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You really showed ’em, all right

Fucking idiots.

BIDDEFORD, Maine — Labor leaders in Maine say the resilience of the Hostess workers on the picket line at the company’s Biddeford plant, which is in the process of being shut down after the company on Friday said it would liquidate the business, gives them inspiration in the face of what they believe have been ongoing efforts — by politicians, including Gov. Paul LePage, and corporate investors — to reduce union influence.

Bakers’ union officials and their supporters say also that the demise of Hostess Brands Inc., which failed to convince striking workers to return to their jobs, is a warning sign for corporate investors seeking to squeeze more profits out of the working class.

“Unions have been losing power for years,” said Ken Rumney, a striking worker outside of the Hostess plant in Biddeford on Friday. “This is an exceptional case. If Hostess had been allowed to get away with what they’d been trying to do, other corporations would have lined up to try the same tactics. Hopefully, this will be an example to other companies not to [try to] break their unions.”

Yeah, sure. Enjoy life on the dole, you now-jobless moron. From the taxpayers who will have to carry your worthless Marxist asses in perpetuity: you’re welcome.

Yeah, this is a country worth saving, all right. Sheesh.

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4 thoughts on “You really showed ’em, all right

  1. The lesson I walked away from this was that business owners are FINALLY willing to go Gault than cave in.

    And the unions didn’t even sniff that school was in session.

  2. And now?
    — Hostess will be dissolved;
    — Its assets will be sold off;
    — Those assets will be put to work by the buyer companies…
    — …who are not bound by any union contract!

    Do I hear a whisper of “Pyrrhic victory” on the breeze?

  3. “Yeah, this is a country worth saving, all right. Sheesh.”

    Yup. I gotta agree with that. Romney asked people to vote for “love of country” and we found out what that meant, didn’t we? The majority don’t and showed up in force to vote against it, some of us do and voted in vain, and many stayed home rather than vote for something not worth saving.

    I’m with the last group now. Let it burn. Me? I’m going to take enough money out of my pension to live on for the next four years, put it in a non-interest bearing checking account, cancel my health insurance and since you don’t have to file an income tax return if you have no income there’s not a damn thing the government can do to me.

  4. Nothing they can do to you? There is as long as you have money in an account where they can reach it. Hey, with these venal and soulless SOBs anything is on the table. But maybe my tin foil hat is just a little loose.

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