin as flat and smooth as a Barbie Doll’s crotch. Get ready to have a vagina spot-welded onto where you used to have a penis.

You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

No, I don’t, and he isn’t. Read the rest of it.

The other day I heard a NPR propaganda story on a Hillary rally that featured some angry, aggressive bint complaining about Trump’s dead-accurate “such a nasty woman” quote with this: “The world needs a lot more nasty women.” No, actually it doesn’t; we have a surfeit of them; we’re drowning in them, they’ve all but swamped and capsized us. “Nasty” isn’t the same as “brave” or “independent” or even “feisty” and “spirited.” It’s just nasty. And nobody not one themselves needs any more of it. We’re about to see how much they really like it when we get nasty ourselves.

The days of overcivilized forbearance, of sitting back meekly nodding our heads and hoping the alligator will eat us last, are and of right ought to be done. We can only hope we didn’t wait too long. The swamp that badly needs draining isn’t bounded by the Beltway, you know.


5 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. You are going to have to decide, in very short order, if it’s going to be surrender, or war. And that means the real deal. Not punching back twice as hard. But blowing their face off with a really big gun. Because one thing that is a constant, is the fact that RATS and their leftist scum minions will NEVER give up, or even change. So it is DECIDE time

    Good luck

  2. We are going to fight even harder to get this country back and we are going to fight dirty. When they go low, we are going to go lower. If they want to make it personal and ignore the facts, we’re happy to dive into the muck….

    …. we will continue the life cycle and become a violent gang of dirty fighters…

    Why only “if we lose”, Mike?

    Gavin’s on the right track, but he’s made a tactical and strategic error here: we need to do this, and keep on doing this, not only if we lose, but when we win.

    And then double down and keep doing it until we grind the enemy down into the dirt.

    When Trump wins tonight, the fight hasn’t ended. It is only starting.

  3. He wrote a nice article, put it starts from a flawed premise – people who didn’t go all outlaw-y at all of the prior attacks simply aren’t going to do it tomorrow because of one more. Sure, some will talk tough and beat their chests, but in the end, everyone will go along with, just like they’ve always done.

    A sizeable chunk of the Colonials had gone outlaw well before Lexingtion and Concord. A sizeable chunk of Southerners had gone outlaw well before the election of Lincoln and Ft. Sumter. There is nothing comparable today.

  4. Though the times have changed human frailty has not. These are the same circumstances that made the National Socialists so popular in the German Republic, in fact the prior eight years of the American experience has more than a few sympathetic echoes; Hitler was not German and barred from holding a German office, just like Obama. Now we hear the exact same phrases that the NAZIs used to justify their beastliness uttered here as ‘revenge’ has become the by-word, and it is not just ‘revenge’ but a holocaust that is dreamed-of. Why is it so many have forgotten the lesson of Star Wars, how is it that so many whom, as youths, saw themselves as the reincarnated Jedi Knight now so boisterously run towards the Dark Side as if they are puppets of Soros?

  5. We achieved two great things this election cycle, we kicked the Bush dynasty right where it’s nads shoulda been and we kicked the Clinton dynasty right in the strapon attachment point.
    Hope that proves fatal.

    The left-cultists were a pack of sore winners in 2008. I intend to pay them back in full.

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