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On the Olympics

There could possibly be something in the world I care less about, I guess, but I can’t think of what it might be at the moment.

But as I was listening to NPR’s gushing, wall-to-wall coverage on the drive to pick up my daughter this morning, I realized something: the “journalists” ooh-ing and aah-ing over this globalist circle-jerk are the same people who are usually pretty hostile to competitive sports generally. These are the people who decry football as troglodytic and violent; they don’t understand baseball at all, although they do loooove them some soccer. They’re the unearned-self-esteem pimps who have instituted the dismal tradition of ensuring everyone gets a trophy at any school sporting event or outing, no matter who wins. I won’t even bring up motorsports. You already know how they feel about those. Hell, they don’t even like motors themselves much, except when they’re cabbing to the airport to fly off to cover another global-worming confab at some ritzy resort.

I was pondering all that, and then it dawned on me sudden-like why the Olympics always get liberal “journalists” all moist and misty: it’s one of the more concrete current exemplars of their one-world Tranzi dream. They can indulge all their vapid can’t-we-all-just-get-along fantasies; they can utter their insipid platitudes about promoting peace, love, and understanding through sports without fear of too much in the way of ridicule. Hell, they can even openly propagandize for their favorite socialist “advances” and boons to humanity without anyone noticing too much. Throw in the opportunity to stick a thumb in Israel’s eye and express their devotion for their beloved genocidal Palestinian animals, and for a liberal fascist, what’s not to like?

You might say the Olympics are the UN of sports. Why Ogabe and his minions aren’t attending I’m sure I don’t know.


1 thought on “On the Olympics

  1. I was listening to NPR yesterday (yeah, I know, but where I was it was the only station available) and heard one of the voices lamenting the “jingoistic” folks who are unevolved enough to cheer for their countrymen (and women) participating in said globalistic circle-jerk.
    That’s right – Americans commenting (I almost said “reporting”) on the Olympics used the term “jingoistic” to refer to Americans rooting for Americans in a sporting event.
    I sincerely hope I’m called home before this descent into idiocracy reaches its inevitable conclusion!

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