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Unspeakably vile

Eat shit and die, liberal-fascist scum.


Leaving aside that I can’t think of a single instance, ever, of an NRA member being involved in any sort of Muslim terrorist attack in this country or anywhere else—come and take them, you despicable, cowardly bastards. Stop your whining and just go ahead and try it. The only way you citified pussies will ever get any gun of mine is lead first. I am by no means alone in harboring that sentiment.

And while we’re pointing fingers of blame, try this on for size: it’s YOUR political correctness; YOUR refusal to look squarely and honestly at the ugly reality of Islam; YOUR mulish insistence on open borders and unrestricted immigration, with little to no vetting of immigrants; YOUR refusal to admit some difficult home truths about just how firm American resolve is to take the fight to the Muslim world, that is far more directly responsible for bringing this war into the very streets of our nation. Not my guns, the guns of law-abiding patriots, and not the fucking NRA. YOU.

I repeat: before we can have the slightest realistic hope of fighting back vigorously and ending the scourge of Muslim terrorism, we will have to do the same to liberal-fascism. I further repeat: eat shit and die, liberal-fascist scum.

Come and take them.

Update! Nailed it.

This is why they never seem to lose focus on their causes, no matter how many times their cause has been rejected. Disarming the sinners, the bad whites they imagine are holding up the final ascent into the promised land, is a defining goal. After the Civil War, they wanted to murder all the bad whites. They still do, but they need to get the guns first. That’s what matters, not the dead gay guys lying on the dance floor or the Muslim lunatics running loose in the country.

It’s one reason the Left always wins. They never quit. Like all fanatics, they cannot be reasoned with or bargained with, because they can never accept anything but 100% of their goal. Getting within ten miles of the promised land is no better than being a million miles from the promised land so they break whatever deal they made and demand to get a little closer and then a little closer. Before long normal people are getting thrown in prison and having their property confiscated because they did not show enough enthusiasm for sodomy.

It’s an important lesson. There can be no deal struck with these people. There’s no truce to be had or a balance to be struck. What defines American liberalism is an unquantifiable hatred of the sinner, the bad whites they see as the reason the prophesies have not been fulfilled. When you define yourself by the moral distance between yourself and the bad people, you can never embrace the bad people. You can never accept them. You can only lie in wait, for your chance at revenge and glory. That’s why they spring to action right after these events.

I’m fond of pointing out that civilization exists in the space between barbarians on one side and fanatics on the other. The fear of the barbarian forces civilized people to do what they must to keep the fanatics under control. America has lost control of the fanatics and they are running amok at a time when barbarians are pouring over the border, abetted by the fanatics who see an advantage. Exploding Mohameds are a symptom of a greater disease, the disease of Modern Liberalism.

And now the people they’re getting killed with their damnable lunacy are some of their own. If there’s a possibility of a bright side to this atrocity, maybe it’s the prospect of at least some of them waking up from the fever dream, the utter self-destructive psychopathy, of Modern Liberalism. We can only hope.


6 thoughts on “Unspeakably vile

  1. Mike, I love you. Your blog is amazing and I can’t understand why you don’t have more commenters. Your take on things is spot-on.

  2. In the comments on the Zmans piece there was a very good phrase:
    “Conservatives persist in bringing logic to a gunfight.

    Or as I always liked to say: the aggressor sets the rules of engagement.

    As soon as enough people on our side figure this out, we can get started trying to fix some of the damage.

  3. You speak for me, and many, many others.

    I hate these useful idiots. I don’t think they even know what the word logic means.

  4. May I enthusiastically second that “eat shit and die” motion? I am so tired of these nitwit progtards pretending to be Americans.

  5. Listen, and understand! That Terminator gun grabbing left-wing posse is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are [helpless] dead. (either works)

  6. That gun grabbing left-wing posse, jack, is your fine local “Law Enforcement”. Nothing more. Nothing less. Or do you REALLY think that Cankles is gonna show up on your doorstep to take your guns?

    Happiness is dead pigs.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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