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Masters-level class in the flaying of obnoxious “journalists”

Today’s Quote of the Week of the Month of the Century comes to us courtesy of Tucker’s savage takedown of an Aussie shitlib “journalist.”

“Come on,” Carlson replied. “How do they get people this stupid in the media? I guess it doesn’t pay well…I don’t mean to call you stupid — maybe you’re just pretending to be.”

Heh. Well done, Mr C. But wait, there’s more. Namely, at 4:07 of this vid, where the stupid, ass-scalded bint hamhandedly badgers Tucker about gun control, kinda-sorta-indirectly defaming Carlson via an ill-advised insinuation that he bears some responsibility for mass shootings. Tucker’s devastating counterbattery cannonade is off-the-charts priceless.

Miss Thang’s dogged self-beclownment calls several quaint old aphorisms to mind: the dog futilely chasing his own tail until he finally drops from sheer exhaustion; the stubborn fool who either will not or can not admit that he/she is licked, wisely opting to simply walk away from a losing battle while he/she is still able to walk rather than having to be hauled off on a stretcher; the sage admonishment to never pick a fight with a much bigger, stronger, and/or more skilled and/or experienced opponent, etc etc.

It only gets worse for smug Down-Under “journalists” from there—deservedly so, I might add—when one of the bint’s imbecilic-droolcase colleagues makes the damnfool mistake of shoving his oar in, only to have Carlson hand him his own empty head for his trouble. This unforced error, mind, after witnessing the total evisceration of his female co-propagandist mere moments before, while it was presumably fresh in his mind (if any).

I hope y’all won’t think it gratuitously cruel of me to speculate on whether these clowns truly are too dumb, too vain, too securely cloistered amongst their own obliviously self-regarding set to grok just how YUUUGE a can of whup-ass a far better, more intellectually lissome, more articulate man than they could ever aspire to be had just opened on their hapless-loser selves.

Several more vidyas at the link, each and every one of which you are one hunnert pa-ssent guaranteed to enjoy enormously, or your money cheerfully refunded at the box office. Tucker was definitely firing on all eight that evening, deftly making mincemeat of a whole passel of credentialed professional dunderheads without ever breaking a sweat. I repeat: WELL done, sir, very well done indeed.


Pre-debate prediction

First, though, allow me to present (via Stephen) a behind-the-scenes peek at Biden’s debate prep.

Not entirely sure if it’s real or parody; these days, it’s virtually impossible to tell.

Now for the prognosticatin’. Despite Pedaux Jaux’s inarguable, obvious infirmity, decrepitude, inability to walk, think, or speak intelligibly, the sad, sorry fact is that Trump has already lost; no matter what he says or does tonight, how brilliantly he may perform onstage, his opponent will be acclaimed throughout Enemedia as the clear winner.

Trump won’t be debating one person but three, all of whom loathe Orange Man Bad with a blazing passion. All Faux Jaux has to do to seal his
victory is show up, not fall down or wander offstage, and remain marginally calm and coherent for an hour and a half, and voila! Ladies and germs, we have ourselves a WINNAH!

If Trump so much as looks as if he’s about to land a knockout blow, his mic will be muted, every camera turned away from him and towards his drooling, cadaverous opponent. Whatever Trump IS permitted to say on-mic will be sliced, diced, and dissected immediately by the partisan moderators, who will eagerly explain to their audience of lowing cattle what that awful Nazi terroristic threat to “democracy” REALLY just said. Should Trump object or in any fashion attempt to defend himself, his mic will be shut off, the cameras trained again on the semi-sentient, doped-to-the-gills zombie grinning vacantly into them.

If deemed needful, the “moderators” will call in Biden’s SS detail to subdue the dangerous madman Trump by any and all means—up to and including nightsticks, saps, and an economy-sized blast of pepper spray full in the face. As the bleeding, unconscious Trump is carried off-camera to his Secure and Undisclosed prison cell to await indictment, trial, and conviction for the latest cobbled-up “crime,” Jake the Fake and Dana Gash will rush to the side of the unanimously-beloved ***“pResident”***, each impartial moderator hoisting one of Jaux’s withered, decomposing arms in celebratory salute of the near-effortless way Faux Jaux vanquished his abominable, habitually-violent, “democracy”-threatening foeman.

The “debate” after-party closes with the emergence of a chorus line of sag-bellied “transgender” Manwomen from the Stage Left(ist) wings to can-can at center stage, spectacularly bedecked in neon-dyed frightwigs, fishnet stockings, too-tight tye-died T-shirts above leather G-strings, exposed cock-n-ballbags prominently a-flounce and a-dangle for the delectation of all right-thinking debate attendees, their saucer-eyed, bewildered elementary-schoolers most particularly—the high-kicking, hairy-legged drag queens’ muddleheaded caricature of feminine pulchritude emphasized by metric tons of bizarre makeup.

Tomorrow morning, the “conservative” punditry will indignantly harrumph-harrumph over this intelligence-insulting traveshamockery, resulting in nothing of use. The day after, at most two, all will have been forgotten; the next Righteous Crusade will be taken up with alacrity, producing the selfsame results their show of Dudgeon Most High following the “debate” did—ie, none whatsoever.

The kiddy-diddler wins, the Donald loses, and that’s really all there is to it. The outcome was foreordained the moment Trump agreed to his subordinate role in the pre-rigged shitshow, reinforced by a surfeit of outrageous, unfair conditions under which it was to be conducted in the bargain.

Update! I must admit, I like the Bee’s predictions a heckuva lot better than mine.

The Babylon Bee’s 100% Accurate Predictions For Tonight’s Debate
Excitement for tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has already reached a fever pitch, and The Babylon Bee is here to cover it all — and tell you what will happen. Years of battle-hardened journalistic expertise and election coverage have yielded the following list of totally accurate predictions for tonight’s debate to give you a heads-up of things to watch for:

  1. Biden will go the full 90 minutes without blinking: Meaning he’ll be completely dialed in and not under the influence of any chemical substances whatsoever.
  2. Trump will make up 13 new nicknames for Biden throughout the evening: Biden will respond by reciting the 13 new indictments for Trump that his team has made up in the last week.
  3. Biden will utter the phrase “convicted felon” at least 384 times: It may not always be intelligible, but he’ll say it.
  4. FBI agents authorized to use deadly force will raid Trump’s podium midway through the debate: Somebody said that Trump has been storing classified documents next to a spare putter in the podium he’ll be using.
  5. Biden will respond to a question by asking Obama to please stand up and be recognized: He’ll be pointing to a random black man in the crowd, of course, but it’s the sentiment that counts.

Why yes, of course there’s more at the link. Why do you ask?

Updated update! It only just now occurred to me that, having mentioned the Manwoman supporting cast dancing the can-can in riotous celebration of Biden’s Big Win, the perfect opportunity for an apposite musical interlude presents itself.

Now for a good brain-bleach scouring with a steel-bristled brush, to erase the disturbing, gorge-raising mental image of a bunch of flabby, inadequately-attired Manwomen cavorting onstage from it.


Questions, contradictions, and incompatibilities

There’s a connection here, a relationship whose inner workings I can’t quite puzzle out.

Voters in key states who will likely decide the election trust former President Trump more than President Biden to handle threats to democracy, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The poll, conducted by The Washington Post/Schar School, surveyed voters across six swing states and identified a subgroup of respondents labeled as “deciders.” It found that 38 percent of “deciders” said Trump would do a better job of handling threats of democracy to the U.S., while 29 percent said Biden and 23 percent said neither.

Okay, so the 38% of respondents perspicacious and observant enough to understand that, Trump being the only involved party who is in any way inclined to defend “democracy”—and that, contra his flatulent braggadocio about doing so, Biden is single-mindedly interested in assaulting it, undermining it, and, ultimately, destroying it utterly—then yes, Trump is in fact the one and only logical choice for the assignment.

Fair enough, I’m keeping up so far. But then along comes that blasted monkey with his wrench.

Roughly 60 percent of the group also said they are not satisfied at all with how democracy is working in the U.S.

Um. Well, all righty then, let’s see if we can maybe do a little unpacking here. First off, how much crossover might there be between the 38% who are concerned about Defending Our Sacred Democracy© and the disgruntled 60%? As to said 60%, might we reasonably infer from the blunt statement that “they are not satisfied at all with how democracy is working in the US” (bold mine) indicates they don’t much care who would do a better job of “handling threats” to it?

I mean, in light of how piss-poorly it’s worked out, would the 60 Per Centers not greatly prefer instead to just let the whole wheezy flibbertigibbet collapse under the crushing gigatonnage of its own endemic corruption, orgiastic fiscal chaos, crippling systemic incompetence, and insuperable self-contradiction, opening a path to get on with the monumental task of building something more efficient, more workable, more humane, more enduring, and just plain better atop the wrack and ruin of the old, failed system?

Can those two clashing viewpoints be reconciled? SHOULD they be? S’cuse me for bringing it up and all, but it seems to me of manifestly overriding importance: does anybody out there still remember that America was never intended to be a “democracy” in the first fucking place?!? That the Founders abhorred and dreaded the eventual embrace of “democracy” in substitution for the laboriously-conceptualized and carefully-constructed Republic they risked absolutely everything to bring into existence? How vehemently, explicitly, and unequivocally those giants among men denounced the trainwreck of a dumpster-fire of a catastrophic debacle that “democracy” has historically proved to be, again and again and again? To wit:

As the bumper-sticker slogan says, the Founders would’ve been shooting already—a long damned time ago, in point of fact. If the shades of those indomitable, heroic OG-Patriots could somehow return to walk among us once more and behold how thoroughly their craven posterity have disgraced and distorted the noble ideals they selflessly pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to ordain and establish, every man Jack of them would disdain to so much as cross the street to piss in the mouths of their ingrate descendants even if their gums were on fire. Spinning in their graves like a pig on a BBQ spit, they must surely be.


War is coming here long since over, and lost

This. This right here.

I had an interesting conversation with a bunch of like-minded conservatives last month, and articulated something that in retrospect is obvious, but difficult to accept.

Islam is winning.

It has a coherent (to them) political philosophy, there is very little internal dissension, the vast majority of its adherents are supportive of its most savage and world-destroying goals, and they have successfully co-opted the natural antipathy of the West toward them and turned it on its head.

There are short-sighted economic reasons for the West to allow the immigrant invasions, but the grand scheme has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with the progressive drive to destroy traditional Western culture and replace it with…anything else. Islam, their allies of convenience, is happy to be of assistance, because they are confident that they will have the upper hand if the West falls to the globalist left.

And they will.

Alas, not “will,” CBD; HAVE, and/or DID. He links to an insightful, thought-provoking piece by one NS Lyons which opens thusly:

Cast Away Illusions and Prepare for Struggle
A response to old guard conservatism

Last fall the Claremont Institute’s venerable Charles R. Kesler published a lengthy essay critiquing National Conservatism and the “New Right” for, essentially, departing from the polite constitutionalist rhetoric of Bill Buckley-style American conservatism for a more definitive popular-nationalism. I was among those invited by Claremont to respond as part of a thoughtful symposium published last month. I’ve decided to republish my short contribution here (though I encourage you to go read the original essay and the full symposium). My argument is brief (and “nearly dismissive” according to Kesler, which I suppose is true): for decades old guard conservatives have for the most part completely failed to conserve anything, institutions of the republic included, no matter how frequently they’ve bandied about the Constitution and appealed to American exceptionalism; it will avail us nothing to continue in the same vein. Because of all this context and the intramural nature of the dispute I hesitated to bother posting this here at all. But given the “conservative”-leaning Supreme Court’s tragic decision yesterday to roll over and allow the gutting of the First Amendment (as predicted), the moment now seemed more appropriate to do so. – N.S. Lyons

To say the very least it is, if not already far too late to do anyone any real good. Continuing from there:

Mao instructed revolutionaries to seize power by struggling to control the “pen,” the “knife,” and the “gun” (that is, the propaganda and administrative institutions, the intelligence and security services, and the army). By this measure the progressive Left has already achieved near total victory. By contrast, old-guard conservatives have—for almost a century now—utterly failed to conserve much of anything, republic included. And none of their habitually muttered invocations of the Constitution’s sacred text have turned the tide in the least. Sadly, theirs is a god that failed—whatever regime we live under now, it is not the U.S. Constitution.

Meanwhile, this struggle is hardly confined to America’s shores. All across the Western world, regimes are converging on the same form of authoritarian managerial technocracy, treating popular sovereignty with disgust and brooking no dissent. New legislation in Canada proposes life in prison for “hate speech.” Britain already arrests hundreds of people per year for holding the wrong opinions. Germany’s interior minister says right-wingers who “mock the state” will be preemptively ejected from the financial system, have their business licenses revoked, and be banned from traveling. At the behest of the E.U., Poland’s new “centrist” government has cast aside the rule of law in order to arrest political enemies and purge the Right from all institutions.

Some of these countries have written constitutions, others don’t—it hardly matters. What they all share, along with the United States, is a near-identical ruling class of transnational managerial elites who believe they alone possess History’s mandate to reengineer society. And what they hate and fear above all else is the nation: the existence—and yes, the very idea—of a distinct and sovereign people that lies beyond the reach of their totalizing hunger for conformity and control. Hence, they hate and fear democracy, too—the self-governance of a nation. This global battle between transnational managerialism and sovereign democratic nationhood now defines 21st-century politics.

Agreed, for the most part, with my usual two (2) caveats:

  1. I still maintain that they do NOT fear us, not in the least; if they did, they’d be dealing with us in a quite different fashion than they have been since at least 2020, if not before. Rather, they despise us, hold us in contempt. And why shouldn’t they? So far, they’ve been given no reason whatsoever to think otherwise
  2. Can we please just dispense already with using The Enemy’s own terminology as if it had been mutually agreed upon as essentially accurate, applicable, and acceptable—ie, this never-ending “democracy” twaddle? I have another diatribe to be completed and put up later today (hopefully; no promises either expressed or implied) covering this very subject, so I’ll stop here on that and spare you folks the redundancy

Apart from those more or less pettifogging objections of mine, this short piece is another for the old must-read list, folks.

The normalcy bias which stubbornly (not to say “bitterly”) clings to the starry-eyed but nonetheless hopeless delusion that—despite the extremities of lawlessness, oppression, and bare-faced despotism Real Americans have been subjected to for lo, these many years—political business as usual somehow still offers meaningful recourse for the persecuted and misruled Serf Class must be abandoned toot sweet, lest all be well and truly lost. Surely it’s clear by now that petitioning the very government which is itself the author of our woes for redress of grievances, as if this were still America That Was rather than the contemporary, built-back-“better” Amerika v2.0, is nothing but a mug’s game.


Welcome to this week’s installment of our Wednesday meme feature, folks. Links to the “found via” sources will be attached to the specific MiQ’s (Memes in Question) whenever I can remember them, which likely won’t be very often. Only the first two memes will appear above the fold to save on bandwidth usage, since I assume not everybody who shows up at this here websty will want to see all of them. This intro will appear at the top of each week’s Memezapoppin’! post. Enjoy, funny pitcher-lovers.

Continue reading Memezapoppin’!


The Empire Experts strike back

Another long-open tab I’m finally getting around to clearing, this one a particularly noteworthy specimen.

Teach Your Children Well
What the push to federally “regulate” homeschooling really is.

If you follow my writing and podcasting, you know that I am a big proponent of homeschooling. My wife and I homeschool our five kids (at least, the ones who are old enough), and before I recently left California for Texas I was teaching history and literature to teenagers from other families in our homeschooling community.

Read on, and it fast becomes abundantly clear that Cali’s loss is Texas’s gain. Apart from those aforementioned “other families,” California would stridently insist it’s the other way ‘round, safe to say. But…well, y’know, California.

We homeschool for all the obvious reasons: public schools and even many, if not most, private schools are now hopelessly broken, “dark, satanic mills” of woke indoctrination; polls show that homeschooled kids are not only better educated but better socialized than public school kids; we value the freedom, family unity and self-sufficiency; it enables us to keep the kids’ passion for learning alive instead of having it ground out of them by the drudgery and routine of standard education; we can focus not only on intellectual pursuits but also impart life skills that public schools no longer teach; we’re free to include religious and moral instruction; and it enables me and my wife to control the pace at which they are (inevitably) exposed to corrosive cultural influences.

So at every opportunity I urge parents and grandparents to homeschool if at all possible, in order to rescue their children from the grim alternatives. But I’m also aware that homeschooling is a very demanding commitment that only a minority of parents are in a position to undertake, and I fault no parent for being unable to make that commitment.

The surge of interest in homeschooling since the pandemic is a blessedly welcome development for society, but it has brought with it increased suspicion and scrutiny from the current Powers That Be. Leftwing ideologues have been working on capturing the culture, especially education, for over half a century, ever since they abandoned marching in the streets to make the Long March through the institutions. Homeschooling is a deeply serious threat to the Left’s totalitarian lust for power, and that is why Scientific American, the nation’s leading mainstream science magazine, recently added its voice to the call that homeschooling parents be “regulated.”

In a May 14 opinion piece titled, “Children Deserve Uniform Standards in Homeschooling,”, the editors of Scientific American called for federal homeschooling regulations, going so far as to suggest that parents of homeschooled children “undergo a background check.” The magazine reiterated this message in its June 17 “Today in Science” newsletter.

The op-ed cited data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) which stated that nearly 3% of American children — that’s 1.5 million kids — were homeschooled in 2019. That number rose dramatically during and in the wake of the pandemic nightmare, which at least had the positive benefit of giving many parents an eye-opening revelation about the kind of dumbing-down indoctrination and predatory sexualization that their children were being exposed to in the woke public school system. The most recent NCES estimate is that 5.4% of children in grades K-12 were homeschooled in 2020-2021. I have seen estimates as high as 10%, however; it is a difficult figure to pin down, partly because eleven states do not even require parents to inform anyone that they are home schooling.

In any case, the op-ed admits almost grudgingly that many homeschooled children “are well-rounded and well-adjusted children who go on to thrive as adults.” But, Scientific American frets, “others do not receive a meaningful education” – a laughable concern considering what a catastrophic failure education in America is today. Never mind a “meaningful” education – our failed children today can’t even spell the word.

Scientific American doesn’t explicitly mention this, but other accusations often directed at homeschoolers are that the kids are not being fully assimilated into the mainstream culture (as if that were a bad thing), they are getting too much religious education (as if that were a bad thing), and they are being inculcated with – gasp! – traditional values (as if that were a bad thing).

Anyway, the editors argue that the “federal government must develop basic standards for safety and quality of education in home schooling across the country.” They add that homeschooling parents should be required to undergo a background check — the same as K-12 teachers. By the way, to see just how effective a background check is, scroll through the videos at Libs of Tik Tok for the countless examples of openly radical freaks and groomers that somehow managed to get hired to teach our children.

Scientific American editors also complain that parents “are not required to have an education themselves to direct instruction.” In response, I would argue three points: one, that there are plenty of video examples online of barely literate, foul-mouthed teachers who don’t know their dangling participle from their XY chromosome; two, that what “educators” are mostly trained to teach today are Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, and anti-Americanism; and three, no one is more passionately committed to give their children a solid education than parents. Countless fathers and mothers (not “birthing parents”) who homeschool have simply taken the leap and committed to educating themselves and then their children. It’s demanding but it’s working, and that’s a “meaningful education” for the whole family.

Those same countless parents across the nation are wised up to, and fed up with, the politicized public education system and its obsession with drag queens, pride flags, transgender indoctrination, personal pronouns, and Critical Race Theory racism. They are sick of the Left’s mission to drive a wedge between them and their kids in order to transfer children’s trust and allegiance to the State.

OHHH yeah, this note-perfect refutation is for sure and certain a superlative instantiation of the “you absolutely MUST read the whole thing” sub-genre of essays and/or op-eds—not only read it, but bookmark it, recommend it to all your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, &c, then sit back, relax, and read it again. Heck, I’d even go so far as to suggest carrying a printed copy with you at all times, by way of equipping yourself to bodily tackle random strangers on the street, sit on their chests or otherwise pin them (tuck several sets of flex-cuffs in your back pockets for use as restraints of last resort), and read it aloud to them as well.

When the forcible reading is complete, help your newly-enlightened chum to his feet; gently brush the dust, dirt, and/or debris from his back and shoulders; apologize profusely for any injury, imposition, or inconvenience he may have suffered; offer cash-money compensation for repair or replacement of any damaged clothing resulting from his impromptu detention; express your deepest gratitude for his kind attention and forbearance; then bid him a cheery adieu as you both continue on your separate ways. Hey, no need for you to be a dick about it, amIright?

My sardonic flights of fancy aside, serious kudos and a reverential doffing of the CF chapeau to yon author for some truly outstanding work on this frank, skillfully composed, up-close-and-personal examination of one of the most momentous issues of this or any age.


Trump gag order extended, expanded

To now include…well, basically, everyone who isn’t a hardcore, Red in tooth and claw D卐M☭CRAT.

Connecticut Bar Association Issues Warning To Lawyers Who Speak Out Against Trump’s Prosecution
The Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) issued a warning Friday to public officials who speak out against former President Donald Trump’s prosecution.

During his Manhattan trial, Trump often read aloud remarks against his prosecution made by lawyers and media pundits outside the courtroom in avoidance of violating his gag order. Leadership from the CBA railed against “unsubstantiated and reckless” defenses of Trump by lawyers, saying in the statement that “such statements can promote acts of violence against those serving the public as employees of the judicial branch.”

“Words matter. Reckless words attacking the integrity of our judicial system matter even more,” the statement reads. “In the wake of the recent trial and conviction of former President Donald Trump, public officials have issued statements claiming that the trial was a ‘sham,’ a ‘hoax,’ and ‘rigged’; our justice system is ‘corrupt and rigged’; the judge was ‘corrupt’ and ‘highly unethical’; and, that the jury was ‘partisan’ and ‘precooked.’ Others claimed the trial was ‘America’s first communist show trial’—a reference to historic purges of high-ranking communist officials that were used to eliminate political threats.”

The CBA leadership acknowledged that “free speech includes criticism.” The statement, however, claimed that “headlines’ grabbing, baseless allegations” made by public officials against Trump’s prosecution “have no place in the public discourse.”

Ahh, more of those “baseless allegations” then, just polished up a bit and stuffed into a brand-new contextual box. Gotcha. For my money, the Bard of Avon never looked quite so foresighted, timeless, and sagacious as he does right this very minute, whether he originally meant his deathless words in the way they’ve come to be taken or no.


Pure, unadultered capital-e Evil

Think that’s a trifle too strong, a trifle too harsh a thing to say of Amerika v2.0’s central-government Leviathan? Read this and then tell me you still feel that way.

Biden admin official pressured medical experts to nix age limit guidelines for transgender surgery: court doc
A top Biden administration health official successfully pressured an international group of medical experts to do away with age limit guidelines for transgender procedures, including gender-changing surgery, for minors, an unsealed court document shows.

Adm. Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services, feared that the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s late 2021 draft guidelines would make it difficult for American transgender youth to obtain access to the procedures, according to email excerpts between WPATH members included in an Alabama court filing.

WPATH guidance recommended age minimums of 14 for hormone treatment, 15 for mastectomies, 16 for breast augmentation and 17 for genital surgeries.

One would think that last might be plenty evil enough to suit the lesser demons of Mordor On The Potomac Styx. Apparently, one would be dead wrong about that.

“We sent the document to Admiral Levine…She (sic) like[s] the SOC-8 very much but she (sic) was very concerned that having ages (mainly for surgery) will affect access to health care for trans youth and maybe adults too,” a WPATH member wrote in one internal email released by psychologist Dr. James Cantor as part of litigation challenging an Alabama law outlawing certain gender transition-related treatments and procedures. 

“Apparently the situation in the USA is terrible and [Levine] and the Biden administration worried that having ages in the document will make matters worse,” the health group member continued.

Well, at least there’s one thing we agree on: “the situation” in the US is indeed terrible, and becoming moreso every single day, thanks in no small measure to sick fucks like “Admiral” Levine and his deranged Uruk Hai cohort.

So, to sum up then: the US government is now a fully-paid-up and complicit partner in the permanent surgical mutilation, for profit, of children regardless of age. Children, mind, who are also deemed to be too young to legally vote, drive, marry, consume alcoholic beverages, own a firearm, rent an automobile, and/or view R-rated feature films in a movie theater. Good to know, I suppose.


The Left, eating itself

Questions without answers, problems without solutions.

We’re well into “Pride Month” now – only another twelve or fifteen weeks to go – and, as you know, my advice to the LGBTQWERTY crowd is to enjoy it while you can. Because demography is destiny, and the successor populations imported into the west will not be hot for Pride parades. That process is already underway, and it will intensify. To reiterate:

In the end, it’s all demography… You can change all the boys into girls and all the girls into boys but in the end there aren’t enough of either to alter the outcome. You’re merely arguing about who’ll be using which bathroom on the Oblivion Express.

Or maybe who’ll be waxing which genitals on the Oblivion Express. We used to do trans waxing stories on Rush and elsewhere every so often because, for a while, thanks to the psycho-tranny from hell in British Columbia, there were rather a lot of them. But, if you’re the salon-owner getting scorched, it’s not really funny:

Trans-identified male awarded $35,000 by Ontario court after women’s salon refused to wax ‘her’ balls

By “awarded”, the Court means that the proprietor of the ladies’ salon Mad Wax in Windsor, Ontario will have to pay it to her. His name, delightfully, is Carruthers (not this Carruthers, presumably). The bepenised beauty called up to have her wedding tackle waxed on a day when the attendant in question was …oh, I’m sure you can guess:

The salon employee working that day was a devout Muslim woman who refrained from physical contact with men, and the salon owner told the trans woman that they could not find a way to accommodate her request.

In other words, there is no correct answer to this dilemma. Mr Carruthers could have instructed the devout Muslima to wax the meat-and-two-veg in question and earned himself an entirely different “human rights” complaint or, alternatively, a visit to the bottom of the Detroit River courtesy of her husband and brothers. Like I said, no correct answer; an excess of diversity; what Marx would call the internal contradictions of multiculturalism.

The court in question was the Ontario “Human Rights” Tribunal, where I beat the rap over a decade-and-a-half ago. But time creeps on and the “human rights” judges have now discovered the universal human right to have your testicles depilated by an observant Muslim lady. Try it next time you’re in Riyadh.

Oh, if only they would—every last one of them, by no later than this time tomorrow. If ever there was a problem that solved itself, the “transgender” invasion of Saudi Arabia demanding their “right,” as “women,” to have Moslems depilate their junk for them would have to be an excellent example of one.



Can’t we please change the channel, Mom? This one is old and stale; it just plays the same tired shows we’ve already seen a million kajillion times, over and over and over again.

Liberal Media Scream: CNN proves anti-Trump bias days before debate
And just like that, CNN showed its anti-Trump bias on Monday, just three days before hosting the first debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, proving Republicans correct in complaining that the debate would be an ambush.

It came early Monday morning when anchor Kasie Hunt was hosting Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt. At the time, Secrets was considering the week’s choices for the Liberal Media Scream feature with Brent Baker of the Media Research Center.

I’m so old, I can remember when Republicans said their guy Mittens Romneycare ought to refuse to participate in any more debates because the “moderator,” Candy Crowley, being an obviously partisan member of the “liberal” media, was biased. In fact, I’ve been hearing this since at least the days of Shrubya, if not before that, even. Now we get this Big Blockbuster News Flash©: the partisan “liberal” debate moderators might actually be *GASP* partisan “liberals!” Even more SHOCKING, they don’t seem to give three whoops in Hell who knows it, either!

Ho fucking hum. Wake me when the shooting starts, willya?


Drivin’ Wheel

Looking around earlier for something else entirely, I stumbled across a great old tune I’d very nearly forgotten about.

That’s the late Robert Gordon performing T-Bone Burnette’s original composition, with Chris Spedding on guitar; the bassist and drummer are unknown to me, I’m afraid. On the Gordon LP this selection is from, the guitarist is the incomparable Danny Gatton, and of course the above vid is interspersed with scenes capably culled from Robert Mitchum’s classic tale of bootlegger derring-do, Thunder Road. Whoever put this video together did one heck of a fine job, if you ask me.



I haven’t words.

Halp is ON THE WAY!

Per your “Commander” “in” “Chief,” Pedaux Jaux Bribem.

Biden Makes Gun Control a Focus of His Campaign
As if we ever doubted how this might play out, President Biden’s reelection campaign has moved his gun control agenda front and center of his campaign after unveiling a new advertisement last Saturday, highlighting his administration’s efforts to combat gun violence. The ad came just one day after the Supreme Court struck down a Trump-era prohibition on bump stocks.

In the 30-second spot, shared with The Hill, Biden blames former President Trump for the conservative-leaning court’s decision to overturn the ban. The Biden administration had defended the regulation, initially implemented by the Trump administration following the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting.

“When Trump was president—children gunned down in classrooms, innocent people killed in church and massacred at a concert. Still, Trump did nothing,” Biden says in the ad, accusing the former president of often siding with the NRA. The ad also emphasizes Biden’s actions, including expanding background checks and establishing the Office of Gun Violence Prevention late last year.

God DAMN that Trump, out there wantonly slaughtering schoolchildren, “trans” “people,” Neegrows, Dindus, and Gibmedats—the heartless, inhuman monster. Not to worry though, Too Aulde Jaux is gonna put a stop to it, and be damned if he’s gonna let piffling irrelevancies like the US Constitution stand in his way.

“You and your family deserve to be safe and I’m going to fight like hell to see to it that you are,” Biden asserts in the advertisement. The campaign further notes that murder rates have declined under Biden’s administration, citing a 20 percent drop in over 200 cities across the U.S., based on an April analysis from the criminal justice consulting firm AH Analytics. Though those numbers are questionable, but if they are accurate, then it also possibly counters their arguments that “more guns equals more crime” as in that same time frame Biden is claiming to have made our country safer, gun sales continue on a healthy pace and more states have enacted permitless carry (also known as constitutional carry) in their states. Twenty-nine states now allow their citizens to legally carry firearms without a permit.

“If you care about the gun violence crisis in this country, there is only one candidate in this race with a proven record of successfully taking on the gun lobby and only one candidate who will ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” said Biden communications director Michael Tyler in a statement to The Hill.

WHEW, what a relief. Do you feel safer already? I know I surely do.



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