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Goon squads take next step in intimidation campaign: blackmail

Nice business you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

Members of Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24, have begun circulating letters to businesses in southeast Wisconsin, asking them to support workers’ rights by putting up a sign in their windows.

If businesses fail to comply, the letter says, “Failure to do so will leave us no choice but (to) do a public boycott of your business. And sorry, neutral means ‘no’ to those who work for the largest employer in the area and are union members.”

Jim Parrett, a field representative of Council 24 for Southeast Wisconsin, confirmed the contents of the letter, which carries his signature. But he added that the union was also circulating letters to businesses thanking them for supporting workers’ rights.

Oh, well, a pat on the head for those who go along with the protection racket makes it okay then. Gee, the Don sure is a nice guy, isn’t he?

In the letter from Parrett to some businesses, he says that, “It is unfortunate that you have chosen ‘not’ to support public workers rights in Wisconsin. In recent past weeks you have been offered a sign by a public employee who works in one of the state facilities in the Union Grove area. These signs simply said, ‘This Business Supports Workers Rights,’ a simple, subtle and we feel non-controversial statement gives the facts at this time.”

Parrett said a number of WSEU locals in his region represent more than 1,300 union workers who have a combined yearly income of more than $56 million.

“The recent actions taken on the governor’s budget repair bill have taken more from workers than dollars. It took away our right to bargain things such as: sick leave and how it is used, vacation and how it is used, overtime and how it is ‘fairly’ distributed. Our grievance procedure has been virtually destroyed. These are things that make life working in a 24/7 facility tolerable,” Parrett wrote in the letter.

You don’t have any “right” to bargain, you parasite. You were granted the privilege. Mistakenly. As for “making life…tolerable,” if it’s all that bad, do what real Americans have to do: stop whining like a bitch and go find another job. And if the liberal-fascist policies you collude in and support with your memberships’ mandatory union dues have made that difficult or impossible, well, tough shit. You broke it, you bought it, you live with it.

Parrett adds in the letter: “State employees fully expect to take some lumps financially in these tough economic times, we have offered and we will. But don’t take away rights to what has kept workplace peace for half a century and has worked well.”

Ahh, another barely-veiled threat.

These douchebags need to be crushed, their misbegotten unions disbanded, and the leadership fired from any tax-leech government position they may hold. Period.

Via Glenn, who asks: “What’ll they do if people boycott ‘em back — by not paying taxes?” Those who attempt to do so will be hounded and locked up, of course. Unless, that is, they’re smart enough to pull out of this rotten-to-the-core socialist system and head for the hills, taking charge of their fate by removing themselves from the rigged game and disappearing entirely. Under the kind of liberal-fascist tyranny we’re currently enslaved by, dropping out is just about the only good option left.

Exit question: If their cause is so just and their hearts so pure, why is it that all they seem able to muster in support of it is threats and violence?



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