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Enough already

Tiresome. And that’s being more polite than the asshole deserves. WAY more. But I assure you I’ll be dispensing with politeness altogether in mere moments. The faint of heart may wish to hide and watch.

Karl Rove won’t surrender race card
The disgusting racial codes in his super PAC’s new ad suggest the GOP will never stop pitting us against each other

As you can see, like Atwater before him, Rove presents the image of an African-American man as an evildoer, referring to him as the tax-raising “he,” and pitting him against the “we” in classic demagogic “us versus them” terms.

Now before you explain that away as non-racial partisanship against a Democratic president rather than coded racial messaging, remember one additional point: In the ad, almost all of the “we” who allegedly oppose tax increases just so happen to be white people. That’s right, save for possibly one or two factory workers blurred in the background of a single shot (I say “possibly” because their ethnicity isn’t clear), all of the “we” who Rove implies are against tax increases — all who are shown while the voiceover says “we need ideas we can all support” — are white. (In all, there are 12 people representing the “we” against Obama — and at most two or three of them are people of color, and that assumes those in question aren’t white, which, again, is unclear. Bottom line: the montage of “we” in the ad is obviously designed to be a montage of White America.)

Actually, it’s obviously designed to be an ad against more taxing and spending, and that’s about it. REAL bottom line: they actually did include a few “people of color” in the ad, per the demands of liberal-fascist PC morons like Sirota over the decades, but that small sort of gesture to liberal dronethink is no longer enough. Nothing ever is; no matter how much ground you cede to them, the PC thought police will never, ever be satisfied. And anyone who isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool, Obama-sucking neoMarxist is always going to be smeared as a racist.

Well, fuck them, fuck Sirota, and fuck every single last liberal-fascist douchebag who ever beslimed the earth under their little webbed feet.

Know what, David, you whiny, slope-shouldered reprobate? I AM A FUCKING RACIST. By your flexible, ever-changing standards anyway, I damned sure am. Only my “racism” has nothing whatever to do with skin color or ethnicity, and everything to do with culture and ideology. So you get together with your twee little pals in whatever godawful urban coffeeshop you prefer and recoil in horror all you like; I promise you I will not care. Here’s the form my own personal “racism” takes:

I am forever and unalterably opposed to socialism, authoritarianism, statism, and Progressivism. From deep in my bones, I despise people like you–and yes, Obama, and plenty of other sniveling fuckwads too–who think you have some sort of heavenly mandate to tell me which opinions I’m allowed to hold, and which are “unacceptable” to the likes of you. I DO NOT GIVE A GOOD GODDAMN WHAT YOU THINK IS “ACCEPTABLE.” I will always, forever, and inflexibly hate collectivist douchebags masquerading as good, patriotic Americans; liberal “journalists” pretending to objectivity while pimping for Leviathan; Democrat Socialist politicians trying to steal what pitiful bits of freedom and prosperity they haven’t already devoured or tossed down the Eurosocialist shitter; “living Constitution” con artists; and know-nothing college pussies who march out and vote for Obama and the Democrat Socialists like good little droids without being able to name one single policy they stand for, other than “more free shit!”

And yeah, some of those idiots are black. Some are Hispanic; some are Asian. Doesn’t matter a whit to me, I hate them too; I hate them all, and I refuse to discriminate between them in my visceral loathing of tyranny by the terminally stupid just to appease the sense of decorum of the terminally bitchy. Where that’s concerned, you flaming douchetools all look alike to me. In a manner of speaking.

I hate you. I hate people like you. I hate what you’ve done to my country. I hate that I’m expected to shut up and bow down before “experts” who are supposedly smarter than me, but couldn’t find their own ass with both hands, a compass, and a fucking map, and prove that to be so on a routine basis.

I hate people so smug, so badly overdosed on presumption, that they think they have the right to dictate to me–in America, goddammit–about light bulbs, toilets, shower heads, cigarettes, whiskey, internet porn, music, movies, cars, motorcycle helmets, seat belts, and whether I must work in a union shop or not. I hate people who fly surveillance drones over my head to look in on me when I’m in my home bothering not one living soul. I hate people who want to tell me how to raise my kid, how she should be educated, and whether she’ll be exposed to some goddamned green-weenie EPA crotchrot or government instruction manuals rather than Huck Finn (GASP) or Catcher In The Rye. I hate people who litter my cities with surveillance cameras to keep tabs on what I might be doing when I have the temerity to venture outdoors.

I hate people who talk about Malcom X, Louis Farrakhan, or Bill Ayers as if they were blemish-free heroes, and run Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Adams down because they were white, male, and owned slaves in an era when that was generally accepted practice, abhorrent though we all now know that to be. I understand they used to do a lot of things we find repellent nowadays, like public floggings, bundling, putting scarlet letters on women, and brushing their teeth with charcoal. Slavery is no doubt not in the same league as those others, but we got it straightened out eventually, at cost of quite a lot of spilled blood and spent treasure. That’s greatly to our credit, since you seem to need that bit constantly pointed out.

I am for freedom, the Constitution, limited government, a solidly competent, well-trained and -equipped military, a foreign policy that doesn’t slink around shamefaced and apologetic in the face of slimeballs, kleptocrats, and dictators, and free-market capitalism. Any nigger, spook, spic, spade, wop, dago, Mick, Harp, cracker, Kike, taco-bender, Hebe, Kraut, wog, dink, gink, chink, honky, redneck, wetback, raghead, or Muzzie who feels likewise is a-OK in my book. They’re my friends. Those who don’t…fuck ’em. They’re my enemies. The same also goes for broads, bitches, bints, cum-dumpsters, whores, lezzies, dykes, flat-rockers, carpet-munchers, pole-smokers, dope-smokers, cock-gobblers, rump rangers, and faggots. Also Polacks. And Native Americans. I don’t know of a single proper conservative/libertarian/classical liberal who doesn’t feel the exact same way about it. Not one.

You weedy little fuckers trying to paint us all as “racists” want to get out your Hello Kitty crayons and start drawing bright red lines of demarcation through the population at large, that right there is where you need to start. And stop. Anything beyond that amounts to nothing more than sand thrown in our eyes to keep us from seeing just what kind of fight we’re really in, against whom we’re fighting, and how many of you there are.

But you go right ahead and sling all the pissy little names at us you can manufacture. Crank out all the OUTRAGED!™ internet columns you can dream up; shrink from us in disgust in public, and revile us in private to your tiny little heart’s content. Some of us see right through you. And we don’t give one single, solitary, sole tinker’s damn what any whey-faced, slack-jawed, sunken-chested, limp-wristed, paintywaisted “journalist” dweeb thinks about us.

Incidentally, I don’t throw out all those effeminizing epithets just above to make any implication about Sirota’s, or anyone else’s, preferred sexual practices. I do it to question their strength, in the non-physical sense of the word (you could call it masculinity, I guess, except that a lot of women have it too). Because that sort of security and self-awareness is what’s required to develop and maintain a philosophy of pursuing one’s own happiness while leaving everyone else alone to pursue theirs. It’s a quality sorely lacking in the prim, meddlesome little toads who instead demand that the government remake everyone into their own fractured image, and force everyone to think as they “think.”

Like I said: fuck ’em. I hate ’em. Racist, me. Whatever.


9 thoughts on “Enough already

  1. No matter what we say, they’ll say it’s racist. Hell, these cock suckers will tell you that “content of their character, not the color of their skin” is racist.

  2. You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means.

    Racist is the new Inconceivable.

  3. Bravo!
    I mistakenly posted that on another post, but hell, all your post’s deserve a Bravo!
    I really loved this one.

  4. Day-am! Don’t hold it in — tell us how you *really* feel :-). Another masterful fisking. Proud to know you, I am… As for me, anyone calling me “racist” should be comfortable with the notion of his/her/its dentist getting rich. In other words, if you calling me “racist” is intended to be a vile insult, you shouldn’t be surprised when I treat it as such. I’m done ignoring bullies of all kinds: overwhelming (dare I say, excessive?) force is the only thing they respect. Israel knows this with every fiber of its national being. The GOP is an object lesson in failure to know this.

    Was listening to Hugh Hewitt’s show this evening. He had MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on to discuss his contention that certain talk radio hosts, right-wing bloggers, and other conservatives say things which are “unhelpful” in furthering conservative goals. Joe Scarborough, Hugh Hewitt, and others of their ilk just don’t get it. After watching Romney go after his Republican opponents in the primary with hammer and tongs, we were initially hopeful some of that “nastiness” might get unleashed on Ogabe. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We were instead treated to Mr. Nice Guy absolutely refusing to open a can of anything resembling whoop-ass on his presumptive *real* enemies, the Democrats. Shouldn’t have been surprised: a New England moderate is “Democrat lite,” which is a distinction without a difference, and the voters figured that out *long* before election day. Boehner is cut from the same pathetic cloth: the way he compromises with himself, I suspect he has gone through several tubes of K-Y and boxes of tissue.

    There’s no way this ends well for the country formerly known as the United States of America. The ruling oligarchy is too well entrenched, and the sooner we recognize that Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same badly-tarnished coin, the sooner we get on with the arduous task of cleaning house. Best case scenario is for the GOP to go the way of the Whigs in early 2013, and a new Patriot party to rise from the ashes. Consider: everything prominent members of the GOP have done in recent weeks seems designed to ensure a place at the ruling party’s table when the GOP goes away.

  5. Best. Fucking. Rant. EVAR.

    Guess we’re just a pair of color-blind ‘racists.’ 😀

  6. Awesome! This is exactly how I feel. Like you, I am damn sick of this racism bullshit. From now on, only black people will be elected so they can use this forever.

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