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Putting a price tag on Leftist stupidity

We’re gonna wish we hadn’t sent all those perfectly serviceable “Clunkers” to the crusher before long.

( – The Obama Administration’s new fuel economy standards will cause the retail price of average motor vehicles to increase over $11,000, according to a study conducted by the Center for Automotive Research.

Zoe Lipman, the National Wildlife Federation’s Senior Manager for Transportation and Global Warming Solutions argued on a conference call held Thursday that the estimated fuel savings due to these standards will outweigh the “modest” motor vehicle price increases for consumers.

Thomas Pyle, the president of the Institute for Energy Research disagrees with Lipman.

“The Obama administration’s latest fuel economy mandates are an aggressive step away from consumer choice and towards government control,” he said in a USA Today op-ed.

“Every day, Americans are seeing the negative consequences of the administration’s increasingly aggressive meddling in the economy—more government control and less consumer choice.”

Well, yeah. That’s the whole idea. As Jeff says:

…the higher costs of buying a new car, coupled with the higher costs of fuel that come with government plans to strangle domestic energy production and exploration, will finally divide the country into its proper classes — with the elites and crony capitalists owning their own modes of transportation, while the worker class is shuttled about in Obama’s high speed trains like productive, revenue-producing drones.

At last, the natural state of man is realized. The cream is allowed to rise. Human wheat separates from human chaff. Utopia!

And it’s going to work out every bit as well as all their other Utopias have.

Y’know, it’s become kind of amusing to me to hear people talk about “uncertainty” as the main reason behind the Obama Depression and the strangulation of capitalism and liberty under his regime. I’d argue that it ain’t uncertainty that’s keeping capital sidelined and businesses reluctant to expand; it’s certainty that’s the real problem here. Everybody knows by now what these dimestore dictators intend, what they’re up to here. Everybody knows how mulishly hostile they are to business and the productive class. And anybody smart enough to start a business and nurse it carefully along to eventual success is also smart enough to want no part of the Leftist wreckers currently running the country into the ground.

The only “uncertainty” here is whether the blockhead sector of the electorate has learned its lesson from its dismal flirtation with socialism yet, enough to sweep the DC despots out into the street with the biggest, sturdiest broom they can possibly find. Once that’s established one way or the other, some measure of prosperity and growth may be restored — or businesses will continue fleeing this incipient banana republic as fast as they can, and our final, catastrophic collapse will continue on course and on schedule.


1 thought on “Putting a price tag on Leftist stupidity

  1. From the first article:

    “It is assumed that manufacturers and dealers will pass on the cost increase in fuel economy and safety technology to the consumer, at a retail price equivalent.”

    That is, until the Federal Government finishes nationalizing the auto industry and mandates that you can only buy a government-approved vehicle from a government-owned manufacturer. Naturally, if you can’t afford it, someone else will be required to afford it for you.

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