Row it back, row it back, row it WAAAY back!!!

The esteemed and estimable Mollie Hemingway pWnZ his senile, lying ass.

Heh. Indeed™.


Decline is a choice

BCE provides a capsule summary.

This country is sooooo far gone…I mean let’s have a short recap of the Decline and Soon-to-Be Fall of our Republic: As I see it, it was the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda that started off crashing and burning. That it ‘took sides’ right off the bat and everyone with two brain cells could see it happening…Partisan much? Jesus, they went on and on and on the attack during the entirety of OrangeManBads Presidency. It was compounded by the pre-(s)election enemedia coverage, where a doddering kidsniffing “Weekend at Brandons” corpse was propped up and sold like it was the Second Coming.

In second place for ‘teh stupid’, it was the Bureaucracy of the Deep State that was finally revealed to ‘We The Peepo’ that there is a ‘Power Behind The Throne”…apparently even more powerful than the President himself. Minor Petty Officialdom who lord over the rest of us with impunity, and laugh at us in our helplessness. Dug in with no way to fight them, we’re forced (for now) to put up with their callous disregard for the Constitution and decency.

The blatantly obvious steal of the (s)election is up next, what with installing the first genuine Usurper in our history to become the (p)Resident, backed by the GloboHomoMegaCorpTech Overlords. That finished off any and all belief that ‘Murica was “One Person-One Voat” and nuked any love for any of the Oligarchs of America. It used to be that “…anyone can grow up and become President!” I heard that shytte growing up all the time…Now? They’ve well put that particular lie to rest but hard Aye?

Then, the treatment of anyone who isn’t ‘part of the club’…The Jan6 Kids…talk about unequal treatment under the Law…AntiFa/ Burn down a city? No problem. Seeings that they’re the SA (Sturmabteilung…the paramilitary arm of the early Nazi Party) which is currently doing the same fucking job for the fucking Party in Power right now? Yep… and everyone can see it.

87 thousand new IRS motherfuckers? Armed motherfuckers? Pure intimidation…Of course it’ll take time to hire, train and field them, and I’m not overly worried, as the new hiring roolz and regulamations put in place means that the DEI (which in my book stands for Dumbass Exploited Ignoramuses, i.e. phaggots, trannies, nogs and any other ‘protected group’) will get preferential treatment in the hiring process.

Which means we’ll get a boatload on non-English speaking magic dirt folks acting as Armed IRS Accountants who can’t count without removing their shoes. Gonna be fun watching that shit happen, if it even gets that far.

So, yeah.
Grab the Popcorn and Brace for Impact.

“Pure intimidation” is exactly, precisely correct; as of now, they’ve made it clear as crystal that they care not the first jot nor tittle about what we may think, say, or desire. They intend to Rule, not Govern, and that’s flat. To them, we’re no longer Citizens; we’re Subjects, that’s all, bound by our own pusillanimity and sloth to submit to their every whim. Our respect, our trust, our patriotic affection, our allegiance are all as nothing to them. We are lowly playthings, to be batted around like a cat’s toy for their amusement, when they deign to notice our Deplorable selves at all.

As I keep saying, they’ve lost all fear of us. They sorely need to be reminded of the seriousness of their error—forcefully, directly, ruthlessly. And yes, violently. There must be no tactic or stratagem considered to be out of bounds or off the table in this endeavor. Today, the slogan “by any means necessary” rings more true and applicable than it ever did before.

In plain, easily-comprehensible language, our Founding Fathers informed their posterity (ie, US) that such a reminder was not just the right but the duty of all who would live in liberty. Should we shirk, ignore, or evade that solemn duty, we are surely lost.


“A profound turning point in Western history”

A proudly unreconstructed Southron speaks his piece.

Last night, like many Americans, I was shocked to see that former President of the United States, Donald Trump, had his home raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). This is a profound turning point in Western history. For the better part of the past two centuries, the U.S. has enjoyed unprecedented stability because it did not raid the homes of political rivals. The rest of the democratic world looked upon the United States as a model for successful representative government. To watch a politically motivated raid on a former president essentially showed the rest of the world that the U.S. is no longer the model it claimed to be. It so devastatingly rotten to its very core that anyone with eyes can see that unelected officials run the United States – not the people… not its representatives… not its Constitution.

For those who hate Trump, it is important to note that this raid is more than just Trump. Trump is a polarizing figure in American politics. Trump is also a billionaire. This is not an ordinary, well intentioned political protester who walked the Halls of Congress on January 6th getting hunted down by the FBI a year later at his plumbing job. This is a powerful person in his own right with nearly seventy-five million supporters. The fact that they can attempt the gulag treatment on Trump should be a massive wake-up to any powerless, ordinary citizen with an unpopular view. They are coming for you, next.

…The United States was founded on a core principle that elections would be respected as the will of the people. The Declaration of Independence stated, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” As such, the very establishment of the United States was a rebuke to the prevailing governments of the time – unaccountable monarchies – to the wishes of the voting citizenry. Southern Nationalists would argue that the consent of the governed was destroyed in 1865. Regardless, the façade of an elected representative government endured until now.

In 2016, the citizenry chose Donald Trump. For four years, the unelected entities harassed and targeted the will of the people, showing their disdain for the American voter. In effect, unelected bureaucrats with political allies conspired to deprive the consent of the governed – and the chosen representatives of the United States charged with guarding that consent, failed. They abrogated their responsibility to those who elected them because they lacked both the courage and moral fortitude to protect the people’s choice. When given the opportunity to hold unelected officials accountable for their undemocratic actions, those people failed.

They failed to protect the right of dissidents to express their personal conscience at Charlottesville. They failed to hold accountable those individuals who manipulated the FISA Courts to weaponize the FBI against the candidate of a major political party. They failed to defend those who peacefully protested on January 6th, 2021. They have failed at every single level. Their failures and lack of courage empowered and encouraged unelected officials to crush the inherent rights of the American people.

The raid on Trump is not about Trump. The raid on Trump is a coup against arguably the most successful republic in history. Washington, DC, is overthrowing the rights you thought you had. They are driving a nail in the coffin of republican governance (little ‘R’). They are showing you that they are the power, not you, the voting citizen. Attacking Trump is all about proving to the little guy that he is powerless. If you elect the wrong person, we will remove him – and then you.

The United States is dead. It cannot be revived. This is the regime flexing on you, the worthless American voter. The choice is simple: stay on the Titanic as its newfound masters order you to swab the decks of oncoming water or jump ship by means of secession. If you wish to keep the United States intact, so be it. You should move to a Yankee blue state and enjoy the future that your demographic replacement will ensure. You might as well get used to those laws now. Meanwhile, if you are a Southerner flying the American flag, you are part of the problem. The most important flag flying over your home should be your state flag. Displaying imagery that expresses your bended knee toward Washington, DC, is an indication of your loyalties. You have chosen the Union over the Founding Principles. You have chosen elected bureaucrats over your own people. You have shown that when we need you, you will not be there for us.

The raid on Trump should be a wake-up call that the Yankee government cannot be reformed. It is gone. The Constitution will not protect him. The Constitution will not protect you. Secession will.

I dunno if I can be too terribly sanguine about that last bit. After all, it certainly didn’t do the trick for us last time it was tried. As for the rest of it, yes indeedy—indubitably, unimpeachably correct, every last syllable of it.

(Via NC Renegades)

“Provocation”? Fine by me

Disagree, with every fiber of my being.

This is a provocation. They are trying to get a reaction that allows a further crackdown.
Don’t take the bait.

My overall sense of what happened at Mar-a-Lago is that this is a provocation.

If New York Times reporting is right — and they never err on the side of being soft on Trump — then this raid was over documents the National Archives thinks Trump should not have, or perhaps classified documents in his possession. That is not something the FBI raids major political candidates over — See, In Re Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This is a provocation. They are trying to get a reaction that allows a further crackdown. See, In Re J6.

It’s also a provocation to get Trump to declare his candidacy for President before the midterms. Democrats would love to turn 2022 into a referendum on Trump rather than the deliberate destruction of the national borders and inflation.

Would the FBI and DOJ do such a thing? Aren’t they “above” politics? The then FBI Director James Comey admitted to trying to set up the new President Trump by alerting him to the Steele Dossier, and then leaked the story of the briefing to CNN, which gave license to report on the false allegations in the dossier. So yes, the FBI and DOJ would do such a thing, and have done such a thing to Trump.

All the more reason to keep your heads about you.

Don’t take the bait. Being stupid isn’t tough, it’s just stupid.

And so once again, the same tired old argument for doing nothing in supine response to the most grotesque affronts imaginable is trotted out as if it were something fresh and new. As if we hadn’t been sanctimoniously lectured, again and again and again, about how very vital it is that we “take the high road”; that we prove ourselves to be “better” than they are by refusing to engage them, never “sinking to their level”; that defeat “with honor” is always preferable to winning “dishonorably.” As if the so-called “high road” had ever led us anywhere worth the trip.

Stuff and nonsense, that’s what. Mind you, I’ve always liked and respected William Jacobsen. Certainly, he’s a hugely talented blogger whose work I have enjoyed, linked to, and excerpted here at CF numerous times over lo, these many years.

But to me, the above is just horseshit of the purest ray serene, no more nor less. Foremost among several crippling flaws hobbling Bill’s pigeon-toed premise is the manifestly spurious idea that, should we timidly identify the Mar A Lago outrage as yet another hill which isn’t worth dying on, The Power will deign to reward the Serf Class for its forbearance by not “cracking down” on us “further.”

This is self-evidently absurd, absurd on its very face, absurdity on stilts. It is kissing-cousins with the perennial McCain/Romney Gambit, which forever contends—despite repeated demonstrations confirming the falsity of its core premise—that if we just Play Nice with them, then surely they’ll finally stop whacking us over the head with that awful Big Stick of theirs. Won’t they?

Well, it ain’t happened yet, nor is it remotely likely that it ever will. After all, given the consistent success abusing us has reliably yielded for them for so many, many years, why on earth would they ever abandon the tactic? Sorry, no; at the risk of sounding rather broken-recordish here: They WILL NOT stop. They will have to BE stopped. Which necessarily means giving them a REASON to stop. And that’s entirely on us, and nobody else.

At some point, one has to ask: Why must it always and forever be Our Side which is required to stay our hands, to restrain ourselves, to respond with moderation and judiciousness to ceaseless insult and injury? Why must Our Side always and forever be expected to abjure meeting calumny with calumny, radicalism with radicalism, violence with violence? Does “fairness” really demand of us, in the name of Bathhouse Barry Obama’s famed “This is not Who We Are” dictum, that we always and forever lower our heads submissively and meekly take whatever they and their Deep State entity might decide to dish out with neither objection nor resistance?

Are defiance, rebellion, rage, and refusal always and forever to be reserved as exclusive, proprietary provenances of the Evil Left, to be Theirs and Theirs alone?

If this be provocation, then make the most of it, I say. Whether we do or we do not, we will be treated no less harshly for it.


“The seed of a totalitarian cancer”

Root, branch, and bough.

President Harry Truman saw the FBI as the seed of a totalitarian cancer it would later become. “We want no Gestapo or Secret Police,” Truman wrote. “F.B.I. is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex life scandles [sic] and plain blackmail when they should be catching criminals.” Whether it’s mass unconstitutional spying, interfering in American elections, lying to courts, or entrapping and sometimes framing innocent Americans, the debate over whether we should have an FBI is drawing to a close. Almost every month another informed author calls for the abolition of the FBI.

So let’s move on to the next question: How do we get rid of the FBI?

In theory, a properly motivated Congress could defund and shutter the FBI with a simple piece of legislation. Unfortunately, until Democrats and establishment Republicans swallow their fears and wake up to the threat the FBI poses to self-government, the FBI remains above the rule of law and beyond the reach democratic accountability.

Still, there are incremental steps that could be taken to challenge the lawlessness of this untouchable agency. The winds of public opinion have begun to blow strongly against the FBI making the previously unthinkable possible. Republicans and Democrats should join together to take action, if they still can.

Not gonna happen, I’m afraid; the divide is too capacious, the breach between Us and Them too vast to ever be bridged so easily. Plus, the Demonrats are liking the FBI just fine these days; at this point, the agency has more than adequately demonstrated how deep and firm their support for the Leftist/authoritarian program is, so the Dems will remain happy as clams to just sit back and watch the fun.

Truman also wrote, “Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.” Democrats are fools if they believe the FBI is a reliable ally. Truman would know. The FBI attempted to throw the 1948 presidential election by leaking to Republican challenger Thomas E. Dewey “compromising information about President Harry Truman’s former association with the Kansas City political machine of the corrupt boss Tom Pendergast. The details soon found their way into Republican campaign literature.”

The problem is a thorny one because the FBI’s access to the vast national security databases (and its willingness to abuse them to spy on Americans) acts as a powerful psychological deterrent to politicians seeking to challenge the bureau.

Wait, there are some?

Under the Freedom of Information Act, a request for information made to any government agency shall be processed within 20 business days, or approximately 30 calendar days. The FBI simply ignores this requirement, often insisting on a timeline of years.

In one typical case, the FBI claimed it could not produce records of its surveillance of civil rights activists for 17 years. Both the Justice Department and its subordinate FBI have intentionally structured their FOIA systems to fail to keep up with public demand for records. This should be forbidden. Congress should force both agencies to provide the resources and staffing to meet the statutory deadline for documents. There’s little difference between the FBI being allowed to delay a request for 17 years and simply ignoring the law altogether.

The practice of slow-rolling FOIA requests lets the FBI and the Justice Department operate in near total secrecy, something that is anathema to democratic governance. If the FBI’s failure to follow FOIA time limits pertains to requested documents evidencing FBI misconduct, a requesting party should get attorney’s fees if it becomes necessary to sue to overcome stalling or obstruction.

Similarly, the FBI uses the excuse of a matter being under “active investigation” to block requests for materials that would potentially embarrass the bureau. Director Christopher Wray is particularly adept at claiming any topic that could shame his agency is “under investigation,” thus precluding him from discussing the matter. When the FBI wants to cover something up, say, the provenance of a laptop containing evidence of corrupt dealings of a favored politician, it simply keeps the investigation open for years and years, long past the point any serious investigation would have concluded.

Congress can and should define the limits of this “under investigation,” secrecy. Too often the FBI has held open an investigation into a matter of public interest while leaks aligning with the FBI’s interests continue to crop up in sympathetic media. After six months’ allowance of such secrecy, the FBI should be required to seek approval from the local U.S. attorney to certify the legitimacy of the continued secrecy. After a year, ongoing confidentiality should require approval from the attorney general himself.

Who will then proceed to rubber-stamp every one of ’em just as the FISA “court” invariably has. At long last, Real Americans must recognize that our FBI problem doesn’t begin and end with the FBI alone; what we have here is, in truth, a big government problem, encompassing the damnable Federal edifice entire.

The author lays out several proposals NOT for “getting rid of” the corrupt, irredeemable Fibbies, but to hopefully regain some sort of nominal control over it. All of them are just fine as far as it goes…and y’all know as well as I do that there ain’t a snowball’s chance of a single damned one of them being implemented. As long and loud as I’ve called for the destruction of this misbegotten, wholly corrupt blight on the Founders’ Republic myself, I harbor no illusions about such a beautiful dream ever coming true. Not without We The People forcefully going through FederalGovCo entire like shit through the proverbial goose, it won’t.


A man of (no) qualities

First the Douchebag of the Week award, then this? A guy could almost feel sorry for the smarmy, overprivileged little mediocrity.

Hey, I did say almost.

Why Mitt Romney’s Call for Moderation Is Dishonest And Dangerous
In an essay published on July 4 in The Atlantic, Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, sounded off on the political polarization tearing apart the nation. In expected fashion, he directs the most ire against Donald Trump-supporting conservatives for making the United States “a nation in denial.”

Specifically, he says these Republican voters deny the seriousness of climate change and January 6, 2021. He somehow absolves Joe Biden of any blame for our nation’s current messes and instead blames Americans: “President Joe Biden is a genuinely good man, but he has yet been unable to break through our national malady of denial, deceit, and distrust.” After making his case for compromise, Romney concludes with the hope that a future leader not named Trump “will rise above the din to unite us behind the truth.”

To say that Romney’s essay is banal, insipid, or shallow would be an understatement. At this point, under this leadership, and with major problems plaguing the country, Romney’s argument is outright dangerous. He completely mischaracterizes the situation, acting as if both sides are at fault and a middle ground can be found when it’s clear Democrats are fully intent on wrecking the American constitutional order and putting the country at risk of disintegration.

Quite understandably, many Republican voters are not just upset at this situation, but fearful. They see their country turning into a tyranny that wants to silence and oppress them. Today’s left increasingly believes in nothing except power. Consequently, they lie about everything, introduce chaos and dysfunction into society, demonize and ruin all dissenters, and hoard as much power and money as they can.

That’s why Romney’s anachronistic calls for compromise and unity can’t be tolerated. They will inevitably lead to a one-party state that serves an elite class of Americans while driving everyone into dependency on government. Already this can be seen in Democrat-run states and cities, where politicians do what they please and continue being reelected despite their obvious corruption and incompetence.

This is why conservatives should stop paying any mind to ostensibly “moderate” Republicans like Romney, Rep. Liz Cheney, and Sen. Susan Collins. They are more than mere nuisances who are unreliable and out of touch; their work in hampering conservative policies and trying to win favor from Democrats enables a grave threat to the nation’s constitutional order. They are appeasers of the worst kind, treating all sides as if they all negotiate in good faith and claiming the moral high ground while their country goes up in flames.

Contrary to Romney’s argument, it is he and his fellow moderates who are in denial. They are pushing the lie that today’s conflict is between two parties who have alternative approaches to achieving the common good for all Americans. In reality, one party wants to destroy the country, and the other party doesn’t (to say that the GOP wants to actively build up the country might be too kind). There is no middle ground right now, and the sooner Americans realize this and respond appropriately, the sooner our dysfunction and polarization will diminish.

The Romneys, Cheneys, Collinses, and McConnells of the world can never be “part of the solution,” in the words of the old saw; their center-stage role as part of the problem effectively precludes any such possibility. As the author says, there is no middle ground now; the fences that the politically “moderate” might easily have straddled in less fractious times are now topped with concertina wire.

We live now in an age of radicalism—a time in which the struggle between two diametrically-opposed Very Big Ideas must be resolved. Squishy, dissembling “moderates” of Mitt’s ilk find it exceedingly unpleasant to be pinned down as to their beliefs, their program, and their ambitions, which will serve to effectively sideline them for the duration. Their comfortable satisfaction with a clearly untenable status quo puts the last bit of icing on the cake.

“Moderates,” like their “liberal” kissing cousins, are luxuries which only a relatively placid, prosperous society can afford to indulge. When a society finds itself riven by upheaval, strife, and turmoil—as ours now is, as all of them sooner or later are—”moderate” political hacks are about as useful as teats on a boar hog to have rattling around the place.

The conflict of our era could not possibly be more stark and elemental: between liberty and tyranny. We will have freedom, or we will not. On this battlefield, in this time, there is no place for complacency, indifference, or irresolution. Ultimately, like or dislike it, “moderates” face the same choice as every American does. They can either take a stand, or stand aside.

ZFG—about you, me, or anydamnedbody else

Gee, ya don’t say.

WH Finally Admits Biden Doesn’t Pay Attention to the Pain His Policies Cause Americans
In Monday’s White House briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted what most Americans already know to be true: prices on everyday goods are still surging amid inflation that surged to forty year highs under Biden’s economic policy.

“On Wednesday we will have new CPI inflation data and we expect the headline number — which includes gas and food — to be highly elevated,” Jean-Pierre told reporters. For context, May’s Consumer Price Index jumped one full percentage point from April, hitting 8.6 percent year-over-year. For the White House to be trying to manage expectations ahead of Wednesday’s release for June suggests there’s much worse yet to come.

As usual for the Biden administration, Jean-Pierre’s warning was also accompanied by the obligatory refusal to accept any responsibility for the spend and print economic policy that Biden has embraced and which has spurred red-hot inflation to continue setting records despite Biden’s initial denial that any issue existed or was merely a “high-class problem.”

When asked in a separate question about a new poll showing that 63 percent of Democrats believe the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction under Biden’s leadership, Jean-Pierre again proclaimed that President Biden knows what Americans are feeling.

Using the White House’s past playbook for dealing with runaway inflation as a guide, calling the economy “strong” is only further evidence that the economy is diving into a recession. The question then becomes who Biden and Jean-Pierre will blame for that mess right before the midterms?

Inflation, again, is at 40-year highs. More than 353,000 Americans left the labor force in June. The U.S. economy is still down 200,000 jobs from where it was before COVID hit. There’s 700,000 more Americans who aren’t in the labor force but want to work compared to February 2020. We’ve already logged one quarter of GDP shrinkage, and projections for Q2 are already down as much as 2 percent — which would mean a definitional recession for the United States.

What Karine Jean-Pierre finally confirmed on Monday was the simple truth that too many Americans have been forced to confront: President Biden and his administration know that the economy is trash, they know Americans are hurting under Democrats’ agenda, but they won’t pay attention to the pain — made evident by polling — or focus on mitigating it because to do so would be to abandon their dystopian leftist policies. They won’t give up their “transition” away from fossil fuels, end to coal-fired power, or woke social spending that contributed to and kickstarted inflation in the first place.

No, Biden and his team are all-in on their harmful policies, and they’re going to blame everyone but themselves, no matter how bad the polling gets or how bad their midterm losses turn out to be.

Of course they will. And why not? The one and only thing they give a shit about is the same as it’s always been: implementing the hard-Left agenda; cementing it firmly into place so that it can never be undone; and enriching themselves personally in the process. They’re so supremely overconfident at this stage of the game, they don’t even seem to care whether anyone outside the environs of the Swamp buys their squalid blame-shifting routine or not.



Also: OUCH.

This summer’s weather is perfect now in the Hudson Valley: warm, sunny days for primping the garden and cool nights that invite deep sleep. Zucchini and cukes are coming on, along with currants, gooseberries, blueberries. Unseen underground, the potatoes swell. The chickens range happily over their daily smorgasbord of bugs. At midnight, fireflies blink in the orchard. On the human side, though — commerce, culture, and politics — nothing works. At least not here in America. Sigh….

The solar electric I installed on the house nine years ago is down. It’s supposed to feed that monster called the grid. Since April, I noticed that the electric bill is creeping up way beyond the usual seventeen bucks that the electric company charges home solar producers for the privilege of feeding their system — which, let’s face it, has a downside for them because the intermittency of so-called alt-energy disorders their operations.

It’s counter-intuitive. Many people, I’m sure, assume that the more solar units feeding the grid, the better. Strangely, not so. Electric companies work much better when the production and flow of current is absolutely predictable and under their control — like, when they decide to fire up the natgas on generator number three or tune down the hydro turbines. It’s much harder to run the system with little dribs and drabs of electricity trickling in from hither and yon. But alt-energy is good PR for the government, so they do whatever they can to promote or even compel its use.

I got a whopping folio of tax breaks and subsidies from the state and federal government when I decided to put solar electric on my house in 2013, though it finally still cost a lot: $35-K. I had intimations of living through a chaotic period of history, and the decision was consistent with my general theory of history, which is that things happen because they seem like a good idea at the time. Getting a home solar electric rig seemed like a good idea.

So, last week, after considerable hassle with my solar company setting up an appointment for a techie to visit and evaluate the problem here, the guy came up (at $150-an-hour) and informed me that my charge controller was shot. The charge controller processes all those chaotic watts coming from the solar panels on the roof into an orderly parade of electrons. He also told me that my back-up batteries — for running critical loads like the well-pump during grid outages — were at the end of their design life. Subtext: you have to get new batteries.

There are four big ones in a cabinet under the blown charge controller and the inverter (for turning direct current into alternating current that is the standard for running things). The techie had some bad news, though. New building codes forbid his company from replacing the kind of batteries I have, which are standard “sealed cell” lead-acid batteries. Some bullshit about off-gassing flammable fumes. Now the government requires lithium batteries, which would cost me sixteen-thousand dollars ($16-K) more to replace than new lead-acid batteries.

Now, it’s theoretically possible for me to replace the less-expensive lead-acid batteries — they’re still manufactured and sold — but the catch is: I’m on my own getting them and installing them. I’m in the middle of that learning-curve right now. These particular batteries cost about $850-each for the four of them, plus a hefty charge for “drop-shipping” about three hundred pounds of lead and plastic. I will almost certainly go that way, though. A new charge controller will run about $2-K. All together, replacing these components represents a big chunk of change.

At the risk of sounding like some kind of pussy, I confess that this whole business of repairing my solar electric system has put me into a welter of anxiety and fury. I am trapped in the cage of sunk costs, a.k.a. the psychology of previous investment. Not only do I have $35-K (in higher-value 2013 dollars!) tied up in all this equipment — the solar panels themselves, the wall of electronic devices, the conduit, control panels, and digital read-outs — but now I have to dump thousands more into it after only nine years. It pisses me off because I should have known better. I walked with eyes wide shut into the pit of techno-narcissism.

All I can think to say is, better you than me, Bill. Ahh, but bad as that surely is, his pain only gets worse from there.

In a low-grade epiphany while going through this ordeal last week, I realized that back in 2013, instead of getting the solar electric system, I could have bought the Rolls Royce of home generators and buried a 500-gallon fuel tank outside the garage, and had a manual water pump piggy-backed onto the well, and maybe even purchased a fine, wood-fired cookstove — and had enough money left over for a two-week vacation in the South-of-France. Silly me.

Heh. Good to see Kunstler still has some semblance of a sense of humor left after all that suffering and horror, I suppose.


Screwed, blued, tattooed

So imagine my dismay when I found out that my nice new/refurbed iMac, being a late 2012 model running OS X Catalina, has itself a serious shortcoming: the Adobe Creative Suite, elements of which I’ve relied on for years and years now, WILL NOT RUN on the blasted thing.

I find this absolutely stunning, seeing as how Apple computers have always been THE premier machines for graphic design, found ubiquitously in every design shop absolutely everywhere. Likewise for the Adobe CS software; hell, even my lowly job at Art & Ink Publications/Outlaw Biker depended absolutely on Macs running the latest CS iteration.

Macs and Adobe have always gone together like beans and cornbread…and now all of a sudden, the beans have divorced themselves from the cornbread? What gives here? Why in the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed world would Apple release an OS incapable of playing nice, or at all, with P-shop, Illy, InDesign, and the rest of the hallowed Suite? Even Acrobat isn’t compatible with it.

After doing a little digging, I learned that the fault lies not with Apple but with Adobe: the Adobe products, inexplicably, still contain 32-bit code elements, which the Mac OS did away with years and years ago in favor of an exclusively 64-bit build. Thankfully, there are alternatives available out there, one of which I already downloaded and installed: Gimp, with which I’m moderately familiar from my many years of casual piddling about with Red Hat Linux. Even so, I feel my shit-luck situation calls for a cpl-three appropriate music embeds.

And one more, apropos of nothing and just for the sheer hell of it.

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Adobe!


Better, bygone days

While locked away in durance vile the last several months I resumed an old habit of mine, a most enjoyable one: listening to streaming OTR (Old Time Radio) shows. There are a handful of enthusiast sites out there who have somehow acquired catalogs of every episode of radio classics like The Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Shadow, Jack Benny, and one of my own personal favorites, Gunsmoke. Honorable mention goes to the finely-crafted CBS Radio Mystery Theater, which ran on the CBS radio network from 1974 to 1982. RMT was a loving kiss blown back to OTR by people who clearly held a tremendous affection for the old programs of yore, a most worthy homage for a most deserving art form.

One of the best things about RMT is that whoever collected all those episodes (evidently, some fellow in Seattle whose name I don’t know) didn’t trim away the commercials and newscasts that went along with those old shows. The old Budweiser ads (one even features Engelbert Humperdink crooning the old “When you say Bud…” lines in the inimitable Humperdink style, bless him) are wonderful to hear again, but the real revelation is the news breaks.

The contrast between what mainstream journalism was then and the vampiric, dishonest obscenity that disgraces its older, better sibling today is truly striking. Even the voice tone, phrasing and delivery from 1974 is markedly different: calm, sober, non-sensationalistic, just an even-handed recitation of the day’s happenings without trying to promote a position or pimp an ideology.

I was a huge fan of RMT during its original run and lived in a house whose unquestioned lord and master, my dad, diligently had the Whole Fam Damily in front of the TV for the evening news each and every night, and I can’t say I remember the difference between then and now being so stark, so obvious. But there just ain’t no arguing with the tapes. It serves to highlight what a low point the squeaking, chipmunk-voiced propagandizing of our present-day news readers represents. The wreckage they’re responsible for creating at every level of our society speaks for itself, I think.

Catching Up

Greetings Y’all

Been talking with Mike, he sends regards and all the ‘usual froo-froo’ if’n you will. Think the man is a mite -peeved- at the whole “Winderz versus Apple” thing as, as I stated before, Fearless Leader apparently enjoys the “Dark Side” and usually does all his work on an Apple. The lappie I sent him was a Spawn-Created Winderz machine, which, after that one poast before this apparently yet another loooooong poast he’d been working on got TOTALLY ate the fuck up, so he’s been in a “Fuckitall” mode til he gets out and back on his Apple.

Which brings me to the next. Mike’s gettin’ sprung from ‘durance vile’ inside of oh shit, what about 5 days from now? He texted me at the beginning of the week (we haven’t talked much what with the torture sessions they’ve been legit putting on him) saying he had like 7 days left.

Not that I’m ignoring him nor y’all, I just been busy AF lately. Like everyone else, I’ma bit more’n nervous ’bout the whole Krainian thing, and I’ve been actually working on assisting Mike and his Brother with some defensive suggestions for the new compound…well not ‘new-new’ but now fully refurbished thanks to y’all’s donations (Thank Billy for getting the funds to Mike on the DL… good dude there… bit of a smartass, but a good dude). Mike’s brother has a “couple of acres and a mule” so to speak that the cash helped refurb to ‘cripple friendly’ and is going to be Mike’s “Hunker in the Bunker”

Hope he’s got room for me, Wifey and Sapper.

But otherwise, he’ll be back in a short-short. Like I said, he’s busy giving name, rank and serial number only to the torture specialists, and it’s only a matter of a few days til he gets sprung.

My apolly-olly-geez for being remiss in the updates… quite literally, shytte at MY A.O. has been off the chain stupid with Dumbunny to the point I… I had to call the fuzz in, which is a violation of Rule #1 “Never call the fuzz, deal with it yourself and have a shovel on hand”.

Problem is, Dumbunny is Wifey’s only Spawn, and I’m -not- allowed to ‘terminate with extreme prejudice.’


So, stay tuned and we’ll see what happens

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Gonna Smack That Boy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

OK, so that latest and greatest is we got the monies rolling out to Mike in a short-short. Doing it ‘properly’ so that we avoid the earlier mentioned “Imperial Entanglements” sos to keep things on the cool side. Now, as to the update on Mike, he’s doing very well that I can tell. He’s busy as hell what with The Physical Abuse/Rebuild he’s got going on, but he has graduated from “bedridden” to “wheeling around” in his own wheelchair.

He also may be slacking a bit. I sent his ass a Dell Laptop that I know arrived ‘cos I was tracking that sucker, and Big Mike called me all excited. Now, part of the issue is probably a learning curve, primarily as I didn’t know this, but Mike, he’s been drawn over to the “Dark Side”, i.e. he’s an Apple man.

Maaaaan justt when you think you know someone huh?

And since he IS an Appleman, and I’m a Winders sorta guy, whelp the spare Lappie I had Spawn put together was a Winders 10 with an bogus-build on it, read non-licensed version. It works, it’ll just keep asking for the activation code and pissing him off. He’s probably having to learn the ins and outs of the Microsuck Universe.

So, I’ve been blowing up his phone telling him to GTF Back to work here, but then again, he just may be composing a bit of a Magnum Opus sort of poast like he’s been known to do. He’s been essentially cut off from the news and shenanigans that’ve been going on, and I’m sure just having the ability to surf again is like giving a Crackhead a baggie of Rock after a long absence.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Many thanks to Steve for the as-of-late poasts… I’m barely capable of keeping up with MY house these days, so my thanks brotherman!

More Later


Stigmata of Tyranny

I’m still too busy to write another 1000 words of essay and Mike is still being lazy, so have a look at something I wrote ten years ago. Other than updating it with more recent bullet points, I don’t think it needs to be revised.

  • Habeas Corpus suspension for American citizens.
  • Military hardware and training provided to police departments. Allegedly minimal supervision and control by the federal government over the use of the equipment, but minimal public trust in that assertion.
  • Active-duty military forces conducting security operations within US borders.
  • Official Abandoned Areas along the southern border and within the city of Los Angeles.
  • The US Constitution distorted, contorted, and inconvenient parts judicially ignored.
  • The constraints US Constitution treated with incredulous contempt. (Are you serious? Are you serious?)
  • Membership for life once elected to Congress.
  • Allegedly competing political parties differing only in how to divide up the spoils.
  • Nationalizing industry and giving the spoils to supporters of the regime.
  • Laws passed which have the support of fewer than 40% of the population.
  • Laws passed with no meaningful content other than “to be determined by regulation under this law”.
  • The federal government refusing to perform some of its explicit duties and forbidding any state or citizen from performing them.
  • A President who explicitly states that he will not follow laws passed by Congress and signed by himself.
  • A President who signed a bill even though he did not believe it to be Constitutional.

The list goes on. (And I could provide links for all of the above, but I’m busy here. Except for the last, which was Bush43, they’re all in recent news.) This doesn’t account for the gluttonous appetite, directly consuming a sixth of GDP and indirectly controlling a large fraction more.

The US Constitution is the “contract” which authorizes the federal government to exist, which gives the government its sole legitimacy. That seems obvious when stated like that, but many people don’t think about it. The US federal government is there and always has been there and does whatever the President says it does.

That way lies tyranny.

I’d argue we’re already there. The federal government blatantly disregards the document, the contract, which authorizes it.

The US federal government has no legitimacy.

The US federal government now operates only by chicanery and naked force.

Given this, what is the moral obligation of the citizenry to support the US federal government?

None whatsoever.


Update To The Update and Whatever

Greetings All Y’all who still give a shit!

OK literally got off the phone with Mike right now. He’s in GREAT shape mentally, wore the fuck out physically, and happy AF in general.

Now, Mea Culpa here. The laptop I put together for him suffered some ‘issues’… (Dell Inspiron L3350) and I had to replace a new memory stick in as one of them wasn’t working proper… Then, outside of the memory issue, Spawn had me replace the regular HDD. Per Spawn’s influence, and the fact that he’s a mad fan of Mike, I ordered, waited and then plugged a brand new 256 GB what do you call it, a Solid State Drive which may or may not survive the transportation to him… either way…

Now he’s got Win10…

And after the fact I find out his normal OS is Apple


I -do not- want to spend the $$ on a fucking apple. No joke Aye? He’ll get the Win10 and deal with it, as he said in the humorous “get better or I’ll beat you” conversation I had tonight.

So, otherwise, shytte goes out NOW in the next 24.. and Mike should be back in charge.

Apple or No Apple Aye?



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