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October 22nd, 2013

Historian has a few ideas.

In my post on Morality and Punishment (link here), I suggested that FreeFor re-institute the old custom of shunning for all those who support the present march toward a police state. Just as Ronnie Barrett refuses to do business with the State of California, so should we all promote Western culture and values, and make those who are our mortal enemies in this war of ideas pay a price for their support of collectivism.

The recent metamorphosis of the National Park Service in the public mind from amiable servants of the public who more or less keep our parks and memorials clean into a bunch of jack-booted thugs who willingly agree to be the tools of spiteful political partisanship are an excellent example of a perfect target for this sort of treatment. Eventually they all need to fired and denied any further opportunity to swill at the public trough, their agency erased and all of those involved in the ongoing disgrace on the Mall and elsewhere criminally and civilly prosecuted for denial of rights under color of law, but that will necessarily take some time and will come later. What to do right now? History shows us an answer–

Every Patriot, young or old, needs to shun these orcs. They are unclean, not fit for decent company, and must be treated as such.

Whereupon he lists several examples, my favorite of which would have to be this one:

-Imagine that they have leprosy, and avoid physical contact as if they were infectious with a disease for which there is no cure. If they touch you, disinfect the affected area with hand sanitizer immediately, right in front of them, and then ignore anything they say or do.

I like it. I really like it. This may all seem humorous and even flip, but there’s a serious point to be considered here:

Think that this is cruel? How do you suppose it felt for those 90 year old vets who missed their one chance to see their memorial before they go to the hereafter, because of these bootlicking tax-feeders? Get it into your head, gentle reader, that these people ARE JUST LIKE the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Simply working for that filthy agency should be enough to make them social pariahs in your mind. They are NOT nice, they are the willing enablers of totalitarianism, and they must pay the price. Their shunning is just the first installment, and it serves two purposes:

-It shows those who still have a shred of decency that they are working on the wrong side, and gives them a chance to repent and find other work;
-Shunning makes sure that only the rotten are left. When things get uglier later, you will know the nature of the person behind that green uniform, and you won’t hesitate.

We must deny them the illusion that any interaction they have with real Americans is voluntary. They must be made to understand, right down to the marrow of their bones, that they ARE the jackbooted thugs that their fathers and grandfathers bled and died to stop. You may be too old or infirm to knock down BarryCades, or too far away to travel to DC, but this is something anybody with the heart to stand up to evil can do. We have to make these maggots understand that there is a price to pay for their enabling of these ongoing filthy spiteful attacks on our rights and our veterans, and we need to make it stick. Now and forever more, we must SHUN THEM.

They govern only by our consent; and if we are to win we must first deny them our consent. Try it, you may be surprised at how well it works.

Amen to every word of it. “Just following orders” won’t cut it anymore, nor should it. Just because no one’s shooting yet doesn’t mean we aren’t at war.

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  1. larrygeary
    October 22nd, 2013 at 18:23 | #1
    "Eventually they all need to fired ..."

    WTH is it with people leaving out the word "be" or the words "to be", both in writing AND IN SPEECH? This wrong. This is wrong. This is WRONG. Did I mention it's wrong? It is illiterate. It is grammatical sewage. Good grief. Language is a code used for communication. If you don't know the code, you can't effectively communicate.

  2. Historian
    October 23rd, 2013 at 13:01 | #2
    Poste in haste, repent at leisure. My thanks, kind sir, for your diplomatic and gentle reminder of my error, and my apologies for having so egregiously butchered the issue as to have rendered it incomprehensible to your intellect. Rest assured, I shall speak harshly to the proofreading department.

    To have a 'be' or not to have a 'be,' that IS the question. I'll continue to choose to suffer the slings and arrows of outraged grammarians for my occasional and regretted errors, and continue to attempt to discuss important ideas rather than obsess over making an occasional typo. To be sure, typographical omissions do detract from the work, and I do indeed regret them. I do appreciate an email pointing out such gaffes.

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