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Enough already

Okay, I’m just gonna say it: is anybody but me sick and tired yet of the endless, all too hackish backslapping, self-congratulation, and general suck-uppery surrounding Bill O’Reilly and his momentous, gargantuan, earth-shattering, world-changing interview with Barrack Hussein Obama?

I mean, good Lord. Everybody on Fox talked about it breathlessly for the entire week before, then it REALLY, ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and they haven’t stopped talking about it yet. I know, I know, it’s O’Reilly; nobody really takes him seriously, the smarmy bastard, with all that sanctimonious “lookin’ out for the folks” crap and all. Or at least I hope they don’t.

But come on. He’s congratulating himself–along with everydamnedbody else on that stupid network–24/7 on how fearless and tough he was with the Liar In Thief; how dogged, how relentless, how absolutely completely focused on getting to the bottom of these shenanigans he was. How he didn’t let up, start to finish. Why, he BROUGHT OBAMA TO JUSTICE and DEMANDED SOME ACCOUNTABILITY, by GOD. He reminded this guy that he works for Da Peepul, and Da Peepul are getting a raw deal here, and, well, dammit, JUST WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, BUB?!?



He did ask Ogabe some fairly direct questions, none of which were all that harshly put, and Obama lied right in his teeth about every last one of ’em. And O’Reilly let the lies stand and moved on. He never challenged him, on even one of them.

“Not a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS dustup, regarding a scandal whose scope and magnitude strikes at the very heart of our system of government and its shameful debasement? Not even a smidgen, really? When the troll in charge took the Fifth to avoid having to admit to what we all know to be true: that the most powerful, least accountable agency of the entire federal monstrosity was–is being, for fuck’s sake–used to suppress dissent and influence “elections,” in direst contravention of every principle this country is supposed to be founded on? When the person heading the sham “investigation” is a deeply partisan supporter of the very people who benefited from the crime?

Nothing to see here, let’s move on? Really? Not even a smidgen, from a government made up of Chicago Machine mountebanks for whom this precise sort of corruption is their very mother’s milk? Not a smidgen? Inquiry over, now stop asking?

Benghazi, Fast And Furious, Obamacare–all “phony scandals” that matter not a whit to anyone except the pestiferous pedants at Fox, who insist on wasting everyone’s time on these nothingburgers to the detriment of the smooth running of Hope And Change over the few Constitutional protections that remain intact after six or seven decades of Progressivist encroachment?

Obama a big-government Leftist? ABSURD! Why, the VERY IDEA!

And O’Reilly’s response to all this utterly transparent horseshit was: a shrug, a moment’s restiveness, and then on to the next question.

Okay, I know it’s easy for me to sit here and nitpick. I wasn’t there; I wasn’t the guy charged with interviewing the Lord and Master of us all, on one of the most-watched TV shows of the year. I wasn’t the one who had to balance respect for a now-tainted but still powerful office with my desire as an opposition journalist to get at the truth.

An aside on that respect for the office thing: I saw it mentioned somewhere or other that Ogabe couldn’t be bothered even to put on a tie for the thing, and how that showed disrespect for his position as president. I know that, most likely, his dozens of handlers and keepers focused-grouped that all to hell and gone, and they decided that a more casual look would resonate more with the people they hoped to influence–not to say manipulate– with this joke of an interview. He’s casual, he’s easygoing, he’s one of us, dude! Not like that alien Mitt Romney, man, or any of those other Rich White Guy presidents in their fancy suits.

But I think on some deeper, primal level, it was Ogabe and his crew’s way of showing disrespect not just for O’Reilly, but for those dwindling few to whom such gestures still matter. Unpresidential? I’d say so, yeah. But even as he’s usurped more and more illegitimate power unto himself, he still thinks little enough of his subjects to deem appropriate dress, presidential dress, as not worth the bother.


He blankly, obviously, incontrovertibly lied about every damned question he was asked. There’s no way even he believes his own bullshit at this point, to quote the child-man himself. It’s just too high, wide, and deep. As big a narcissist, as delusional a Leftist as he is, even he couldn’t possibly buy into this transparent garbage. No way.

Obamacare is going great. The economy is recovering, headed in the right direction after too many years of unbridled free-market folly. Benghazi was nothing to fret about, not in any way symptomatic of a misguided foreign policy in tatters and disarray, based on a presumption of weakness and incompetence, and a harsh betrayal of the core covenant between a nation and those it sends into harm’s way to protect its interests. The IRS depredations were a small, simple, local result of “bonehead decisions,” not one of all too many examples of a rogue, lawless, out of control government snuffing out the most basic rights of a once-free country–step by step, inch by inch. He is no way no how a big-government guy; that’s just a vicious lie promulgated by O’Reilly and his nefarious Fox cohorts, and the only thing holding us back is their unwillingness to be objective and give him a chance. The “S” word? Please; don’t make me laugh.

You right-wing radical extremists are out of touch with all reality, and you need to step aside and allow us to keep moving forward to the national glory that could be ours if only we allow the government to spend a bit more, tax a bit more, take control of a bit more, regulate and restrict a few more of your liberties, jump over a few more Constitutional hurdles, seize a little more power and exert it as we see fit. Trust us. We know what’s best. We’re on the right track. After two centuries of chasing after ideals that made us the most powerful and prosperous nation in human history-all of which we now refer to as “failure,” as something that “didn’t work”–we’re putting things right at last. Why, you would think they’d be thanking me.

All the scandals, the lawlessness, the corruption, the double-dealing, the crony capitalism, the inept coverups, the trampling of the Constitution? A figment of Fox’s imagination. A bitter clinger’s fever dream. Nothing more.

Ogabe just says whatever the hell suits his purpose at the moment, knowing full well that Court Media has his back every step of the way. Knowing that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth ever gets its boots on. Knowing that all he has to do is look into the camera and puke it forth with a fair counterfeit of sincerity and, no matter how self-evidently ludicrous the spin o’ the day might be, half the damned country will buy it hook, line, and sinker. And that that half will hate anyone who dares discomfit them with the naked truth–with cold, hard facts–with the most searing, incandescent hate imaginable. Will be vilified, smeared, and denounced to within an inch of their lives for their insolence. Will be intimidated and harassed, along with their innocent loved ones, on the very doorsteps of their homes by frothing rent-a-mobs intent on suppression and raw fascist mayhem.

Would, actually, in a more perfect Leftist utopia, be gulagged and liquidated toot fucking sweet. Not yet, alas. But soon, comrades. Soon.

And knowing full well, too, that O’Reilly, the knight on the white charger riding to the rescue of “the folks,” wouldn’t dare call him on the least word it either. Not to his face. He has NEVER been called on it, not once, not in his entire life. No one has ever stood up in front of this empty, soulless cipher, looked him square in the eye, and just said, like a father to an errant son, or a drill sergeant to a wayward recruit: “BULLSHIT, son. You can’t kid a kidder. Peddle that bushwa someplace else. Ain’t no market for it here.” Not once.

And O’Reilly, despite his sticky satisfaction with himself, didn’t do it either.

Obama is an insult to the very notion of what a statesman ought to be. He is the living embodiment of a most anti-American phenomenon: the career politician. He is a weasel; worse, a viper we have brought into our national nest and nurtured and coddled and given free reign to bite and inject his left-wing poison into the very marrow of our sovereignty and self-determination.

And O’Reilly let him slide, right down the line, start to finish. For this highly dubious achievement, he seems to think congratulations are in order. More than congratulation: adulation.

Obama is a polyp, a cancer on a once proud and noble body politic. It isn’t all his fault; he’s merely the late stage of a very ugly and gradual degeneration, a symbol and a representative of something far bigger and far worse–something he himself lacks the wit and perspective to even begin to understand. If you could somehow pin Bill Ayers down and force the truth out of him, he could probably explain it all in terms even a gassy nothing like Obama could grasp. All the same, he ought to be confronted, made to answer, directly and without tolerance for equivocation. He ought to be pressed, and hard. He ought to be exposed, any time the opportunity presents itself. He ought not to be allowed to lie in our very teeth with complete impunity.

Time was, greasy worms like Nixon were called to account, by a media that thought of itself as an adversary–of bullshit, of manipulation, of unchecked and unquestioned power, of fraud. Turns out, they were just the adversary of the adversaries of the Left.

But that was still O’Reilly’s job, the task he took on of his own free will, with much advance ballyhoo. He’s having a fine old time now pretending that he’s the guy to do that–that he DID do it, courageously and without flinching or genuflecting before the obscene trappings of power we’ve tragically allowed to accrue around the office of a president unfit for his too-mighty position. O’Reilly is no such thing. He’s a flea on the ass of a donkey that thinks it’s a lion, and struts and growls around the jungle as if it were one. Obama treated O’Reilly exactly as such weak, minor annoyances deserve to be: with disdain, without a moment’s serious regard. He brushed him off with a flick of his tail, and gave him no more thought after than the lion gives the departed flea.

Such pretenses are as sad as they are annoying. I suppose some small props are due to O’Reilly for having the audacity to even pretend to beard the faux lion in his den, especially in light of how so many federal bureaucracies have been used as enforcement arms of the Ogabe regime. But those half-hearted kudos are more than negated by O’Reilly’s going along with the original pretense that the donkey is a lion in the first place, and sitting idly by to let the damnable jackass get away with it.

If this is the best our presumed conservative adversarial press can do when given the chance and a huge stage from which to project the dangerous truth, well, FreeFor has a way bigger job in front of it than we thought. Not that we ought to be relying on the likes of O’Reilly for anything at all, I know. But still.


8 thoughts on “Enough already

  1. Why do you think it is that Congress has done nothing to stop the Obama regime? I don’t need to name all of the atrocities, I think everyone knows them already. But, I can’t get an answer from anyone on why this continues to be allowed when clearly he has violated his oath of office many times.
    Do you have an answer?

  2. Well, Buck, my guess is that Ogabe has so weaponized the FedGovCo to dig up dirt on and harass the political opposition that the alleged opposition feels helpless. If they protest too loudly, the NSA / IRS / FEC / FBI / DOJ / ATF / EPA / ETC. will make life intolerable for them or their loved ones. They don’t even need facts, as I consider these thugs not above framing people, either. Of course, there is also the very good possibility that the opposition are just statists of an imperceptibly slight different flavour.
    And regarding O’Reilly, he is nothing but a pompous self-serving ass. The trouble is, a lot of people THINK he’s some tough conservative journalist. As if there were such a thing.

  3. The odd thing is that O’reilley himself was complaining about being audited every year.

    So what’s with the incredibly cushy interview?

  4. Yamean, you watched it Mike? Good on ya man, I just don’t have the fortitude anymore-my white hot hatred of Obama takes utter control after a minute or so of his face time.

  5. How far are we from a Special prosecutor being appointed?

    Don’t worry – I have complete confidence that we’ll get one around the same time February 30th comes up on the calendar.

  6. O’Reilly is was and always will be a pompous asshole. Could not stand the jerk before this after surrendering to the LIAR in Chief. He should be hung along side these other traitors in the most transparent regime ever.

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